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I'm looking for a - (potentially) - long term RP. I play both male & female, and will also double if needed. However, I was hoping to use my male char. =)

The types of RPs I enjoy are: High School, Teen, Family, Neighborhood, Romance, Boarding School, College, Road Trip, Vacation.. etc! lol

Also, I'm always open to suggestions for a plot or setting, soo, if you have any ideas, please feel free!

-Humans only. I'm not into any fantasy, sorry! =/
-Please be semi-lit, and try to keep one liners to a minimum.
-Swearing is fine.
-Violence is fine.
-Romance is, obviously, fine.
-Cybering is NOT fine. [ timeskip!! ]
-No chatspeak unless you're out of character.
-.. have fun?!

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[Alright, well.. if anybody would like to join, or start some kind of RP with me, please post below or PM me! Thanks.]
  Stan / vanity / 9y 155d 15h 55m 18s
[ P.S. - Pleeease?! Someone? haha.. I haven't RP'd in a really long time haha.. I'm kind of desperate at the moment, if you couldn't tell. =P ]
  Stan / vanity / 9y 155d 16h 20s
[ Oh, and since I forgot to mention.. please no cartoons or anime pictures, PLEASE! haha.. Real pics only. Thanks! :) ]
  vanity / 9y 155d 16h 5m 37s

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