Random speeches i write :D

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Tee hee.. bunch of random speecehs that just come to mind.

" In Days, Weeks.. maybe even years!.. War will overcome us all, WE will be Hiding and crying, For our loved... for our lost..Hope is the only thing we can use to bring our spirits up, WE CANNOT slowly die off that fast if we have hope!."

" Some days i felt like i was going to die.. Out of fear... Cowardness, I wanted all of it to end, I thought my life was a nightmare, But i was WRONG, Its a dream! I CAN SHAPE IT TO MY LIKING. Let me tell you this, I cannot fly... I cannot live forever. But i can change my destiny to the way i like it!.. Let it know that Our goals will be completed... ITS YOUR DESTINY, Nobody elses!"

"and as i finish my words of motivation, I want to tell you some things That i should have told you at the beginning of this speech."

"For the loved, The lost... The ones who were sent into the WAR, MAY YOUR SOULS REST IN PEACE, You have sacrificed Your lives to save ours. MAY YOU NEVER BE FORGOTTEN."

Stupid aint it.. it just came into my mind. Not like it means anything.

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<<Mind If i post one on? ^^>>
'People can fear so many different things.
other people even.
What do I fear, you ask? I fear being alone. A dark room where everything is silent.
Knowledge is a scary thing... knowing to much can make you forget some important things, forgetting can mislead you.
So where, were is a real sanctuary. If that dark room exists for everyone. Wouldn't sanctuary be light? But what happens if no light shows?
Will...I remain in the darkness... forever?'
~By Mikeru~

<<Now thats sad o-o>>
  Mikeru Hayaine / Mikeru / 9y 154d 12h 37m 13s

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