Razor Blade Scars

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Well this is the story mostly about a band called.."Razor Blade". Their best Friends and the go on a tour.

Lead Singer-Me!!
first guitarist(guy)-
2nd guitarist(girl)-jenna
Bass player(guy)-
Second Vocals-

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--Please don't leave anyone behind.
--Romance is allowed.
--No killing.
--Please delete unnecessary posts..That has nothing to do with the RP.
~~~Thanks 4 joining.~~~

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fuck it if its dead i wont bother
  blitz / everlongknight666 / 9y 101d 5h 22m 2s
can i join as bassist
  blitz / everlongknight666 / 9y 101d 5h 24m 28s
She ignored her vibrating cell and went back to singing.She sang bring me to life by evanescence.She closed her eyes as she sang.
  Sam / NekoArashi / 9y 352d 20h 11m 30s
She sighed, reading the text message. Well someone apparently didn't tell me the time was changed. I thought practice was at six. Give me ten minutes. with a sigh, she walked to her closet, and threw a pair of jeans and a tshirt on, pushed her hair out of her face, and grabbed her guitar case. She walked out the front door; Sam only lived a block or so away.
  Christabella-Fang / Darknessinthehall / 9y 352d 20h 17m 40s
"You where supposed to be here HOURS ago!!!! REHEARSAL!!!

She text-ed back as she played a song on the speakers, she stood up walking to the mike.
  Sam / NekoArashi / 9y 353d 19h 4m 26s
Christabella lay on her bed, sorting through her music tabs. Her phone went of, and she read the text. She quickly shot one back. What do you mean? She sighed, setting the phone back down. She went back to organizing the music laid out in front of her.
  Christabella-Fang / Darknessinthehall / 9y 353d 19h 13m 51s
<<ok...no prob..>>

Sam sat on her basement couch waiting for her friends to finally show.Practice was supposed to be at 2:00pm...It was 4:30.She sighed as she pulled out her cell texting everyone.

  Sam / NekoArashi / 9y 353d 19h 15m 59s
Just so you know, I changed my charry and name^^
instead of Jenna, I'm using her.
  Christabella-Fang / Darknessinthehall / 9y 353d 19h 19m 3s
<<no is fine and yes u can join>>
  Sam / NekoArashi / 9y 354d 10h 31m 47s
Can i join n as Drummer
  Yagu(older) / Sondiame / 9y 354d 10h 32m 44s
Thanks. Do I need to get an anime picture?
  Jenna Lynn / Darknessinthehall / 9y 354d 10h 35m 51s
  Sam / NekoArashi / 9y 354d 10h 37m 14s

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