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The dark night held a story..Girl falls for the bad guy..How typical...TheKILLER and the victim..The Wolf and The StupidLamb.He appeared one night seeking for some blood to spill, he tried to scare her but she wasn't frighten she was curious about him.He took her with him..Big mistake..Because she held aBIGsecret..

Killer: He loves her but he's really mean to her not to the extreme but mean.

Girl:(arashichan):She falls for him..

Other characters can join..^^

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"I bet you would like that.."
She mumbled under her breath as he spoke then with a single turn she headed back toward the table softly she softly careless her hand on to the chair as she made her way to the breakfast plate.
"Fine fine...just chill..."
She said sighing lightly.
  Kat / NekoArashi / 9y 308d 3h 54m 26s
"Do you want me to resort to spoon-feeding you?" His tone now had a visible tinge of threat to it. Bringing the cup close to his lips, he inwardly struggled to reign his temper. After going all the trouble of making breakfast for her, she was going to refuse? How dare... "It's not like she told you to cook for her." Irritated, he quelled the annoying voice that chided him.

"Eat. Don't make me repeat it for the third time."
  Serio / bluezephyr023 / 9y 309d 11h 42m 41s
She kept quiet for a while still staring out the window.
"I;m not hungry..."
She said lightly as she walks slowly to the door.She needed to see how far she could go.Maybe she could escape.
  Kat / NekoArashi / 9y 311d 8h 58m 58s
Serio watched her from the corner of his eyes before taking another sip of his coffee.

"Forget it, Missy. I made it clear that there's no way out for you, didn't I?" he told her nonchalantly without even a slight turn of his head. "Now eat." His tone was curt as this time, he did jerk his head towards the direction of the food-filled plate at the other end of the table.
  Serio / bluezephyr023 / 9y 311d 9h 50m 6s
After a while she made her way down the stairs quietly,she noticed the male's not too happy expression and softly made her way to the window.Looking out from it she sighed.
  Kat / NekoArashi / 9y 312d 5h 2m 25s
He went downstairs, his face showing that he was still in the least bit annoyed. To tempt him like that and yet appearing to not notice it at all...Damn it.

Stalking towards the kitchen, he roughly pulled the chair and settled himself on it. Then reaching for his coffee, he took a sip, relishing the warm bitter liquid as it coursed down his throat.
  Serio / bluezephyr023 / 9y 312d 14h 38m 34s
"Well you didn't really gave me a chance to pack.."
She said softly as he looked inside the closet.

As he walked off she walked to the door making sure to close it.
"Someone's cranky..."
She said as she undressed once more, changing into the over size shirt he had given her.
  Kat / NekoArashi / 9y 314d 4h 11m 30s
He stepped into the room only to be met by the sight of what he expected to be a still bathing girl. Oh, sure the towel was big enough to wrap her decently but the thin fabric was doing too good of a job on infernally clinging into the curves of her figure.

He flashed her what could be considered as an annoyed look before picking up his vest. "Let me guess, you have no other clothes." His tone was dry coupled with a snort. He whizzed past her only to stop and reach inside his closet. With the same annoyed look, he tossed an oversize shirt at her direction before exiting the room without another word.
  Serio / bluezephyr023 / 9y 314d 8h 59m 12s
The water stopped running and Kat came out drying herself off with the towel. Since her clothes were dirty and she had no other clothes she wrapped herself in the towel fortunately it was big enough for her to wrap it around her sort of like a short dress.
  Kat / NekoArashi / 9y 314d 23h 50m 6s
The singing voice can be apparently heard by anyone who's near enough to the door of his room. Confirming that she was indeed bathing still, Serio entered his eyes just barely stopping himself from shooting daggers at the wide open bathroom. Either this was seduction or the girl was practically dense.

It was only fortunate that his vest was lying five good steps away from the bathroom door. Moving as quietly as possible, he went to retrieve his vest.
  Serio / bluezephyr023 / 9y 315d 17h 49m 6s
As the warm water gave shivers to her body she began to sing. Closing her eyes, her voice trailed off into the open bathroom and out to the room.Her dirty clothes laid on the bathroom floor as steam began to fill the bathroom and go out the door.
  Kat / NekoArashi / 9y 316d 6h 46m 0s
Serio went downstairs and headed straight for the kitchen. Opening the fridge, he brought out a tray of eggs and a pack of bacons, asking inwardly again why he was doing this when he was perfectly fine with black coffee for breakfast.

Shaking his head, he reached for the stove to turn it on and then went to put a pan over it. Grabbing the bottle of cooking oil and some butter, he mixed it over the heated pan. Minutes after and he was cracking two eggs into the pan. He waited until they were cooked enough before placing them on a plate. The bacons were next and once he deemed them crispy enough, he set them on the same plate as the eggs. Moments later and he was fixing himself a cup of strong black coffee.

He set the cup on the table opposite to the head chair while he put the plate of food at the other end of the table. Then remembering that he still had his vest upstairs, he decided to fetch it to put it down here in the laundry. Yes, he was a killer who's a bit of a neat freak. Besides, judging from the sound of water still running, she's still in the bath anyway. And so going back upstairs, he thoughtlessly start to head back to his room.
  Serio / bluezephyr023 / 9y 316d 10h 20m 28s
She nodded and turned to walk back toward the bed.As he talked she blushed lightly arranging her hair with her hand a bit.
She replied lightly as she made the bed.After she did so she made her way to the bathroom, undressing before the mirror she traced her fingers over her scars, ignoring the large one on her lower back.She opened the shower curtain and stepped in turning on the hot water making it fall over her.
  Kat / NekoArashi / 9y 317d 4h 16m 12s
Damn it. Why did she have to look fuckin' miserable. Running his hand through his hair in frustration, he sat up and walked towards the door.

"Alright. Your punishment's to fix my bed. No single sheet out of order." He stated without even turning to look at her. And once his past the door, he added, "Ah, one more thing. You look like you could use a bath. There's no bathroom in your room though. Up to you if you want to use mine. Consider it part of punishment."
  Serio / bluezephyr023 / 9y 317d 19h 48m 42s
She looked down at the floor.
"I'm sorry.."
She mumbled softly as she played with her hands.
"I was just really tired and well..."
She trailed off, he gaze always at the floor.
  Kat / NekoArashi / 9y 318d 9h 19m 58s

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