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two old friends start to get feelings for eachother...

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He nidded at her as he stayed leaning agaisnt the wall."So very true."He said as he took another sip of his drink."So what do you want to do today?"he asked as he smiled sweetly at her.
  Joe / kohako / 10y 157d 5h 55m 15s
"Dr. Pepper is much better, but you know my mom doesn't like it. She only drinks Pepsi..." Yuki said as she lifted the cold drink to her lips, to take yet another sip. Yuki glanced at Joe and smiled.
  Yuki Kuran / lovemeforme / 10y 160d 13h 25m 21s
He then took a sip of the pepsi and smiled."Drpepper is better."he said and smiled at her."Dont you agree??"He asked as he leaned against the wall and chuckled as he took another sip.
  Joe / kohako / 10y 169d 6h 7m 22s
Yuki let out a small sigh, knowing that she saw the blush. "I-its nothing...." she mumbled then handed one of the pepsi's to Joe. Yeah.. nothing at all... she thought, dumping the coffee down the sink and getting a pepsi for herself.
  Yuki Kuran / lovemeforme / 10y 169d 6h 16m 57s
"Sure."He said smiling at her.He then notice the blush on her face."Whats wrong?"He asked as he looked at her with a questioning look on his face.He then chuckled as he leaned against the wall next to the fridge.
  Joe / kohako / 10y 169d 10h 26m 34s
Yuki had forgotten that Joe didn't like coffee and went over to the fridge, trying to find him something yummy. A blush had reached her face when he said 'And my grandparents arent home now.' Was that supposed to imply something??? She thought to herself as she searched some more. "Would you like a pepsi? She said, finding a couple in the back of the fridge.
  Yuki Kuran / lovemeforme / 10y 169d 17h 16m 32s
"I dont drink coffee....You always forget that though."He said and smiled as he walked over and stood next to her."And my grandparents arent home right now."He said and smiled as he then leaned against the counter.
  Joe / kohako / 10y 172d 12h 24m 43s
"Because.. your grandparents are always home... Here we have peace and quiet... You know my mom and dad are never here..." Yuki said with a small frown. Then got out two cups, the creamer and sugar. How do you like your coffee...?" Yuki mumbled and made her sweet and creamy, so she wouldn't taste the coffee too much.
  Yuki Kuran / lovemeforme / 10y 174d 8h 40m 19s
"I guess."He said and smiled at her as he followed behind her."Why do we always come here but never my place?"He asked as he took a sit at the table.
<oh by the way his parents are dead and he lives with his grandparents>
  Joe / kohako / 10y 176d 2h 20m 52s
"I just put on a pot of coffee if you would like a cup?" Yuki said, a bit louder as she headed towards the kitchen. She wouldn't have to lead Joe there because he had been to Yuki's home many times before that.
  Yuki Kuran / lovemeforme / 10y 177d 4h 21m 59s
"Im glad i did to."He said smiling at her as he walked inside."So what are our plans for today?"He asked as he turned around and smiled at her.
  Joe / kohako / 10y 177d 11h 47m 42s
Yuki heard the knocking sound from her front door. She smiled and walked towards the door and pulled it open. "Hai, Joe.... I'm glad you could come over." She said, a little quietly.

[[uhh.. okay. ttyl then?]]
  Yuki Kuran / lovemeforme / 10y 177d 12h 59m 33s
It only took him a few minutes for him to pull up and her drive way.He then got of his car and walked up tot he front door and nocked.
<i gtg for a lite bit...i might not get back on because i got to go push my sister on teh swing.>
  Joe / kohako / 10y 177d 13h 1m 10s
Yuki said bye right after she heard the click on the phone. She didn't like saying good-bye because that sounded like someone was leaving. Sighing she went into the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee.
  Yuki Kuran / lovemeforme / 10y 177d 13h 4m 46s
"Sure."He said over the phone as he sat in his bedroom."Ill be over in a few minutes."He told her as he got up from his bed."So bye."He said as he hung up.He then got some cloths together and got dressed.He tehn yawned as he headed out to the garagfe and got into his car."To Yukis house."He said as he cranked the car and drove out of the garage and down the drive way.He hten looked back at his house one more time before he drove off.
  Joe / kohako / 10y 177d 13h 12m 45s

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