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Hermione, Ron, Harry and Luna have been best friends since they have met each other on the train on the way to Hogwarts. As each of them get older and continue to stay at Hogwarts, they start to have feelings for one and another? Will Hermione and Ron be together? Will Harry and Luna get together? Or will it be the other way around? Find out and join! ^^

:: RULES! ::

MUST be Semi lit! More than 7 sentences :)
No one liners!
No god modding!
No cybering
Romance/lust? Yupp! ^^
Drama? Of course!

Hermione: Taken by me! :D
Harry: OPEN!
Ron: Taken!
Luna: Taken!

Im mostly online everyday! :D

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Luna smiled back. "they do and thats why the steal my shoes.. they want other people to hate them too. but i just hate the bloody nargles." luna sat up and grabbed a small apple and started eating it.
  Luna Lovegood / Solstice69 / 10y 49d 9h 15m 55s
Harry looked up at the two worried ones and nodded. "I'm alright, I'm just not hungry is all. I'm stressed about anything...and I usually eat when I'm stressed." he said with a shrug then looked over at Luna. "I thought you said nargles hated shoes?" he questioned playfully.
  Harry Potter / MeWho / 10y 49d 12h 5m 14s
Luna smiled faintly. "not so good. i just got back all of my shoes yesterday, but the bloody nargels took them again.." she say next to harry. She noticed they where doing charms. "i've finished that in class. does anyone need help?."
  Luna Lovegood / Solstice69 / 10y 50d 6h 56m 28s
Hermione smiled and nodded as she glanced over at the paper. "Of course i'll help you with the conclusion." She said with a smile and a slight blush on her cheeks. Her head snapped up once she heard Harry's voice. "Hello Harry!" She said with a smile. Once she saw that he wasnt hungry, she got confused. "Are you okay Harry?" She asked as she looked at him. She then heard Luna's voice and smiled. She turned her head to look up at her. "Hey Luna. How are you?" She asked with a smile as she looked at her.
  Hermione Granger:: / Sportsloverr1214 / 10y 50d 6h 59m 39s
Luna was walking around in the forbidden woods, bare foot, for the Nargels. "hmm.. oh well.." she walked into the Grand hall, seeing Her friends. she blushed faintly when she saw Ron and harry. She calmed hers -self down and walked calmly to the table. She had a rep of being weird and she didn't want to made it worst while ron and harry there. "hello guys. i l
  Luna Lovegood / Solstice69 / 10y 50d 7h 10m 34s
Ron rolled his eyes. "Of course you did Hermione," he said with a laugh. "Think you could help me with the conclusion?" For once, he actually knew what Flitwick was talkig about. It was just together her to spend more time with him. Ron glanced up at Harry as he sat down. "Hey, Harry," he greeted. His eyebrows raised as he say the male wasn't hugey. "Since when? You okay, mate?"
  Ron Weasley / Darknessinthehall / 10y 50d 7h 12m 20s
Harry drug himself out of the Common room after finishing a paper for Charms. He hadn't seen anyone else this morning that could help, but he was happy that he actually got it done. He went down the moving staircases to the Great Hall to find Ron and ask him if they had a Quidditch meeting. He found him and Hermione at the Gryffindor table. "Hey...I just finished that..." he said pointing at Ron's parchment. He sat on the other side of Hermione and put his head down on the table and looked at the food. "I don't think I'm hungry..."

I sort of have to go now. I'll be on later though.
  Harry Potter / MeWho / 10y 50d 7h 23m 15s
:: No, but do you guys want to make one? ::
Once Hermione saw Ron, she smiled and a laughed escaped her lips. "Oh really now? Well thats rubbish. I already finished mine." She said with a smile. She wanted to blush, but she shook it off with a smile. She has liked Ron ever since they have met, which was a long time ago. She was to shy to tell him, but she knew that she was going to have to tell him sooner or later.
  Hermione Granger:: / Sportsloverr1214 / 10y 50d 7h 26m 9s
Ron sighed as he walked down the Great Staircase, winding his way through the secret passageways. When he got to the ground level, he walked into the Hall, a quill and ink in one hand, parchment in the other. The parchment was only half full. He blew his bangs out of his face, looking around. Spotting Hermione, he made his way over, and plopped down on the bench. "I still have six inches of parchment to write for Flitwick," he complained.
  Ron Weasley / Darknessinthehall / 10y 50d 7h 46m 11s
:: Ohh!! haha! Nice one! ::
As Hermione walked towards the Grand Hall, she felt her hair and her long cloak swing behind her. She smiled as she walked into the big Grand Hall. She smiled as her brown eyes scanned the room. She walked over to the Gryffindor table and sat down. She has already finished all of her homework, so she pulled out a book and started to read as she waited for her four best friends, Luna, Harry, and Ron to come and meet her there.
  Hermione Granger:: / Sportsloverr1214 / 10y 50d 7h 49m 23s
I know this...I was testing you...xb
  Harry Potter / MeWho / 10y 50d 7h 57m 58s
:: Yes you may! I'll start with the first post^_^ And BTW, its Harry not Hairy ::
  Hermione Granger:: / Sportsloverr1214 / 10y 50d 8h 3m 0s
May I join as hairy?
  Harry Potter / MeWho / 10y 50d 8h 5m 39s
I'll ask around^^
  Ron Weasley / Darknessinthehall / 10y 50d 8h 5m 55s
:: Yeah, sure! Thanks so much! :D And if you have a friend who can be Harry to join, that would be great! ^_^ ::
  Hermione Granger:: / Sportsloverr1214 / 10y 50d 8h 6m 53s

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