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alice sighed. "alright me and cass will be in the car." her and cass climbed back into the car.
  alice deane / alicedeane / 9y 353d 10h 7m 2s
He shrugged and moved away."Just go seems like you hate me anyway so..."He sighed and looked away.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 9y 353d 10h 7m 3s
Maci seen him and kissed him and said,"Honey i love you I just need some time to think please." Cass shook her head at alice and said,"Give me a few minutes with Alex"
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 9y 353d 10h 9m 38s
Alice was the first to get out of the car. cass followed behind her slowly. "hey honey" said cass walking up to maci. alice smiled at her sadly. "comeon guys lets go." alice said gesturing to them both.
  alice deane / alicedeane / 9y 353d 10h 10m 13s
He sat there tears streaming down his face hurt in him and a broken heart.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 9y 353d 10h 10m 48s
She was crying and sat on the porch and talked ot her stomach,"Daddy says he loves us he doesnt show it."
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 9y 353d 10h 13m 4s
He sat there and sighed and looked down he was upset now he walked into his room locking the door not coming out he sat in the corner tears in his eyes there was nothing else he could say to stop her than I love you but she didnt belive him.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 9y 353d 10h 13m 53s
cass smiled a little. "of course honeyboo me and alice will come and get you ok. so you and that baby of yours just wait." she hung yp then took alices arm and went outside. they got into cass's car and rode to maci's house.
  cass / alicedeane / 9y 353d 10h 16m 18s
"Your screaming now." Maci cried more. She cradled her sotmach and said,"Don't worry little one we're leaving/"
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 9y 353d 10h 17m 38s
He looked down."No I dont!"He said she said the oppiste to how he felt he was glad they were in his life and they could never ruin his life cause they make him happy.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 9y 353d 10h 19m 12s
"Can you come get me? Can I stay with yo tonight please?" She asked into the phone as she shoved a few of her things in a bag.
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 9y 353d 10h 19m 46s
cass awnsered the phone hearing maci crying. "honeyboo whats wrong?" she said sypathetically while her siter alice who was emo came into the room.
  cass / alicedeane / 9y 353d 10h 20m 40s
"No you don;t you wish we never existed, we ruined your life." She called Cass crying.
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 9y 353d 10h 22m 6s
He frowned."I do I love you and the baby youre everything I couldve hoped for."He said looking at her.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 9y 353d 10h 23m 4s
cass sat at home the tv turned on. images flittled across the screen but she wasnt really watching them she thought of calling her bestie maci. she knew maci was going through a tough time right now. she had cheerleading practice but just didnt feel like going. all the others ever did was insult maci.
  cass / alicedeane / 9y 353d 10h 24m 8s

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