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"I don't need to rest Ally." she said sitting down beside him and leaning into him. Some students came up and asked him about decorations isnce he was class president and one asked,"Umm congradulations you two on the baby, is it a boy or a girl?"
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 10y 47d 21h 37m 0s
He hugged her and kissed her head."I think you need to rest okay.Im only nioce to people if there not nasty to me."He sat on the stage and patted the seat next to him for her to sit next to him.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 10y 47d 21h 39m 0s
"Honey please be nice." Maci said as she started to cry. Her hormones were getting the best of her and she needed to rest.
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 10y 47d 21h 41m 7s
(b Football guys
Laughed and looked at Alex after throwing the ballon at him.

(b Alex
Alex smiled and then looked at the boys who threw the ballon.He walked over to the main one grabbing paste and chucked it down his leg and said out loud."You realy should run to the toilet if your that bursting."He smiled and walked back to Maci.They boys laughed at the footballer.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 10y 47d 21h 43m 28s
She jumped a little and smiled and said,"Thank you honey." She held his hand and said,"Honey!" She grabbed his hand and put it on her stomach where the baby was kicking. One of the football guys threw a balloon at alex.
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 10y 47d 21h 54m 4s
Alex climbed down and explained."They called you names and gave you horrible look's Im not standing for that."he said moving the ladder to the corner of the hall and walking back to her and kissed her forehead and took her hand gently.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 10y 47d 21h 56m 11s
Maci seen what Alex did and gasped. She got up and waddled over to where he was and said,"Honey that wasn't very nice." Her belly stuck out in front of her.
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 10y 47d 22h 3m 26s
(b Cheerleader 1&2:
They gave Marci funny looks and talked about her one of them comenting that she was 'prego'.

(b Alex:
Alex was up on a ladder putting up decorations he heard what they said and elbowed a tin of pain on two one of them they ran out screaming covered in paint.He smiled and got back to doing the decorations.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 10y 47d 22h 4m 39s
At Anderson High School in Anderson, California everyone was preparing for prom, it was on Saturday, it was thursday and the junior students were helping decorate. Maci sat on the edge of the stage watching everyone. Her boyfriend Alex was Junior class president. Maci was 17 and 6 months pregnant. Alex wasn't letting her do anything. She was wearing a blue shirt that showed off her stomach and some short shorts.She ran a hand over her stomach as the baby kicked. She was popular but ever since she had gotten pregnant she had gotten curious looks from other students. She watched Alex as he put up some decorations. There was a group of students in the corner blowing up balloons and another setting up tables. At the school of 1500 they had alot of people coming to prom and post prom. Maci looked over to see her best friend Cass coming toward them carrying the post prom favors and favor bags.
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 10y 47d 22h 14m 31s

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