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My Character is Maci and shes pregnant, her boyfriend is class president. The setting of the roleplay is everyone is getting ready for prom. Maci is 6 months pregnant and her boyfriend won't let her do anything. Shes moody. The classmates are decorating and I want lots of drama. The cheerleaders must be mean except one of them I will edit people in as we go I am going to say what we need but if you think of anyone else just ask to join. They go to Anderson High.

boyfriend/class president-live4love
football guy 1
football guy 2
football guy 3
football guy 4
cheerleaders Solstice69
good/ nice cheerleader-alicedeane
student council member 1
student council member 2
student council member 3

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He smiled back at her."And so are you."He said.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 9y 306d 17h 53m 24s
  lolli anderson. / alicedeane / 9y 307d 5h 31m 54s
She smiled and said,"Your perfect honey so much"
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 9y 307d 5h 33m 56s
He smiled."yeah she is isnt she."He looked at her small hands.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 9y 307d 7h 16m 59s
Maci smiled and said,"Shes definatley a daddys girl."
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 9y 307d 7h 18m 14s
He took her and smiled down at her.She took hold of his finger.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 9y 307d 7h 21m 49s
Maya reahed for Alex and Maci smiled and said,"She wants her daddy."
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 9y 307d 7h 24m 2s
He hugged her and gave Maya back to her.He smiled.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 9y 307d 7h 25m 10s
"That man is a loudmouth." His mom said shaking her head and said,"Maci it will be alright your with us now he'll never hurt you again." Maci nodded and held onto alex and Maya fussed.
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 9y 307d 7h 27m 16s
He shook his head."Her Dad came in shouting."He said.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 9y 307d 7h 29m 15s
"Ok Honey." She said holding onto him"i love you." His mom came in and said,"You ok?"
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 9y 307d 7h 30m 46s
He kissed her."ill protect you."he held Maya.
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 9y 307d 7h 31m 53s
"he could still try to hurt us Alex i'm scared." She handed him Maya and cried into his chest.
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 9y 307d 7h 32m 54s
He looked at her."We will go to court get a restraining order against him."
  Alex Furham / Life4love / 9y 307d 7h 33m 40s
"Its not ok what if he comes after us." she cried.
  Maci / polkadotrocker / 9y 307d 7h 35m 56s

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