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Warning: This chat contains insulting content toward the Twilight series, movies and it's fans.

If you like Twilight, get the fuck out of my chat and go fuck yourself cause I hate Twilight and you all need to see vampires as vampires and NOT sparkly pixies!

Twilight is an insult to all Vampires. Vampires do not sparkle and they don't go out during the day.
Fuck all Twilight lovers. Want a good vampire book? Read Vampire Academy.

The anime Vampires are more vampire than Edward Cullen will ever be! Fuck the Fuckers!

Dear Twilight Lovers, Fuck off, AND BEWARE THE SPARKLES!

I'll be Mrs. Jack Sparrow any day.

Fuck! Yeah he does! He'll never ever make it though.

You bastards! Give Ryuuk back his apples! His human apples, not the gay sparkling pixie ones!

You did the right thing Yuki v.v

Anime or anti-twilight pictures only.
Swearing is accepted but no bitching.
Don't come here and say 'how good twilight is and I'm wrong by doing this' Because I know ten times the people who hate twilight than like it.
If you revert to liking Twilight... get the fuck out of my chat!
Once you join, there is no leaving. Unless I kick you out or you revert.

Banned List

The family of Hayaine


You don't have permission to post in this thread.

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  Nya / Elodie / 7y 348d 1h 7m 1s
im still here its almost been a year :D
  aklex titan / aklex / 7y 350d 12h 12m 28s
i havent seen activity on this chat in like half a year-ish
  Me and Sakii / sssuuup / 8y 110d 11h 47m 22s
We've all moved~
To either:
This or this.
  | Punishment! | / Mooshine / 8y 111d 9h 45m 30s
  Kurai4 / Elodie / 8y 197d 15h 1m 24s
..I need something to do..
  Sakii / Sakii / 8y 211d 4h 47m 17s
  Kurai4 / Elodie / 8y 219d 8h 6m 17s
  Sakii / Sakii / 8y 219d 10h 15m 11s
Sorry got side tracked...
  Anti-Twilight01 / cj44 / 8y 219d 10h 49m 8s
  Sakii / Sakii / 8y 219d 11h 30m 41s
Oh so you don't want to talk to me? Heehee~
  Kattzu2 / Elodie / 8y 219d 11h 41m 43s
It died!
  Anti-Twilight01 / cj44 / 8y 219d 11h 43m 18s
  Kattzu / Elodie / 8y 219d 12h 34m 31s
Omf Haii Sakura!!!
  Sakii / Sakii / 8y 248d 11h 16m 23s
  Sakura and Rika / SakuraHayaine / 8y 248d 11h 17m 29s

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