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Rhyleigh was still struggling with the rope around her wrists but she wasn't having any luck with them. Her mouth was getting extremely dry from the cloth that was used as a gag, and she was beginning to get tired. She hoped that she didn't have a concussion because she had no way of keeping herself awake. She stopped with trying to undo the bounds, since that was probably losing most of her energy from.

She looked around the large basement as best as she could, since she was facing a wall, and could only really see the stairs leading upstairs from the left side when she looked over and when ahe looked over to the right, she saw a bunch of stuff that looked like it was from a hospital or something like that and a door. She began to wonder what was behind it, but then shook her head rethinking that last thought, all she wanted was to get out of there.

She felt herself starting to fade again as stopped thinking some and she was about to fall asleep, which sounded really good at that minute, when she heard a voice. It wasn't Crystal's or either of her guys friends she had been with, it was a new voice, or just one she didn't recognize. She turned her head to the left to where the stairs were, since it sounded like the voice had come from there but it was hard to tell, the sounds bounced off the walls down there. She squinted into the darkness but couldn't pick anything out that wasn't there before. She looked to her right and then left again, was she Hearing things now?
  Rhyleigh White / AzraelSkylu / 8y 247d 13h 14m 16s
Watching his young friend practice her magick he was reminded once again why they would never be anything more than business partners, she was obsessed with her work and nothing more. He smiled as she answered his question, telling him that the sweet treat downstairs was for him. Knowing that she was necessary in the long run he felt quite privilaged to be able to play with her. Xander was quite a flirt, but he was also quite devious when he wanted to be, so he was thinking of all the nasty things he could do with his new pet as he listened to Crystal speak on. He arose from the couch and took her hand, "I'm quite thankful. I shall respect your wishes." he said. Kissing her hand lightly he smiled at her and then disappeared as quickly as he had arrived. Stopping before the young girl strapped to a pole in the damp basement. In the darkness she couldn't sense him at all, so he observed her for a bit. She was struggling a little bit, but there was a gag in her mouth that wouldn't budge. The girl was beautiful, almost more than any human he had ever seen before, and she smelled so sweet. Even through her skin he could tell that it was not like usual human blood...and it would taste like sugar. "Hello, beautiful." he said in a sweet voice.
  Xander James (Vamp) / april1angel / 8y 248d 26m 42s
"Eventually is not good enough, witch's only are extremely powerful when they learn when they are young, they are the ones that succeed. I cannot allow myself to waste time." She said as she gave him a look and then stood up as she began to pace. She feltthe warmth of the negative energy flood around her, trying to calm her and sink back into the peaceful flow of dangerous thoughts.

She stopped as she heard Xander begin to speak again, breaking any frustration that she had just conjured up. She had almost forgotten about rhyleigh downstairs. "Oh right," She started and snapped herself out of it. "Yes, she is yours, but this one has rules. She is different from the others and she will help me in the end, but I want her weakened so she won't be able to fight back, and you are not to kill her, do whatever else you want, but do not kill her, are we clear?" She asked him. As soon as she got the answer she was looking for, she sent him on his way and sat back down and tried again with her spellbinding.
  Rhyleigh White / AzraelSkylu / 8y 248d 1h 22m 8s
Xander smiled, baring his shiny fangs, "You'll get it eventually. You're still young, honey. Just take your time." he said sweetly, and he meant it. Crystal was a really good witch, better than he's seen in a hundred years, she had real potential. As he pulled his arm from around her and sat at the other end of the couch he finally asked her, "What is that enticing smell?" and he sniffed the air. The salty sweetness drifted just out of his reach and he wanted to follow the trail but wasn't sure if it was his to follow. He respected Crystal's boundaries, they were comerades, after all. "Please say it's a treat for me...I haven't fed in a couple days..." he said as his eyes flashed a deep blue color. Unlike newer vampires, Xander's eyes were blue when he was thirsty, and red when he was full. It was the opposite for young vampires, but Xander was no longer young. He licked his lips and tried to keep himself under control.
  Xander James (Vamp) / april1angel / 8y 248d 1h 42m 59s
Crystal sat on the couch as she soon decided that it was time for her to meditate and focus on the dark energy. She put the spell book back on the small table that sat in front of the couch and brought her feet up onto the couch. She brought her hands to her knees and closed her eyes as she focused on the dark and negative energy that began to surround her. She felt the change in the atomosphere but didn't so much as flinch. She knew who was there but she wouldn't let him ruin her concentration. That is until he thought it was time to mess around.

She felt his cold hands wrap around her face so that her eyes were covered. She stayed completely still for a minute before she let out a long sigh and gave him a small laugh, he uncovered her eyes and she opened them. She rolled her eyes as he made the stupid comment of 'Honey I'm home' like they were a married couple. "Must you always ruin my negativity? I thought I actually had my spellbinding down this time." She said and she her head with a small smile on her face.
  Rhyleigh White / AzraelSkylu / 8y 248d 2h 6m 32s
In one swift move the man's head was on the gorund and blood spit out of his body as it fell to the ground. Xander chuckled and ignored his urge to drink the man's was im-pure and wouldn't be as tasty as the blood he had waiting for him back home. He jumped over buildings and ran through city streets on his way back to Crystal's house. He didn't consider it his home, even though he had stayed there for nearly four years now, because he didn't have only one home. Xander chose to serve Crystal as long as she rewarded him, as long as it was in his best interest, but then he was gone. He slowly crept into the mansion-like home, and smelled a new scent...something not completely human...sweet and cause him to salivate. Locking the door behind him he walked into the main room without a sound and saw Crystal sitting on the couch, reading. Xander went up behind her and covered her eyes, "Guess who?" When she laughed he jumped over the back of the couch and settled down next to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders, "Honey, I'm home." he laughed.
  Xander James (Vamp) / april1angel / 8y 248d 3h 10m 55s
"Idiot." Crystal said outloud as she watched the new girl, rhyleigh fall to the ground after one of her friends ha hit her over the back of her head with a shovel. Normally, Crystal had no need to hyponatize her friends to do her dirty work but she didn't want anyone to suspect her for this. "Hurry up," she hissed, "I don't need anyone seeing us. Tie her up and throw her in the truck, we don't have time for all this nonsense." She glared at the boy who was tying the girl who she hated with a passion whom she had only known for a few brief days. She hated if some new girl came to town and acted like she owned the place, well, there was consequences for that. Not only was Crystal the mayors daughter, she also possessed a lot of power, power that she intended on ruling with.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a clunk and the close if the trunk. "Finally." She said as she got into the passangers seat and looked straight forward as she commanded her human friend to head for the mansion at the top of the hill. She made camp there and she wasn't alone, she had the help if a vampire. She rewarded him with pets and trinkets, soon of which Rhyleigh would be. As soon as the car came to a hault, she instructed that the two friends bring Rhyleigh to the basement and tie her there for now, she didn't need her running around like she owned the place. As the two went to the trunk, she went inside and made hersel comfortable in front of the tv and grabbed one of her dark magic books. She would wait for her vampire right hand man to come back from the errand she had sent him on a few nights ago.

Rhyleigh was lost in a pit of darkness, she wasn't sure what was going on at all. But what she did know was that she had a killer headache. She opened her eyes to darkness which she was very uneasy about, she never really did like the dark and she had a queasy feeling about this now. Her arms were numb and when she tried to move them, they wouldn't budge from where they were. It took her a moment to realize that they were tied and she was bound to a pole.

She took a guess that she was underground since it was damp and she had a hard time of remembering anything that had happened. The only thing she could truly remember was that she had been with Crystal, the girl who had promised to hook her up with one of the best guys that went to their school. That got her thinking although it hurt a lot because of her major headache. She was beginning to wonder if she had been drugged and many thoughts were nagging at her then. She wanted to scream so bad, but the gag on her mouth wouldn't allow her to. She was beginning to wonder what she was going to do.

  Rhyleigh White / AzraelSkylu / 8y 248d 3h 26m 50s

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