Saveing the Savior?

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A smile that taught the sun to shine, A laugh that could make birds sing, A wisdom for optamisim no one could compare to, A careng soul made only to heal. Natalie, was a bright and loveing girl, Despite all the hard thing she'd been through in her life, she always cared, helped, never let herself be upset. "things will always get better, you just have to make them" Her favorite quote. But, when another friend falls to depression, one she happens to be in love with, she does everything to help, everything to make him smile. EVERYTHING.
Slowly, as she puts all of her energy to helping him, and he refuses to get better, revaling in his own misery. She knows how useless she is, no matter how many of her friends she helped with words, it didnt matter, anyone could have said that. Slowly, as she continues her futile attmpts to help, she slips farther and farther into depression.
Will her friend wake up and see what he's doing to her? Or will he let her die slowly for his sake? Or will someone else step in to help save the savior?

Lit-semi lit please.
Real pics
Need the friend, and other friends and romantic interests would keep things interesting.
Romance-MAJOR yeah
Violence-no fun without it
Swearing-sure why not
I think thats about it. ^^ JOIN!

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Aw doesnt anyone want to join this?
  Natalie Rivers / torinchan / 10y 70d 2h 44m 9s
Natalie walked into school with her trae mark gin on her face as she was looking to find her friend. Tugging on the armwarmer to hide the scars she'd made recently feeling guilty and week for haveing resorted to it but she couldnt help but hurt when she knew how badly he was hurt. She wanted to help, but it seemed she couldnt. all she wanted was for him to smile again, she wanted all of her friends to be happy, which is why she always took their pain and stayed happy and helpfull. The big smile hid the hole in her heart well and she looked at the people carefully as she found her group of friends and aproached them happily. Seeing him amoung them, he didnt look happy, though he seemed to be trying to bring that allusion, no one seemed to notice. She sighed and jumped on his back happily covering his eyes. "CHEER UP EMO KID!"
  Natalie Rivers / Torinchan / 10y 74d 10h 31m 45s

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