ragnarok online a forbidden love

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this is a tail of a male dark knight and the princess ______
who fall in love just after a incident were the dark knight clan was accused of trying to open the abyss. to aid the king and find out which dark knight is doing it and trying to release the spell keepin the dragons sealed away he asks zeke the dark knight to wtach his clan and report in on any secret matters he finds
zeke the dark knight - taken
princess _________ open
royal gaurd
lord knight
and anyone else that can fit into the storyline

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ok, so now we wait ^.^ for the others!
  Iria / tesseron / 9y 67d 6h 41m 57s
that will do
  dark knight zeke / zerato / 9y 67d 6h 43m 3s
what pic did you like better the first one or this
  Iria / tesseron / 9y 67d 6h 45m 9s
ok that sounds good ^.^
  Iria / tesseron / 9y 67d 6h 46m 4s
i think the princess would do better for you cause she is femalemain character
  dark knight zeke / zerato / 9y 67d 6h 49m 3s
hey can i join as the assassin and or princess?
  Iria / tesseron / 9y 67d 6h 55m 15s
ok any takers???
  dark knight zeke / zerato / 9y 67d 11h 21m 9s

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