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How has Eduard Khil significantly impacted your life. Eduard Khil's trollolol song has done everything from curing cancer in terminal patients to feeding impoverished nations by filling them with lulz. We all owe an enormous debt to this man and his contributions to humanity.

Trollolololol - Russian


Multilingual subtitles for those who don't know russian.


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;_; I gots nightmares now...
  Lile Siofra / Tearsofvenom / 9y 354d 2h 9m 11s
  K / 9y 354d 3h 55m 49s
Increasing bloodflow does NOT increase penis size. Just makes it harder
Such idiots
  Aurora Li / Tesana / 9y 354d 18h 5m 13s
Mr. Bean ftw!
This is so funny,
  High Princess of Nightmares / aylar / 9y 354d 18h 11m 6s
You're confusing "smiling" bob from the enzyte commercials and they got royally sued.
  Serious Business / Webmaster / 9y 355d 8h 38m 10s
He makes me think of that guy in the viagra commercial with his stupid grin, just saying.
  Aurora Li / Tesana / 9y 355d 16h 57m 41s
Gave me A laugh,a Girlfriend,and Nightmares
  Sondiame / 9y 356d 11h 41m 32s
=3 Communist Roll'd!
  Ivellios Liadon / ivellios / 9y 356d 17h 16m 30s

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