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Tired? You shouldn't be here.
This is for those kind of people that stay up in the wee hours in the morning with the energry to do thirdy umping jacks in their undies.
Slow? No way.
Regular activity is wanted. So yeah, keep up the pace. x]
Why join?
Because I'm in here.
Middle fo the night.
I am an insomniac and proud of it, damnit!
That, and I have the sexy powers of batman.
T'is the insomnia speaking

Now STFU and get in here. :]

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IKrownedI: I want to know what's going on...
Mikael: With?
IKrownedI: I'll let you know what I'm finished pasting this.
IKrownedI: Derry: Because he's playing either you or Syl.
IKrownedI: Derry: He told Syl he doesn't like you and thought you were annoying.
Mikael: ; Raises a brow. ;
IKrownedI: IKrownedI: When... was this?
IKrownedI: Derry: And told syl that he likes her.
IKrownedI: Derry: Just recently like a few days ago she told me. The annoying thing was a bit further back, but the whole he doesn't like you and all that was recently. :
IKrownedI: Derry: And I was like "If he doesn't like Leo then why is he hanging out with him?" and she was like "I dont know I keep asking that myself."
IKrownedI: Derry: And she thinks that you two aren't even in kahoots like that.
IKrownedI: Derry: He's playing the both of you.
IKrownedI: Derry: He's telling her he doesn't like you and has no interest and likes her, but then telling you he likes you and all that?
IKrownedI: IKrownedI: ...I'm confused.
Mikael: o_o;
Mikael: I'm confused.
IKrownedI: Derry: Whats confusing?
IKrownedI: IKrownedI: All of this, really.
IKrownedI: Derry: Syl told me, Mikael said you were annoying and he doesn't even like you. She also told me that he's told her he likes her and he knows she likes him back.
IKrownedI: Derry: You're telling me he liks you and has been the one making the move on you, and apparently dislikes how she treats him.
IKrownedI: Derry: He's obviously lying to one of you, or to the both of you.
IKrownedI: Derry: :
IKrownedI: IKrownedI: ....
IKrownedI: Derry: And if you think I'm lying talk to Syl.
IKrownedI: ...Done.
Mikael: ; Rubs face. ; ...Really?
IKrownedI: ....
IKrownedI: I... don't know what to say, really.
Mikael: I don't know what to say either. I didn't say anything about you.
IKrownedI: I'm a little shaky right now, honestly...
IKrownedI: ...and well..
IKrownedI: ...I don't even know what to think.
Mikael: ; Raises a brow. ; Why? You think he's telling the truth?
IKrownedI: Why else would I invite you here and try to clear things up? This is a shot in the dark for me.
Mikael: I didn't say anything about you being annoying or whatever. I made it clear I enjoyed your company.
Mikael: ; Waves a hand. ; I don't know where he's getting this information from.
IKrownedI: Syl directly, apparently.
Mikael: And if I made any disparaging comments, it was jokingly. Like usual.
Mikael: Rather like me calling you brat and whatever.
Mikael: ; Shrug. ;
Mikael: I dunno. I'll talk to her.
Mikael: ...Again.
IKrownedI: I need to be there.
IKrownedI: Or I'll talk to her myself.
IKrownedI: This shit is getting rediculous.
Mikael: Alright.
Mikael: That's fine.
Mikael: I have nothing to hide.
Mikael: ; Rubs face. ;
IKrownedI: ...-Raises a brow.-
IKrownedI: Lets hope not.
IKrownedI: This is just taking too much out of me right now.
Mikael: So don't pay attention to it. I'm textng her right now.
IKrownedI: I'm going to have a talk with her tomorrow.
IKrownedI: Or whenever I see her next.
Mikael: ; Nods. ;
  [ It feels so right. ] / SapphireEtsuko / 6y 186d 21h 31m 3s
: What?
Guest_Esiotru has joined the chat
IKrownedI: Danny.
Guest_Esiotru: ?
Calmryuu: :T
IKrownedI: Do you know what time it is, my friend?
Guest_Esiotru: Err..
IKrownedI: Do you?
Guest_Esiotru: Maybe?
IKrownedI: Would you mind telling me?
Guest_Esiotru: I don't know.
PersonaThief whispers: Do I have to be here for this?
IKrownedI: Well, let me tell you.
IKrownedI > PersonaThief: Eh.
IKrownedI > PersonaThief: Onlhy if you want.
IKrownedI > PersonaThief: *only
IKrownedI: It is half past bullshit o'clock.
IKrownedI: And you, sir, are late for your curfew.
IKrownedI: I'm not a very happy man right now, Danny boy.
Calmryuu: need my foot up his ass....seriousfuckingly
IKrownedI: So why don't you tell me a little story?
IKrownedI: 'Bout a boy who cried wolf.
IKrownedI: Too many times.
IKrownedI: Too many damn times...
IKrownedI: You know the one, don't you?
IKrownedI: Little boy, callin' all the villiage people.
IKrownedI: And they alllll come runnin' to him?
IKrownedI: I know you do. 's a classic.
IKrownedI: But what?
IKrownedI: They all come runnin' again.
IKrownedI: No proof.
IKrownedI: No nothin'.
IKrownedI: Op-
IKrownedI: What's this?
IKrownedI: No one shows up?
IKrownedI: Not a god damn villager shows the fuck up.
IKrownedI: And why is that?
IKrownedI: -Clears throat.-
IKrownedI: I've heard a similar story, Danny Boy.
Calmryuu: :T
IKrownedI: About a boy that cried out for attention.
Calmryuu: what cant speak now?
Guest_Esiotru: I was downstairs.l
IKrownedI: -Pause.-
Calmryuu: sure
IKrownedI: Go for it.
Calmryuu: :T
IKrownedI: Ryuu.
IKrownedI: Your two cents.
Calmryuu: I honestly am just done with him,he never exsisted to me.
Calmryuu: Hello,may i ask who you are?
IKrownedI: He's just a little village boy, Ryuu.
IKrownedI: A dirty, dirty peasant.
IKrownedI: There';s no wolf to see here, man.
Calmryuu: ah,then he may need to go back to the fuckin trash where his bitch ass belongs
IKrownedI: Indeed, good sir.
IKrownedI: Toss 'em a rag while you're at it..
IKrownedI: Least he can clean himself up.
Guest_Esiotru has left the chat
PersonaThief has left the chat
  [ It feels so right. ] / SapphireEtsuko / 7y 76d 11h 1m 39s
Shiragiku has joined the chat
Shiragiku: Leo...
Shiragiku: *Changes first of all.*
IKrownedI: ...?
Shiragiku: I had planned a lot to tell. But honestly... I forgot. So just to tell I am sorry for let anger control me.
IKrownedI: ....
IKrownedI: -Nods once.-
IKrownedI: Wasn't that important to say, huh? Hah.
IKrownedI: I don't blame you.
Shiragiku: Uh? What wasn't that important to say?
IKrownedI: What you had forgotten.
IKrownedI: Must have not been important.
Shiragiku: Oh. It is. Is just I thought a lot and it got confused in my mind. So ... it would messy to tell. Not even sure from where start.
IKrownedI: -Sigh.-
Shiragiku: You're going through a tough time, I just don't want to increase it.
IKrownedI: Last night was plenty.
IKrownedI: Tara isn't making it any better, either. No one is.
IKrownedI: From now on, I'm keeping to myself.
IKrownedI: You were right. Being happy-go-lucky is stupid.
IKrownedI: I'm not happy. I'm not lucky.
Shiragiku: Is not stupid...
IKrownedI: It's very stupid.
IKrownedI: I should just be alone.
IKrownedI: Not relationship hopping, especially.
IKrownedI: No one can stay out of one another's business.
IKrownedI: I did a LOT of friends list cleaning..
IKrownedI: I'm full of hate, and I've never been this way.
IKrownedI: It hurts.
IKrownedI: So fuck everything right now.
IKrownedI: I'm learning how to do things either alone, or with few friends.
Shiragiku: ... I am sorry.
IKrownedI: Don't be.
IKrownedI: You've shown me what to do.
IKrownedI: So thank you.
IKrownedI: It'll be much easier for me this way.
IKrownedI: -Grin.
Shiragiku: It won't.
IKrownedI: Oh, but it will.
Shiragiku: I basically came to tell I am sorry I lack control on myself, my acts and words. I have been acting moved by hate and anger . That's never good, no matter how you might appreciate it for a moment, when you're hurt. At the end is a prison what makes you lose loved ones. Just look a tme... I have lost many. Even you.
IKrownedI: But it saves you from making new ones.
IKrownedI: Just to start shit that could have been avoided form the beginning.
IKrownedI: People have asked me what I finally wanted. I know what I want.
IKrownedI: I don't want people now.
IKrownedI: You finally got rid of me like you wanted. Why are you here? Why are you apologizing?
IKrownedI: I don't get it.
Shiragiku: ...
IKrownedI: I'm hurt. I feel like I'm inhell.
IKrownedI: This... is what I get.
Shiragiku: Because I feel guilty, because it was unfair, it was wrong.
IKrownedI: Then why did you leave? Repeatedly?
IKrownedI: You could have been done with me.
Shiragiku: To not hurt you.
Shiragiku: But Icare.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : You care?
IKrownedI: Let me ask you something, why do you care /now/?
IKrownedI: I don't want your pity.
IKrownedI: I don't any anyone's pity.
Shiragiku: I don't feel pity, Leo.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : Are you sure?
Shiragiku: 100% Sure.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : You didn''t care last night, why do you care now?
IKrownedI: Because Derry and I broke up?
Shiragiku: Last night I was out of control, Leo. With all the - ... What?
IKrownedI: Out of control. Tch.
IKrownedI: And yeah. We broke up earlier this afternoon.
IKrownedI: Derry's been miserable ever since. And I've been at rock bottom.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : Too much drama. Too much shit.
IKrownedI: And after you and I left ast night.
IKrownedI: I was done.
Shiragiku: Done...?
IKrownedI: All this shit. All of it. Romance. Thinking I could once stay with someone without some sort of drama or heartache.
IKrownedI: But nope.
IKrownedI: Last night killed EVERYTHING for me.
IKrownedI: This might be lingering anger from past events, but I sure as hell hope everyone has benefited from this.
IKrownedI: I'm single. Alone.
IKrownedI: And for once, to god I swear, I meant it this time.
Shiragiku: Just to clarify: I didn't know you both broke up. If that answers your question. I came back because like said... I was lacking control. Is not any valid excuse... but. Happened. And you then asked me to leave. And I thought was the best to give you space and time. Also, I wished a better ending.
Shiragiku: I am sorry with me also things were drama...
IKrownedI: I asked you to leave because you were leaving anyway.
IKrownedI: I was finished with the blame.. the harsh words flung back and forth,
IKrownedI: All that I had worked for to keep, gone because someone simply told you to.,
IKrownedI: It hurt like hell.
Shiragiku: Nobody told me to, Leo.
Shiragiku: And even if so, you should Know I don't follows orders.
IKrownedI: You don't follow orders?
Shiragiku: I did, I repeat, because how I am nowadays is hurtful. I hurt you, repeatly. And you have enough on your shoulders now.-
IKrownedI: She told you to leave me be... and you did.
Shiragiku: *Shakes head.*
IKrownedI: -Rubs temples.-
IKrownedI: Fine. Thank you for coming to apologize to me.
Shiragiku: She told me to leave you be as in stop the issue. I decided myself to leave .
IKrownedI: Well. Fine.
IKrownedI: This is the end result. Everyone can cool down now..
Shiragiku: I want myself back...Leo. I want to be gentle, kind, a good person again.
IKrownedI: Well, good luck on that.
Shiragiku: Don't be harsh...
IKrownedI: I'm not. I'm only wishing you luck.
Shiragiku: Thank you.
IKrownedI: I'm sorry, but you can't expect me to be in a jolly mood. Especially after that.
IKrownedI: I'm trying to stay as calm as I possibly can.
Shiragiku: Thank you for make the effort, to be calm.
IKrownedI: It's really hard, but you're welcome.
Shiragiku: I... am truly sorry. Really... 'Cause it seems after we broke up it went downhill badly for you. And... rather show love and care and make things easier for you, I did the opposite. I can't be calm with this, my conscious feels heavy. And I want to fix it.
IKrownedI: You... you want to fix this?
Shiragiku: *Nods.*
IKrownedI: .....
Shiragiku: One sec, I need something to drink
IKrownedI: Oh no, hurry back for this.
IKrownedI: -Cracks knuckles.-
Shiragiku: ... I will
Shiragiku: Back
IKrownedI: Hi.
IKrownedI: S-So let me get this straight. You... /YOU/ want to fix things?
IKrownedI: After all this time of leaving when I tried SO desperately.
IKrownedI: YOU want to fix things?
IKrownedI: Alright. I see.
IKrownedI: Since I'm not a complete asshole, I'll agree.
IKrownedI: I'm not sugar coating. You don't deserve it. But I will.
IKrownedI: Because again, I'm not completely gone.
IKrownedI: But if we do, there are going to be definite changes.
Shiragiku: Tell them?
IKrownedI: You. Are going to work to get ME back.
IKrownedI: See how that is?
IKrownedI: Ah, alright.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : If I suspect ANY amount of drama-- I'm out.
IKrownedI: Gone.
IKrownedI: I don't want to take any shit from your friends.
Shiragiku: I have told them to stay away all the time, Leo. Well... except the recent events. I will tell Tara too.
IKrownedI: Good.
IKrownedI: Especially her.
IKrownedI: I'm in no position to deal with fuck-ups. Understand that.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : I don't mean that coldly, either.
Shiragiku: I know
IKrownedI: So again, just so we're clear, one more fuck-up, and I'm gone.
ShiragikuShiragiku Add Friend: 'Cause I am feeling the same in a sense.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : -Arms slowly crossing.-
IKrownedI: I have a low tolerance for back stabbers these days.
IKrownedI: So if you start this, you can't go against me.
IKrownedI: No talking about me behind my back.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : Venting to a minmum, if that.
ShiragikuShiragiku Add Friend: *Nods.*
IKrownedIIKrownedI : *minimum.
IKrownedI: Why are you doing this. Seriously?
IKrownedI: I have a feeling that it's only to make you feel better and make up for the situation.
IKrownedI: I still feel pittied.
IKrownedI: What's your motivation?
IKrownedIIKrownedI : -Eyes narrow.-
ShiragikuShiragiku Add FriendShiragiku Add Friend: *Looks at you.* I told you I care.
IKrownedI: Why are you just starting to care now?
IKrownedI: That I'm at my very lowest.
Shiragiku: I cared all the time.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : Hah.
Shiragiku: My motivation now, mostly, is try to be better.
ShiragikuShiragiku Add Friend: Not just for me.
ShiragikuShiragiku Add Friend: So I won't hurt anymore and people I love and care would stay in my side. As long as possible.
Shiragiku: I want to be more accepting and open minded as I used to be.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : On /your/ side..
IKrownedI: Key words there, lovely.
Shiragiku: Let me finish
IKrownedIIKrownedI : "Your".
Shiragiku: ... Leo.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : -Hands up.-
IKrownedI: Go on.
Shiragiku: Yes. In /my/ side. So I can make /them/ to feel better. To come from aches. To revive from the bottom. It was my talent, Leo. A long time ago. I don't think you remember it back then. But I changed, so much. I want to make an effort, a real effort to change. I might still stumble, but nothing comes without effort and work on it.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : Fine. I get it.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : But do me a favor?
Shiragiku: Yes?
IKrownedIIKrownedI : While you're working for my trust again, until I'm comfortable-- don't come to me when you fall.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : I'll only drag you down with me.
Shiragiku: Alright.
Shiragiku: Oh, just in case. Imma talk again with friends, to make sure they won't go to you.
Shiragiku: Send messages or speak to them, depending on the times.
IKrownedI: Good.
IKrownedI: Because if they come to me. It will not be pretty.
Shiragiku: I know~
Shiragiku: I'll do it right now.
IKrownedI: I'm watching you,.
IKrownedI: I'm watching my back from now on.
Shiragiku: You have more petitions?
IKrownedI: Petitions?
Shiragiku: Yush
IKrownedI: I don't get it.
IKrownedIIKrownedI : Things I don't want you to do?
Shiragiku: Uh... I mean. You said one of the steps is to keep them away, I am doing it right now.
Shiragiku: Yuh.
IKrownedI: Oh. Well good.
IKrownedI: Just don't fuck up or you lose me.
IKrownedI: 's about it.
IKrownedI: I'm a one-chance guy now.
Shiragiku: Fuck up as in?
IKrownedI: Don't do anything stupid that would make me leave you for good.
IKrownedI: That's what it means.
Shiragiku: Oh alright~
Shiragiku: *Thinks.*
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Awwww snap. <W <
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o _o.

Oh! I haven't been her to RP, love. I've been elsewhere.
My friends bitched at me for never being around, so I tried making time for them. ; -;

I'm so sorry! D'x
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What have I done to deserve this ignorance my dear? What on earth has happened?
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9 23, I'm callin' it! o -o!
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