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Does this picture show up for you? O.o'
  Silvia [Lust] / EverMoreGraceful / 9y 238d 24m 5s
Name -Asato
Age -17
Gender -Male
Sexuality -Straight
Personality -Lazy, and sarcastic. Is silent but friendly mostly. But, his great lack in wanting to do anything is a downfall when socializing with others.
Sin -Sloth
Love interest - None at the moment.

[Can I join Miki? :D]
  Asato / StrifeX / 9y 238d 25m 30s
Very loveleh. Too bad I can't see your picture cause it's blocked :D
  ~Envy~ / Mikeru / 9y 238d 27m 50s
Name: Silvia
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: The life of the party. She is nice, yet always trying to make people swoon over her. She's good at cleaning, but prefers to not have to clean in the first place.
Sin: Lust
Love Interest: None yet.
  Silvia [Lust] / EverMoreGraceful / 9y 238d 29m 39s
Anime ._."
Did I forget to put that in the rules?
  ~Envy~ / Mikeru / 9y 238d 31m 13s
Picture wise, what do you expect?
  Vla da Rue / Archaicable / 9y 238d 32m 26s

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