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Jayden, or as others had known her by, Jay sat staring at the wall in the great darkened room. She had come to this place one night, or rather had been forced to come. The last thing that she could remember was having been out with a few friends. But after that everything seemed rather blank and when she had awoken, the young woman had been placed in the room that she now sat on the bed in.

Slowly she rose from the bed, the room was almost pitch black and she could hardly see. So she lightly traced the wall with her finger tips until she had come to the velvety curtains and she pushed them aside. As she had a small smile came to her lips. At least in this strange place there was one thing that she knew. The sun. The girl stood and allowed the warmth to pour over her for a few moments.

Once she had gotten enough of staring out the window, Jay turned and noticed a set of big wodden doors. Her eyes fell on the handles and she slipped over to it. She figured since she was stuck in this place, she might as well explore and see if any others were in the place. Lightly she pulled open the doors and walked out of her room. She could hear footsteps and followed them. She wondered if she would find anyone else in the place. Personally though she hated sharing she hoped so.
  Jayden / KarinaLaClair / 9y 331d 2h 45m 10s
Rain wakes up only to find that she is in a dark room and is scared to move because she could not see but she get's up anyways she finds a blind and opens it she was happy because she was able to see now. there was a big door in front of her rain went to open it only to find a big hallway it was qiuet only her footsteps could be heard she left the room and started to walk down the hallway hoping to find someone eles that was in the same place as her.
  rain / 9y 331d 2h 53m 38s
She stared silently and the white ceiling. Well, it was white, but the darkness of the room made it seem black or grey.
She had been in this place for five days now. She hadn't left the room, only actually getting off the bed to go to the bethroom, since her room had a bathroom connected with her room. She didn't know if there was anyone else here, and she was starting to feel rather hungry.
She slid off the large bed and drew back the curtains from the gaint window. The sinlight hit her hard. She cringed at the brightness and turned to watch the room light up.
It was beautiful .The room was so well furnished, and the art that hung on the walls was mezmorizing.

She looked at the double doors that stood between her and the rest of the world. They were a chocolate brown color, and the wood had been carved into a flower-vine like pattern. She stepped over too it, clasping the golden colored handle in her palm. She breathed in and pushed the door open quickly. Nothing. No arrows or anything unexpected flying toward her.
She stepped out and closed the door behind her. Where was she anyway? She looked down the hall, both ways. Both ends seemed to get darker and darker the more she looked.

She made her way down the hall, not really knowing where she was going. She tried to stay near the walls, not wanting to attract any attention from other people, if there were any.
She moved more into the darkness, losing her vision, when she hit something and fell to the floor.
"Oww," she groaned.
  ~Envy~ / Mikeru / 9y 331d 17h 12m 54s
Okay :D That's okay cause I have a mild case of writer's block at the moment ^^
  ~Envy~ / Mikeru / 9y 332d 9h 28m 57s
be back on later going to bed k
  rain / 9y 332d 9h 30m 6s
:D Wooh~ Now we have all the characters~
  ~Envy~ / Mikeru / 9y 332d 9h 39m 15s
Personality:loves to eat alot and needs to have everything she gets her hands on
Love:will see
  rain / 9y 332d 9h 41m 33s
Welcome :D
Thank you for joining! We only need one more person to start~
  ~Envy~ / Mikeru / 9y 332d 18h 51m 36s
Name - Mitsuki
Age - 16
Gender - female
Sexuality - straight
Personality - pretty much a narcissist. She loves herself and thinks she's the greatest human in the world. She doesnt care for other people and constantly mocks them since their not as great as her
Sin - Pride (duh)
Love intrest - only herself
  yuki1357908 / 9y 332d 19h 53m 44s
Welcome X.x
Uhm.. that's okay
  ~Envy~ / Mikeru / 9y 333d 8h 57m 5s
Sorry I have to be going for the night. Thank you for letting me join this ^^ ))
  Jayden / KarinaLaClair / 9y 333d 9h 53s
Changed genders.
Sorreh. ^_^
  Alice Ann Fox / Archaicable / 9y 333d 9h 3m 35s
Name - Alice Ann Fox
Age - 16
Gender -male
Sexuality -straight
Personality - mischievous, straight forward, quick to anger
Sin - Wrath
Love intrest - We shall see.

May I join?
  Alice Ann Fox / Archaicable / 9y 333d 9h 4m 5s
Okay three of you are in.
No it doesn't show D: Sorry.
  ~Envy~ / Mikeru / 9y 333d 9h 4m 10s
Name - Jayden
Age - 15
Gender - female
Sexuality -bisexual
Personality -The girl is nice and caring. She can also be rather shy but very friendly and loyal once she gets to know you. She can share sometimes, but hates to. Jay can be rather greedy at times.
Sin -greed
Love intrest - None as of yet

  Jayden / KarinaLaClair / 9y 333d 9h 6m 56s

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