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Everyone's heard of the seven deadly sins on way or another.

and Envy.

Everyone knew that these sins resided in every human, but what they didn't know was that they also existed as beings. Many, many years ago, these beings were at war with the each other, but when the humans began to hunt them, they went into hiding.
It is now the year 2013, technology has progressed quite quickly. Things such as 3D television has become quite safe for the human mind, and hovering cars have even been distributed.
Seven unlikely teenagers have been cursed with the souls of the sins. This doesn't mean they're bd people of coarse, but they're cursed with the sin and can often have more of it than the average human.
They are forced to live together in a dark mansion when they wake there one morning with no way out of the grounds.
Will they go to war with each other again, or will they set their differences aside and learn to get along?
Will there be betrayel?
Broken hearts?
Basic ES Rules
No cyber, at all.
Romance is encouraged.
Swearing is deffinately allowed.
If your leaving for a while or simply getting off, please tell me.
Please don't ditch.
No god modding or controlling other characters. These teens are human.
Please keep the OOC's to a minimum.

Lust - taken
Pride - taken
Envy - taken
sloth - taken
Wrath - taken
Gluttony - taken
Greed - taken
Name -
Age -
Gender -
Sexuality -
Personality -
Sin -
Love intrest -


Name - Envy
Age - 14
Gender - female
Sexuality - Bisexual
Personailty - Secluded. She hasn't really bothered to learn to interact with other people. She's usually quiet and is a good cook.
Sin - Envy
Love Intrest - None so far

Name: Silvia
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: The life of the party. She is nice, yet always trying to make people swoon over her. She's good at cleaning, but prefers to not have to clean in the first place.
Sin: Lust
Love Interest: None yet.

NName - Alice Ann Fox
Age - 16
Gender -male
Sexuality -straight
Personality - mischievous, straight forward, quick to anger
Sin - Wrath
Love intrest - We shall see.

Name -Asato
Age -17
Gender -Male
Sexuality -Straight
Personality -Lazy, and sarcastic. Is silent but friendly mostly. But, his great lack in wanting to do anything is a downfall when socializing with others.
Sin -Sloth
Love intrest - none

Name - Jayden
Age - 15
Gender - female
Sexuality -bisexual
Personality -The girl is nice and caring. She can also be rather shy but very friendly and loyal once she gets to know you. She can share sometimes, but hates to. Jay can be rather greedy at times.
Sin -greed
Love intrest - None as of yet

Name - Mitsuki
Age - 16
Gender - female
Sexuality - straight
Personality - pretty much a narcissist. She loves herself and thinks she's the greatest human in the world. She doesnt care for other people and constantly mocks them since their not as great as her
Sin - Pride
Love intrest - only herself

Personality:loves to eat alot and needs to have everything she gets her hands on
Love:will see

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Jayden had wandered the hall and let out a soft sigh. The place was begining to seem a bit repetitive to her and she hated it. Slowly she continued to walk down the dark hall until she came to some statues. Her eyes went to it and she tilted her head. "Wow..." She muttered, being slightly amuzed by it.

She then turned on her heels and noticed some stairs. Slowly she walked down them, her long golden hair boucing softly against her back. Once at the bottom she began to see tons and tons of doors. Soon she opened one and found that it was the kitchen.

The young woman blinked and slowly stepped in. The light hurt her eyes and on top of that there were others in there. Lightly she tilted her head as she looked to them, and only stood frozen.
  Jayden / KarinaLaClair / 9y 314d 1h 6m 54s
.:I'm rather pissed off at the lack of posting T:< Dx wtf? I just saw some ranga shove a stick up a chicken's ass. Okay T:< people need to start posting:.
  ~Envy~ / Mikeru / 9y 315d 1h 19m 23s
Rain looked amazed "well that is a nice name and may i ask would you get mad if i say that i have never met you before and did you find anybody else in this place?"
  rain / 9y 319d 10h 8m 19s
Mitsuki sighs on purpose "I guess you could shake my hand, adoring fan. But just this once" she said casually as she shakes the girl's hand."My name is Mitsuki.Isnt it a magnificent name?" she said delightfully
  Mitsuki [Pride] / yuki1357908 / 9y 319d 10h 16m 4s
"Owww what the hell was that" rain looked up to see a girl with pink hair and looked really mad "umm sorry about that are you ok and what's your name mines is rain nice to meet you" rain holds out her arm to shake hers
  rain / 9y 320d 10h 7m 28s
Mitsuki heard voices down the big hallway. "Finally! A person!" she ran down the hallway, but since she could barely see a thing, she bumped right into the girl. "OWW!" she said furiously at the girl with short gray hair.
  Mitsuki [Pride] / yuki1357908 / 9y 320d 10h 16m 52s
Rain walks down a big hallway and was looking all around her hoping to bump into some body she was all alone with nothing to do but to keep walking "man this is boring i need to find someone quick it's not fun be by yourself and plus i am kinda hungry"
  rain / 9y 320d 12h 49m 31s
When Envy had heard a voice, she almost dropped the glass she was holding. Luckily though, she caught hold of it in time. She was just lucky she hadn't fainted.
She turned around to see the boy standing in the door way. He had really startled her, especially since she had come to believe that there was no one else in this mansion.
She quickly put the glass back and the turned to the boy and bowed.
"U-Uhm," she began. It was so hard getting words out. "I'm sorry for intruding, i-if it's not too much trouble, could you please tell me where I am?"
She wasn't actually sure if this boy even lived here, it was just an assumption. Then it became obvious to her. The first thing she should have done was check the doors and see where they went, but mainly the front door to see if it led outside.
The if it did, she would have to try and find a way over that tall cement wall that she had seen in the garden when she opened her window.
"S-Sorry," she said to him quietly, deciding she'd check to doors. "Forget I asked."
With that, she began trying to leave the room, hoping to get passed him easily.
  ~Envy~ / Mikeru / 9y 321d 11h 35m 56s
Asato sighed, as he got no reply. "Nobody is here..." He said as he breathed out. He looked around. The hallway looked like it wasn't going to end. But there were many turns. "Better start looking around..." He said silently, and started to walk. His head phones we're still firmly around his neck, as he looked left and right. He walked past a few turns, thinking that it would be useless turning that way. It just lead to another hall way. He wasn't asleep or resting. So it came to him... How did he get here? This started to wander around his head. He seemed to have woken up somewhere else. He knows he doesn't sleep walk, and he doesn't live with anyone. How did he end up here? A sudden growl came from his stomach and he placed his hand on it. "Ugh... Foood...." He said softly. He looked towards one of many turns he passed by, and saw stairs. His eyes widened slightly. He started to walk down them, his foot steps, echoed around the hall. As he was nearing the bottom, he heard chewing, or a sound of something crunchy being eaten. It was coming from a room directly below the stairs. "... Someone's here..." He said, as he placed his guard up. As he hesitantly continued to walk down, and heard something being thrown in a bin. It made him stop for a while, but he continued once again. When he finally reached the bottom, he saw a girl looking for something. "... Hello?" He said tilting his head slightly.
  Asato / StrifeX / 9y 321d 23h 26m 37s
  ~Envy~ / Mikeru / 9y 322d 56m 18s
Envy rubbed her forehead and looked up.
It took her a moment to notice what she had hit in the darkness, but when she did she had to cover her mouth with her hand to stop herself from screaming. It was one of those statues that was just a big stand and a head. It looked so life-like.
She swollowed back tears and stood up, trying not to fall back down after the darkness obstucted her view of her own to feet.
She touched the statue gently and felt her way around it and then continued to walk down the hall way. She spun around when she heard yelling and things from the hall she had come from. She wondered if there were other people in the same position she was in.

She swallowed again and contined down the hall until she reached a staircase. She stepped down, being as quite as she could, not that it mattered since she wasn't wearing any shoes. The place she found when she got to the bottom of the stairs was a large area filled with artworks and statues. Her first reaction was to check all the doors until she found the kitchen. She got to the fourth door and she finally opened up to a kitchen.
"Food," she groaned. She looked in the fridge and the first thing she saw was a loucioius green apple. Hesitantly she picked it up and began to hack away at the juicy flesh with her white teeth.

This was possibly the best apple she had ever eaten. Once down, she threw it in the bin and then searched for cups so she could have a drink of water.
  ~Envy~ / Mikeru / 9y 327d 47m 54s
The sense of unknowing was overwhelming, unhinging at best. Alice found herself in the corner, legs hugged to her chest as she looked about the room. She'd already puked stomach acid in the waste bin and was now rocking back and forth. Things didn't make sense to her, she hated when it happened. Alice struggled for air as she closed her airs and thought back. "What did I do last night?" She muttered seeing herself with her friends. They'd gone bowling the night before, had fun, boy hunted. Alice had gotten pissed about something but it subsided, it always did. She went home and woke up here.

It was surreal, opening your eyes to a blindingly bright room and no clue on how you got there. Alice wasn't a fan of mysteries, she could usually guess what had happened and what was going to happen. This was different, this was unreal. Alice concluded in her mind that she must have been dreaming still. Nothing like this, nothing so crazy could happen. Not like this.

Alice pushed herself off of the wall and shook her head, she dug in her pockets and found her dead cell phone, a zippo, a pack of gum and a pack of cigarettes with four fags still intact. Alice cursed silently as she slipped a fag between her lips and lit it. "Well, this dream can't get any suckier with only three fags left." She muttered leaving the room.

Earlier Alice had heard voices, though she was too disorientated to care much less find and accuse someone for kidnapping her. Though having summed this experience up as a dream she didn't care anymore. As loud as her british accent allowed she screamed. "'Ello!! Any blokes residing out there?"
  Alice Ann Fox / Archaicable / 9y 327d 1h 16m 13s
Silvia sat boredly in the center of a white and dull room. The area around her was completely colorless, including the sheets on the bed. She frowned and layed back, slamming her head into the floor. Letting out a tiny groan, she flipped over onto her stomach and blinked at a wall. She was supposed to be getting ready for a date. But no. She had to be dragged into some white hell hole of a room and stuck there for god knows how long.

And if God knew, he sure a hell wasn't talking.

Picking at some dirt under her nail, she stood and walked over to the bed, collasping on it. With a tiny sigh, she stared up at the ceiling. "Get me out of here." She whispered, not wanting to strain her beautiful voice. Everything about her was beautiful. She attracted almost every person in the world, except ones who loved themselves the most.

With a sad sigh, she flipped her red hair from her shoulders, and pulled a whie pillow from under her head. Shoving it in her face, she let out a muffled 'WHY?!'.
  Silvia [Lust] / EverMoreGraceful / 9y 328d 15h 37m 21s
Asato's eyes opened. He seems to be laying on a bed. "... What the?" He said confused. He sat up, but he couldn't see anything. It was just... Black. He didn't know how he got here... "I was asleep... How the hell did I wake up here?!" He exclaimed. It isn't usual to wake up in another place. He felt his clothing, and it seems like he only had a shirt, and some pants on. He wondered if his jacket and his head phones are around. But yet, his laziness over came him. "My head phones... And jacket... I'll look for them some other time." He said, as he dropped himself back on the bed. He shut his eye once more. He kept it closed for a while, before a slight grumble could be heard. He opened his eye and groaned. "Do you really have to be hungry now?" He asked his stomach sarcastically. He gave a small sigh, and sat up, followed by his standing from the bed. -Where are the damn lights?- He thought, as he felt around the walls. A clicking sound could be heard, as the lights popped up. The moment it did, he looked around the room, hoping his stuff was around. He spotted his head phones. That was all he was looking for, for the time being. He walked over to it, and held it in his hands. "Where am I..?" He asked himself. He shook it off, placing his head phones around his neck. "Time to find me something to eat... I hope they have apples." He said, as he quickly went out the door.

He stuck his head out and looked left and right repeatedly. -This is one huge hallway... Don't tell me I have to look around.- He groaned as he thought of this. "First things first... I wanna see if there's anyone here... IS ANYONE HERE!!?!?!??!?" He yelled, almost as loud as he could. He didn't want to be stuck here alone. He'd have to the all the work on his own. After he yelled, he decided to look around. He started to walk along the hall ways. "Foooooood...." He said almost repeatedly.
  Asato / StrifeX / 9y 329d 4h 16m 36s
Mitsuki paced around the big room they had forced her in."I cant believe someone would put ME in place so....empty!" she said, noticing the emptiness of the room "Just who do they think they are?! Kidnapping a person as wonderful as myself! Hmph!" The last thing she remembered was showing off her amazing moves at a party, and then some guys in black came and grabbed her, and then everything went blank. The next morning she had woken up in this room. She sighed "At least the bed is luxurious enough for me" she said at the giant, purple bed.

She noticed a big wooden door. She opened it and went out to the hallway. "Might as well take a look around" she said, brushing her long hair, and started walking to nowhere in particular
  Mitsuki [Pride] / yuki1357908 / 9y 331d 17h 34m 19s

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