Territorial. Vampires VS Werewolves

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A dark forest has been home to werewolves for centuries. The catch? It's also home to their sworn enemies, Vampires. After years of war over which race would live in the forest there was a truce called, and the forest was divided in half. One half belonging to the Vampires, and the other side to the Werewolves. However it's been years since any vampires have been spotted on the vampire side, so what's a werewolf pack to do except reclaim territory they THINK is empty...


1. Semi-Literate please. This means 5 + sentences, and try to have proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
6. Anime Pics Only
5. No Cybering.
3. No Godmodding.
8. Once we start, please no OOC. If you do OOC, delete it.
2.NO Twilight Style Vamps! If you are going to be a Vampire THEY CANNOT GO OUT IN THE SUN. If you want to RP a Daywalker, you must ask me specifically and explain why they have that power. I have the right to tell you NO. Go with Dracula Style Vamps. Burn in sunlight, cannot stand holy things, etc.
4.This is a Drama RP, so Violence, Cussing, and Romance are all okay.
10. Races to Pick from are Vampire and Werewolf! If you want to be anything else you must ask me first. I may ask you to explain yourself and I may say no.

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Name:Kazuki suzuki
Personality:shy but can be a tad blood thristy when need be.Also He can come across cold hearted at times.But his truly a kind kid
Bio:Kazuki suzuki maybe only ten years old but his speed and strengh are one of the packs greatest.Even tho his only a pup Kazuki suzuki has been feared by alot of the pack members becuse of this witch left him seem alittle cold to people.

<may i join?>
  Kazuki suzuki / icefang / 10y 51d 21h 41m 6s
Rizza slunk into the forest clearing, glancing around with a smirk on her face. She flipped her dagger in her hand, and gave a short, mischievous, chuckle.

It was her time of night.

Time for hunting.

She let her dagger fall to the ground and cocked her head to the side, listening carefully. After a few moments she stiffened, slowly turning her head towards a bush. She grinned, hunching over as she prepared to shift into her wolf form. She transformed quickly and easy, and was darting towards the bush within the blink of an eye, snarling fiercely. Just as quickly a rabbit sped out of the bush, but it didn't stand a chance. Within seconds Rizza was on it, breaking it's neck with one powerful snap of her jaws.
  Rizza / RawrFizz / 10y 52d 13h 46m 21s

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