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This city was falling to rot. Leaving only the strongest, cruelest, and down right greediest bastards to live within it's walls. Those that were in the city, were hard pressed to find a way to escape. It was life now.
Many had found jobs doing what others on the outside would call....'Dirty Jobs'. They ranged from Hired Killers, to the lowly prostitute. Waren Peace was a man that became a hired killer. Though he isn't the only one. He was known for his cool, calm demeter and silence. Though what he doesn't know, is there is a phycotic man that wishes to possess the killers skills, and make him, his own little play thing in the process.

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He looked away and sighed sitting on the bed.
He looked up at Waren he had not took that kiss very well he had thought.
He looked around and said "im gonna go i see im not very welcomed here."
He got up and put medicine by his bed side and left without another word and walked the streets going to the bar they had first met at.
  Bryce / whitetail / 10y 46d 22h 53m 17s
:: Waren was taken aback by what had just happened. HE didn't react when it happened because his mind wasn't able to understand what had just happened. He having been on his knees on the floor and made it nearly impossible for him to stop what was happening. Waren's mind raced. his eyes widened and he seemed to react in a very bad way to this kiss that had been given.
" The fuck is wrong with you!" Waren would growl lightly, moving as some of his wounds tore open under thier wrappings and blood soaked them. He'd allow the sheet to fall away from his body, showing more wounds. He'd move ot his closet and pulled out a pair of blue jeans, just like hsi others they were ripped. But these had far more holes then the other pair he wore the other night. He'd move to the living room, grab his bottle and drink down all the contents, about half of the blood ripped through his throat to his stomach, and soon he'd be drunk again. Right now he just needed to be away from the little phyco.::
  Waren Peace / Xx_Sorrow_xX / 10y 46d 23h 5m 4s
Bryce looked at Waren and glared as he was thrown off.He got back up and took Waren by the shoulders pulling him close and kissing him.WHen it was done he looked into his eyes and said "waren god just let me help you i like you alright? there i admitted it and i want to help i really do alright and i won't stop till you say yes."
He finally stopped talking and just stood there.
  Bryce / whitetail / 10y 46d 23h 9m 17s
:: Waren wouldn't be able to care for himself in the condition he was left in, but several times, the bare muscles of Waren's body tensed and then he'd clench his teeth, but only when Bryce managed to get to the wound on his back did Waren truly struggle, growling loudly and almost as if he were a demon.
His hands moved back quickly as he gripped Byrce's wrist before throwing him off. "Enough!" He yelled, almost about to stand up before he fell off the side of the bed on his knees, the sheet wrapped around his nude lower body and he coughing once more. His hair falling over his face as he did so. Blood dripping into Warens hand as he coughed.::
  Waren Peace / Xx_Sorrow_xX / 10y 46d 23h 14m 10s
He glared at him and clenched his teeth and his fists and said in a serious tone "no i want to help you and i don't care what you say or do im helping".
He walked up to him and pushed him down on the bed rushing to the bathroom getting medicine and bandages for the bruises he started to work on Waren he didn't care if he struggled or not Bryce wanted to be persistent with Waren.
He sat on his lap while he healed him with the medicine.
  Bryce / whitetail / 10y 46d 23h 17m 4s
:: Waren wasn't one for kindness. in any sense of the word. He'd pick up his pillow and lay it over his head. Coming muffeled through the fabric was his rough voice. "LEave me alone..." He wasn't able to believe that the man had come back. Why was it that he did in the first place? Maybe he just needed a place to stay?
Either way. Warenw would just lay there. Sighing lightly before pulling off his pill from his face. showing only one eye held open enough just to see alittle of the color of those strange orbs. His hair falling over the other side of his face to keep it hidden from view. As he did more times then not. He didn't like showing the scars on the other side of his face. But it seemed that as of now. He was stuck with this man that was making Waren's home his own. Waren's eye soon closed as he pushed his pillow under his chest. The blood on his hands and chest staining the white fabric as he coughed alittle. Blood coming up and trickeling down his cheek as he sighed out and then said. " Go and what T.V. or something." ::
  Waren Peace / Xx_Sorrow_xX / 10y 46d 23h 21m 4s
Bryce looked around and crept around looking for Waren till he got to his room and opened the door quietly.He saw the bloody clothes and gasped then he had seen Waren bruised and bloody on his bed he opened the door wider gasping loudly at the horrible sight he had stumbled apon.
Then he rushed to Warens side and asked "what the hell happened i told you i was coming back didn't i?"
He was getting scared and freaked out now from the blood.
  Bryce / whitetail / 10y 46d 23h 26m 52s
:: Waren would come home, not looking around or anything, he just needed rest, he knew that much. His body was bloody and battered. He was in his street clothes at this time. Luckily. His body swaying with each step he took into the room. He'd strip out of his clothes, which were covered in blood and threw them on the floor. He'd move to the pallet on the floor. There was a large wound on his back, which tore down his spine.
He'd fall onto his chest and gasped lightly as the sheet fell over his hips showing all of his upper body, leaving his nudity to be hidden from sight. Blood trickeled over bruises and other smaller wounds as Waren just tried to sleep.::
  Waren Peace / Xx_Sorrow_xX / 10y 46d 23h 31m 7s
He just kept walking once he got out of the building he looked up and saw him he didn't think it was him so he just kept walking on.He went to the same bar later and again got drunk but this time he didn't pass out.He just went with some druggies to a crack house.Though he had no idea what he was doing because he was so drunk.
Then they afford drugs which he took like an idiot.
Then he took them using them and then getting high he fell against a wall then they took his wallet and ran off with it.When he woke up he remember what had happened he cursed under his breath getting up it was the next day so he would keep to his promise he went back to the building and went in the door was unlock and he didn't see him there so he just waited for him.
  Bryce / whitetail / 10y 46d 23h 36m 8s
::Waren wouldn't heed the warning, instead, he'd just huff at the boy leaving. A cigarette being lit and it smoldering between his fingers as he sighed out lightly. 'Whatever' he thought without even a moments hesitation. As of now. He was trying to sober up and get ready for 'work' if one was to call it that.
Warens body swayed lightly as he stood to his feet and moved to the closet. Pushing a few things around and pulling on a wall in the back, he'd pull out his armor and put it on. And without another thought to pass his mind, he was out of the window.::
  Waren Peace / Xx_Sorrow_xX / 10y 46d 23h 41m 53s
He glared at the man who said he had to leave.
"what if i wanted to what if i don't want to go what are you going to do about it big boy?" he said in a serious yet idiotic tone.
He kept glaring at him waiting for his response.
He rolled his eyes grabbing a coat he saw in near site and went over to the door opening it and said "You know what im just going to come back tomorrow".
And he just walked off with his coat over his shoulder.
  Bryce / whitetail / 10y 46d 23h 48m 22s
:: Waren had been up the entire time. He drunk to the point of becoming poisoned. But he knew better than to allow himself to die because of his drinking. And hearing rusteling of the man waking up in his bed, he'd turn his head before he'd come out of the room and posed his question. " You got drunk last night and passed out at the bar. I brought you here to keep you from getting killed. Leave soon alright?" Waren would ask, but in a way that sounded commanding. Waren had things to do and didn't really care to socilize anymore.::
  Waren Peace / Xx_Sorrow_xX / 10y 47d 21h 55m 55s
Bryce finally woke up with a headache feeling to trashed and hung over he remembered talking to some guy and looked around seeing he was in some persons place he came out to see the same guy with a bottle of whiskey and asked "what the hell happened to me?"
He rubbed his head and walked in front of him having such a major headache from the beer he had remembered drinking before he ended up at Waren's place.
  Bryce / whitetail / 10y 47d 21h 59m 48s
:: Waren would watch the man fall from his seat. And simply shook his head unable to believe that the man was unable to drink a full beer before coming so drunk and just passing out. Waren wasn't even able to answer the question posed to him before the man passed out.
So sad , it truly was. and Waren wasn't a man of kindness in any sense of the word. Knowing that leaving the man here was gonig to be his death. Waren needed to put him somewhere safe before he too, became to drunk to care. He'd quickly suck down his beer, and about three more shots and feeling that his body was going alittle to loose, he'd lean down to pick up the man, and throw him over his shoulder and take him to his place. It was better than leaving him somewhere else really. Soon enough, after leaving the bar, they would come apon his home. He'd set the boy on his bed, covering him up and moved to the mat on the floor before the tv. This is where he normally sat and slept. So the bed was unused, but very comfortable. THe walls of his home were bare, nothing special in the home. And everything that was, was hidden away well. Waren would have a bottle of whiskey in his hand as he sat on the mat, drinking it down.::
  Waren Peace / Xx_Sorrow_xX / 10y 47d 22h 5m 59s
He smiled sideways at him and asked "so are you a local or did you move here?".
He smiled feeling more like he was actually drunk.
He was a bit tipsy but he did his best to stay on his chair by waren.
He had to hold on to his seat or else he knew he would certainly fall off and look like a drunk fool.Accidentally he let go and fell onto the floor passing out from the hard hit and that he was so drunk he didn't know right from left so he just laid there like the drunk fool he was.
  Bryce / whitetail / 10y 47d 22h 11m 7s

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