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Rain was a young teenager of fifteen years of age. He led a normal life, that is, until he found himself living with a rich man.
He had been given to him as a 'gift' for helping his family with finantional difficulties. At first the man was quite kind and gentle, but after Rain tries to leave to help his family when they have some more finantial troubles, the man becomes a completely different person.
He rapes Rain and then locks him in a cell under his mansion.
What will happen then? Will Rain end up falling in love as the man tortures him in means of teaching him to do as he is told? Or will he eventually escape and go back to his family?
1. Cyber is obviously time skipped but details before hand are welcome :D You know, like licking and rubbing and stuff.
2. Please be atleast semi literate. One liners will not be accepepted, but I will understand if the quantity decreases due to writer's block. Also, please write at least two paragraphs.
3. Please tell me when your getting off or if you won't be on for a while.
4. This is a yaoi, if you do not like it, then please do not join. Please do not spam either. You may not like yaoi, but I do.
5. If you have read all the rules, please put candy in your post, not inprisonment.
6. Please don't ditch me. I really really really don't like it.
7. Anime pictures only please.
Rain - taken by me ^^

Master of the mansion - open

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"What are you talking about? I'm not playing anything with you. And I love you just as much as you love me."
  Taylor *anime* / MistressLegacy / 10y 9d 19h 57m 42s
Sam flinched when Taylor adressed her.
"Leave Rain and Master Trey out of this," she said sternly. "It's your own fault I'm angry at you Master Taylor."
Sam moved over to rain and pulled the covers over him more, since they had fallen while he has kissed Trey.
"I refuse to be a play thing anymore," she said quietly. "Even though I love you. It's only a bother to you, and a thorn for me. I could even say that I regret it."
  Rain Suzimaki / Mikeru / 10y 9d 23h 19m 58s
"Samantha. Welcome. I've missed you dearly."
  Taylor *anime* / MistressLegacy / 10y 10d 4h 35m 32s

In all the commotion, no one had heard Sam lean against the door. She had heard everything that Taylor had said. He wsa just using her.
She opened the door and stepped into the room. She looked at Taylor with a tear streaked face and an anger filled expression.
  Rain Suzimaki / Mikeru / 10y 10d 16h 12m 53s
<<make Sam come in>>
  Trey Miller / MistressLegacy / 10y 10d 16h 44m 13s
Rain didn't know what to do. How could Taylor be so cruel?
Rain slipped from the bed. He needed to think, but why was his body moving.
"Your an asshole Taylor," he muttered. Rain trudged over to Trey and kissed him gently. "Please. I love you."
That was really all Rain could do.
  Rain Suzimaki / Mikeru / 10y 10d 17h 25m 40s
Trey looked back and forth between Rain and Taylor. Tears started to form in his eyes. His brother was always right. But they always turned out to be wrong.
Who do I listen too? What do I do?
Your dearest love doesn't want you any more. He rather you die Trey. Do you want a lover that wants you dead.

  Trey Miller / MistressLegacy / 10y 10d 18h 27m 17s
"No! No!" Rain screamed. It wasn't true. "I love Trey! I don't care if he can't fill my needs! If I had to chose between his heart and his body then I'd chose his heart! I love you Trey!"
Rains hands had held onto his arms protectivly, but he had only just noticed that he was digging his nails into his skin and that he had even drawn blood.
"Trey," he said quietly, tears straming down his cheeks. "Please, don't listen to him."
  Rain Suzimaki / Mikeru / 10y 10d 18h 46m 11s
"Are you sure that I am? I can even sound like him. 'I'm tried of waiting for Trey. He is either sick, grumpy or never in the mood to fill my needs. At least I was about to have sex with Taylor before he came in and ruined it.'"
  Taylor *anime* / MistressLegacy / 10y 10d 19h 9m 42s
Rain flinched when he heard Taylor say that. Was that really what he wanted? NO!
"Don't listen to him Trey!" Rain called, tears streaming down his face. "I swear he's lieing. I swear it. I don't want you to die!"
Rain trembled. What would he do if Trey didn't believe him?
  Rain Suzimaki / Mikeru / 10y 10d 19h 31m 36s
" came to save your princess."
"Are you..."
"Reading his thoughts? Why yes. Yes I am. I can read his deepest one and that's for you to die and me to rape him."
"You're LYING!"
  Taylor *anime* / MistressLegacy / 10y 10d 19h 38m 56s
Rain pulled the sheets up protectively.
"It's not your fault," Rain whispered as he shivered. "It's mine. I'm sorry."
Rain watched helplessly as the two faught. Rain felt like a helpless princess. Taylor was the draon that gaurded her. And Trey was the handsom Prince who had come to save him.
How pathetic!
Right then, Rain vowed that he would become stronger.
  Rain Suzimaki / Mikeru / 10y 10d 19h 51m 18s
Trey busted through the door and threw his brother off of Rain. He covered Rain up and cold off his burns. "I'm sorry Rain." He turned towards his brother and started to fight him.
"I told you not to touch him!"
  Trey Miller / MistressLegacy / 10y 11d 3h 10m 58s
"Really? Well, maybe I should add a little bit more heat to you. Then you'll shut up and do as I say." Taylor started to burn Rain much more and he let out a very loud scream.
  Taylor *anime* / MistressLegacy / 10y 11d 3h 33m 8s
Rain cringed in pain as his lips became hot. It hurt, but he wasn't the kind who gave into torture.
"I would rather die than give my body to you!" Rain hissed.
If only James, or Trey or even Sam would walk by.
Rain kept struggling, but moving only made it hurt and feel more uncomfortable.
"Trey!" He yelled out in pain and fear.
  Rain Suzimaki / Mikeru / 10y 11d 14h 55m 43s

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