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After going to a cosplay cafe, you'd start to wonder why you were so interested in going every day, right?
What if you had discovered that you had fallen in love with one of the beautiful young women working there? Then again, does it really matter? I mean, she acts as though she likes you back, right?
What will you do when you catch her being kissed by another man?
Will you talk to her about it and confess? Or take it the wrong way and stop coming?
Lets find out :D
Me and Feline only.
Setting is morning or afternoon when he decides to come.


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.: No problemo =] :.
  Jake | / Feline_Chic / 10y 31d 19h 40m 11s
.:o-o Sorry I must be going with the brb xD:.
  Ritsu-chan .:Cosplay Cafe:. / Mikeru / 10y 31d 19h 43m 15s
Jake looked at her through his eyeslashes because his head was still down serving his food. "I trust that your senses are correct, and secondly, I dont trust that Mishi dude." He smiled, then began to eat slowly.
  Jake | / Feline_Chic / 10y 31d 19h 49m 20s
Ritsu smiled knowing that he was respecting boundries.
"If you want," she said and handed him his bowl of rice. She hen started to serve out her own rice. Once dne she picked up her chopsticks and began eating slowly.
  Ritsu-chan .:Cosplay Cafe:. / Mikeru / 10y 31d 19h 53m 41s
Jake smiled, and pushed the Saka away from him. "If you not, Im not." He smiled, and began to serve his own meal.
  Jake | / Feline_Chic / 10y 31d 20h 26s
Ritsu watched Michi carfully.
"Why don't you join us for dinner?" She smirked. "That way I'll know if theres really anything in there."
"Your not my only customer," He replied. Once he and the two girls left, Ritsu sighed and sat opposite from Jake.
"I'm still not drinking it," she said as she began to serve the rice.
  Ritsu-chan .:Cosplay Cafe:. / Mikeru / 10y 31d 20h 7m 53s
Jake watched with a grin on his face, and nodded at Mishi. "See, this is why you dont cross Ritsu." He laughed and sat down on the pillow next to the table where the food was being placed.
  Jake | / Feline_Chic / 10y 31d 20h 15m 54s
Ritsu gave a small smile when they came through the room and began placing the food on the table.
"Mishi," she said looking at him as he flinched and looked nervously at her. "You better try every bottle of sake you brought because I really don't trust you."
Mishi cringed as she said it and looked back at the three bottles of sake that he held.
She knew he had done something to them, but he took a drink from each of the bottles and then stood up smiling.
She knew he'd have to go and jerk off later.
  Ritsu-chan .:Cosplay Cafe:. / Mikeru / 10y 31d 20h 20m 47s
.: xD Haha. lol. no wonder I kept getting confused =P ... -_-' :.

Jake just grinned. Really, there was no point argueing but he did want to make it a fact to her. "Oh, but you are. In more ways than you think." He smiled, then followed her to the door where Mishi and two young ladys were carrying food trays.
  Jake | / Feline_Chic / 10y 31d 20h 54m 46s
.:I just realised that I spelt her name wrong on the picture - -":.

Ritsu blushed and looked away.
"Th-That's not true," she muttered as she bagen to fidget with her fingers. "I'm not that pretty."
She was actually more attractive than most girls, which made finding true love extremely diffucult when all men wanted your body.
Luckily for her, there was a knock at the door.
"Oh, that will be Mishi and the servers," she said standing up and heading over to the door and letting them in.
  Ritsu-chan .:Cosplay Cafe:. / Mikeru / 10y 31d 21h 4m 16s
Jake nodded her head, heading her warning. But it still didn't mean he was going to atleast try some of it. he licked his lips, as he watched the sunset.
He couldn't help but atleast compliment her a little bit, right? "You do look beautiful when your happy." He said, tipping his head to the side so he could look at her.
  Jake | / Feline_Chic / 10y 31d 21h 9m 7s
"Yeah," she said, surprised that he hadn't said anything like 'yeah it's beautiful, alot like you,' or something sweet like that.
"I sugest you don't drink the sake though," she said, remembering which onsen she was in. "Mishi will definately drug it or spike it or something."
What made things worse was that Ritsu was terrible art holding her liquor.
  Ritsu-chan .:Cosplay Cafe:. / Mikeru / 10y 31d 21h 17m 32s
He nodded softly. "It is quite beautiful." He said softly, trying not to go all jokey like - which included saying 'and so is the sunset' or something like that - and just listened to her voice.
He nodded when she spoke of food, but it wasn't on his mind at the moment. "This week is going to be about relaxing." He smiled.
  Jake | / Feline_Chic / 10y 31d 21h 23m 9s
Ritsu glanced at im with a smile.
"Hey," she replied quetly before returning her attention to the sunset. "It's beautiful."
She had always loved this sort of thing. All the romance was a nice fantasy to her.
"Dinner will be here in about ten minutes," Ritsu said without looking at him.
  Ritsu-chan .:Cosplay Cafe:. / Mikeru / 10y 31d 21h 25m 34s
Jake entered the lounge room, and noticed Ristu wasn't there. He thought for a moment, then went towards where the garden wold be located, and he saw her shadow before seeing her.
"Hey." He said, and sat near her.
  Jake | / Feline_Chic / 10y 31d 21h 31m 15s

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