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First Name: Hottblack

Family Name: Deyviarto

Age: Ageless

Species: Arrancar

Physical Appearance: Hottblack appears to be a powerful young man in his mid twenties, with a mane of steel blue hair and a permanently humourless expression. His Hollow Mask fragment covers the right side of his face, from the base of his strong jaw to the start of his brow, and resembles a human skull. His posture is excellent, and he is often seen standing upright with his chest puffed out and his arms crossed.

Clothing and Accessories: Hottblack's arrancar uniform is modified, with a large collar lined with black fur, wide sleeves and elongated coat tails.

Personality:Hottblack's ego is legendary; he genuinely believes that he is a king, and all others should worship him as such unconditionally and without question. He can often be found staring into the sun, as he believes it is the only vessel magnificent enough to truly reflect his image.

Talents and Abilities: What Hottblack lacks in hand-to-hand ability, he compensates for with sheer power. His battle strategy revolves around overpowering his opponent, something he is very good at. He can even break through a shikai with his bare hands. He is noted to possess the greatest amount of Reishi of any Arrancar, which is the main reason he was ranked so highly as an Espada. However, his concentration span is very limited, meaning that he has little control over his power, and has to seal it within his body to prevent him from unintentionally destroying his comrades and the area around him. Hottblack has a high-level Hierro, capable of resisting attacks from even captain-class Bankai.

Edicto is a technique that reflects Hottblack's sheer assertion of authority. It is activated whenever he issues a command at the opponent, such as "Kneel" or "Stop". By means unknown, the target is forced to carry out whatever simple instruction Hottblack commands. However, the technique has been broken in the past by those with Captain or Espada-class reiatsu, although those with no prior knowledge of the technique can be caught in it by surprise.

Weapons and Paraphernalia: Tirania is Hottblack's zanpakuto. In it's sealed state it takes the form of a nodaichi with a gray-blue wrapping and crescent-shaped tsuba. The most unique factor of this weapon is it's blade, which is serrated like a saw, useful for cutting through blades and making wounds that are difficult to heal.

Personal life: As an Aduchas-class menos, Hottblack's massive spiritual pressure was reflected by his size. He was massive, taking the shape of a terrifying dragon that knew no equal in the endless wastes of Hueco Mundo. Hottblack raised an army of hollows of an uncountable number. They would march across the desert, conquering any territory they came across. In this time, Hottblack became a Vasto Lorde and later an Arrancar, until his campaign was stopped by a stranger: Aizen. Upon his defeat, Hottblack swore to the Shinigami that he would one day take up a position in the Espada, but not until he was gone. Following Aizen's incarceration, Hottblack honoured his oath.


First Name:
Family Name:
Squad 13 Vice-Captain


Sexual orientation:
He like Girls.

Physical Appearance:
Short black hair with light green eyes with soft pale skin. In his hollowfied form his mask is very much like Ichigos. He is 6’6 in height.

Clothing and Accessories:
Wears a normal shinigami robe with a necklace with a crescent shaped pendent.

He is rather easy to get along with. Is rather calm and collected and never looses his temper not even in the mist of battle. Though he is seemed as a rather large flirt and flirts with any girl he thinks is cute unless he is spoken for then his is loyal to the girl he is with.

Talents and Abilities:
He knows a lot of kido Bakudo up to 90 and Hado up to 88 he is still learning and plans to soon be able to master his Kido and use it when needed most during a battle. He is also the only Vizard that can fire his Cero without his mask and combine it with other attacks that his Zanpakuto has

Weapons and Paraphernalia:
Zanpakuto called Umenosuke which is in the form of a Katana with a white hilt.

Shikai: The appearance of his Shikai is a long white blade with two crescent moons on the end of the blade. It has the ability to absorb reiatsu form reiatsu based attacks such as kido and a cero. If the blade is stabbed into an opponents he is able to absorb that opponents reiatsu. He uses any gained reiatsu to use his attack that is known as

Bankai : In Bankai form his Zanpakuto becomes 2 weapons alot like a crescent moon on a stick, which are able to become attacked to each other. When in Bankai he is able to charge up Tsuki Bakuhas and fire them at an enemy with great accuracy. In Bankai form his Munburasuto burns an opponent until they are no longer able to fight but only if a direct hit it made. Tsuki Disuku. A technique that is powerful enough to cut an enemy in half if hit directly on target but can only be used 3 times ever day due to the power of the attack He also has Munburasutohariken when he attaches his Zanpakuto
together and spins it round firing it at a highly intense speeds. He is also able to make his Zanpakuto spirit appear at the cost of his own Zanpakuto.

He also has Kunai attached to chains up his sleeves.

Personal life:
He is the new Captain of squad 13 with enough power to become a captain though he wishes to die under his Idol Jushiro Ukitake. Tsurukame was in the soul society for 200 years, before he was used as an experiment for Vizards. He also had a large crush one Mashiro Kuna, but felt betrayed after the Vizards left the soul society. Tsurukame was then locked away for 100 years. He trained in his cell learning many techniques he could use with Umenouske. Once he was released he joined squad 13 once again and became 5th seat, looking up to Kaien Shiba. Once Kaien died, he replaced him as Squad 13 Vice-Captain before Ukitake went up to Head Captain and Tsurukame took over Ukitake. He has an older brother called Jester.

Kisisara Shiono

First Name: Kisisara

Family Name: Shiono

Age: 180, looks 14

Species: Shinigami

Rank: Squad eight Captain

Physical Appearance: She is rather short and has really long turquoise hair, that is accompanied with gold eyes. She is pale, and no matter what, she can't get any tanner. Kisisara is quite slim as well.

Clothing and Accessories: When Kisisara is not working she is seen in casually, world of the living, street clothes. But, when she is she wears a typical soul reaper uniform and her captains coat.

Personality: Kisisara is fun and wild. She has a sort of sophistication to her although she is enjoyable to be around. Shes adorable, fiery, Clever, devilish, evil in her own way, and she has a temper. Kisisara is also very wild and crazy. She is strong and powerful and always loves to explore and try new things.

Talents and Abilities: Although small, she is quite fast and is effective during a hand to hand fight, although she would choose not to participate in one. She know a lot of kido and is good at healing.

Weapons and Paraphernalia: Zanpakuto called Megamame. In its sealed form it looks like a short katana with snowflakes on the hilt. It is often strapped to her waist.

Shikai: The release code is "Sparkle". It forms into an all white sword with a white chain coming off of the hilt, and the chain can change lengths. It has the ability to freeze anything she cuts with it, and on her command, the thing she froze will burst into ice blue flames. She can also unfreeze the frozen thing without doing any damage to it at all.

Bankai: The blade will turn blue and it doubles. Kisisara is a master of double swords, and that is what her bankai gives her. With it she can surround an area with ice that cuts off all the opponents senses. Although, this isn't flawless. If used for two long, the area that surrounds the opponent will also begin to effect Kisisara.

Personal life: Kisisara loves to read, so whenever she isn't working, she is reading some sort of book. Her family also can tend to be very dramatic and needy, so she can get quite annoyed when her mother or father will occasionally call her and ask her to come home, although no one knows of these phone calls, except her lieutenant.

Kimiko Tsukiko

First Name: Kimiko

Family Name: Tsukiko

Age: Appears 15

Species: Soul Reaper

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Rank: Squad 2 Captain

Physical Appearance: 'Kimi' has light red hair, and slightly darker red eyes. She is lean, and about medium height, though only weighs about 102lbs. Her hair reaches to about her lower thigh.

Clothing and Accessories: She usually wears the soul reaper uniform expect the colors are white and red. This included quite a bit of jewelery, mostly red in color as well. You will find that when she release's her zanpukto's bankai, she also changes clothers to black and white, as if the red is entirely drained from her body. She is often seen with a cloak like fabric draped around her back, though her white uniform already bears the 2 squad's symbol

Personality: Usually calm, yet fun loving she does get a bit serious sometimes.

Talents and Abilities: Her starring attribute is pyro, or fire. Most of her Kido and Hado are slightly explosive, as if she might blow something up when she puts to much spirit pressure into them. She loves to flash step and annoy her former captain, Toshiro Hitsugaya.

Weapons and Paraphernalia:
Kasaio is the name of her zanpankuto. While Toshiro Hitsugaya's zanpankuto is a dragon of the water and ice attribute, her own is his opposite. A dragon made of ash and flames. Her katana is rarely seen, she carried her blade around in it's Shikai state.
Shikai- "Gesh/Alight Kasaio" In Shikai, Kasaio is along, staff like weapon with a curve like a katana, and a sharp edge. However, it is a light golden-yellow color, much like a spark/ At the end of the staff like sword, the hilt is replaced by a large red orb.
Bankai: "Ten tame hi o settei shimasu/Set fire to the heavens, Kasaio!" Releasing the dragon, so to speak, her blade will completely disappear, and her hands become like torches of flames, and disperse, burning opponents to ashes.

Personal life: Kimi was adopted by former Captain Ukitake, and send to the shingami academy. She was later put in under Hitsugaya as his lieutenant, then was later moved into the spot as Squad 2's Captain.


First Name: Unknown, goes by Jester

Family Name: Tsurukame ~Abandoned~

Gender: Male

Age: 900, looks 19

Species: Shinigami/Vizard

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Physical Appearance: Medium length black hair covering his right eye, pale skin, grey eyes, extremely tall, thin. 7'5" in height.

Clothing and Accessories: Jester hat, belled collar, black shirt with sleves torn off, black pants, black boots, red mask covering his mouth and nose. Chains bind his arms together, sealing his spiritual pressure. They are long enough so that they don't restrict movement, however. Bands around his arms and fishnets from his elbow to his thumb.

Personality: Protective, psychotic, badass.

Talents and Abilities: Knows quite a bit of Kido and is adept in fighting hand-to-hand if needed.

Weapons and Equipment:
Zanpakuto called Dharc. Dharc is a black bladed katana in its sealed form.

Shikai: The release code is “Blind them” . The Shikai form is a pair of tiger claws that are coloured black. It has the ability to temporarily take an opponents eye sight away and cause a black mist to surround them. This mist cuts the opponent up every time you swing the claws cutting as deep as it possibly can much like Rangikus Haineko.

Bankai: Dharc becomes its katana form again but summons a large grim reaper. Once the reaper appears Dharc becomes a double ended scythe that allows the wielder to command the grim reaper. If the reaper is defeated the scythe can be used as a weapon. The scythe has a part in the centre of the part that is held that makes it easy to spin around. The Bankai has many abilities some that are yet to be discovered. The wielder when in Bankai form is wearing armour.

He also has his staff which is topped with a joker's head. He mostly uses his staff unless he deems an opponent worthy of his blade.

Personal life: No one knows much about him, not even himself. He does know about his brother, Tsurukame, but he cast away that family name and became Jester.

Yugana Senshi

First Name: Yugana (優雅な)

Family Name: Senshi (戦士)

Age: 520

Sexual orientation: She doesn't care.

Species: Shinigami

Rank: Squad Seven Captain

Physical Appearance: Contrary to others' belief, Yugana's hair is a natural reoccurring three shades of green, orange, and red. Currently, her hair is cropped short, just above her shoulder with forehead covering bangs, dark golden eyes just below. Her curved body is covered in skin with a fair, olive tone, and is at a height of 5'9.

Clothing and Accessories: Usually a frilly green, short kimono with a floral pattern. She also wears a ribbon across her head, with thigh high stockings inside her black sandals.

Personality: While she looks fun and happy, Yugana is actually a rather quiet person. She's quick with her tongue and often snaps angrily at any sort of comment she thinks demeaning or rude, about anything. Although she doesn't judge people, she also doesn't get far too close to them. She does her very best to do the opposite of those few things. The few times you will see her bouncy is when she is drunk, excited, or in a battle she finds amusing.

Talents and Abilities: She is a master of Kido, training currently as to hopefully master Hado as well. Along with her sword and techniques, she's devolped a strong ability to move objects around her, a type of Kido Telekinesis, almost. It is not in the slightest bit perfected, and unstable, controlled with her emotions. Yugana strays from using this in large numbers.

Weapons and Paraphernalia:
Sentohane, her zanpankuto is her only physical weapon besides her body. It has a long sleek blade with a gold and black hilt.
Shikai: Sentohane transforms into a large fang shaped blade, thick to about three feet. The blade has large serrated edges, the hilt larger for two handed attacks, with feathers surrounding the base. The blade, when swung downward creates a gust of wings that can slice through the heaviest of walls.
Bankai: Kanakirigoe no Sentohane; the blade grants Yugana large wings coordinating with the colors of the feathers around the blades hilt, giving her the ability to 'fly', and increases her speed of attack and defense. The blade itself, if let go of, acts on its own. Sentohane and Yugana often part from each other to act as two foes against their enemy, using their own attacks as a team.
Personal life: Yugana was nothing special from the beginning. She grew up in the Seireitei, and simply rose through the ranks as the captain's before her saw fit. She joined Squad Seven, and became close to Lieutenant Iba for years. However, as Kommamura and Iba grew older, they decided that a young woman with gusto and strong morals should be the next in line for Squad Seven Captain. Yugana has been Captain for little over 100 years.

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