The sexy Assassin (1x1)(M)(need male)

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Storm is known as one of the best assassins. She has been doing the same thing for years. She is known as Black Midnight.

But thats on the surface. Under neath she is a very flirty girl, who isn't affraid to speak her mind.

_____ is another Assassin who is sent to kill Storm. But when he gets a good look at her. He wants her.....well for her body. But she starts to fall for him. Will he fall for her, or will her just use her for her body?


anime pics
4+ sentences

cybering- TS or PM
one liners
real pics

Storm- taken
Assassin- open

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Roleplay Responses

u still there miss?
  Baki / Baki / 10y 44d 6h 35m 44s
Hey sorry it took so long but yeah im here
  Vilo / Baki / 10y 53d 11h 3m 42s
Yes I do

sorry for not being on, I had a school thing to attend.

are you on?
  Storm / kikio26 / 10y 53d 16h 1m 29s
Still need the Assassin miss ?
  Vilo / Baki / 10y 55d 7h 53m 34s

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