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[Aw... You left me hanging... :/]
  Hajame Koharu / RetardLlama / 10y 36d 10h 7m 55s
*Hajame and his little kid students, Mostly little girls and about 2 boys where spinning and twirling, Jumping up and down, Trying to get in their air as high as Hajame could. He Giggled softly and bowed to them, His hands where covered with cloth from the burns, But he was having to much fun teaching his little students.

Hajame giggled softly again and nodded, Watching them leap about like little frogs in the rain forest. He clapped his hands as they finished one little dance they have been learning for quite some time, He smiled at every one and even the parents.

Hajame looked over at the parents and skimmed threw them and nodded, Then seeing that handsome face from the night before, Hajame blushed softly and looked down, Trying to focus. He cleared his throat slightly and looked back up clapping his hands softly and walking over to a CD Player, Hitting the play button and a beautiful song coming on*

"OK Every one... I thought you would like to see this dance I came up with, I am hoping I will use it in a competition, Or maybe we could use it for a preference piece soon." HE said, His voice soft and sweet as he smiled lightly. Hajame was never the type to freak out and be nerves to dance in front of people, But seeing that Handsome man watching him made him feel sick to his stomach Nerves.

*Hajame nodded and bowed, Getting into his starting pose as he stood in front of one mirror, Being able to see the little kids staring at him closely and the parents whispering about how good their children did, He made eye contact with Gen, Blushing softly he shook his head lightly and got it out of his mind. Hajame took off in the air as he danced around and twirled, Doing wonderful spin and leap across the room, Feeling his heart race every time he looked at Gen.

He finely finished his piece, Panting softly and sweat slowly dripping down his for head some but not a lot, The children clapped for him as well as the parents, Hajame bowed and smiled softly, Looking over at Gen and smiling lightly as he blushed softly*
  Hajame Koharu / RetardLlama / 10y 44d 23h 28m 26s
Gen didnt waste much time, heading off to his father's office. He throw is coat over his shoulders, and just left. The apartment in silence, no sounds but Mimi munching on her food.Driving there and back. The visit was short and simple. He just wanted him to come to a meeting. So he could get the ropes. It was a normal meeting as usual. They talked about money, political reasons to upper the company. Stuff such as that. Things Gen didn't really want to care about or worry about just yet in his life.

The streets were full and packed as always. Someone rushing, another taking their sweet old time. Gen thought it was some how funny how people were always on the go. Something else was on his mind was the boy from the night before. He wondered what he did at the studio. Probably a student or a dance teacher. Something, that dropped his interest quickly. It's not that he disliked it, but he didn't like it either. Gen got a good idea to pop up at the studio. Just to say hey and see what was really there when the lights were on. Then he could tell his father that he came to check the studio out.

Gen had a little problem entering at first though. The lady at the counter, wouldn't let him pass; until he told her he was the owner's son. With a quick Oh I'm sorry go right in. Gen left her there, wondering if he tell his father about this mishap or not. Which he would never tell, but for some reason people always worried. That little bit of power please Gen in a way, but then also depressed him all the same. Seeing the studio he was in the night before. Hearing taps and knocks, and rocks. He wondered what was going on inside. Slowly and as quite as he could be he enter the room. Moving himself the the back of the room again. To watch the dancers dance and twirl about.
  Gen. / Jhorrorboy / 10y 45d 17m 16s
[WOW... Yours was long.XDD]

*Hajame blushed softly as he felt the male help him up to his feet, He sighed softly and bowed some* "T-Thank you." He said softly. Hajame could not help but notice the boy looked very... Well groomed, Wondering why a man like that would be in a place like this. Hajame looked in a mirror that reflected him and the boys image, Seeing that Hajame was wearing clothes of a feminine type, Seeing that made him blush intently, Knowing the other male was probably wondering why he was so... Girly.

Hajame listned to the male speak, His voice was a little deep and smooth, Almost inviting as well, Sounding so caring and loving, It made him feel like a total girl at the moment. Though Hajame was the one who always got picked on at school for being this way, He could not help it if he felt more comfortable in some girl clothes then guy clothes, Though he never wore that much girl stuff, Just the colors where pretty and girly like.

Hajame shook his head and hand lightly* "N-No... It's OK." He said looking down at his hands that stung some, Feeling pretty embarrassed for falling in front of some one he has never met before. Looking at the boys face, It was so handsome and looked so smooth like a baby. Hajame nodded as he watched the boy leave, His facial expression was a little confused and a little shocked at the same time. Not knowing what to do except go home and soak his hands for awhile so he will be able to teach his class the next morning.

-Next Day-

Hajame was awoken by his alarm clock, Getting up with a smile and rubbing his eyes, He got out of bed and rushed to the shower, Cleaning himself and changing into his clothes, Stuffing his extra clothes for after his class so he can change into and smell fresh and clean. He smiled softly as he got into his car and drove to the Studio, The male he saw the other night popped into his head which made him blush softly. Hajame got to the Studio and ran inside, Seeing his students where already their, Waiting on him with a smile.
Hajame waved to them as he walked in, Smiling lightly at the parents that where their watching their children do a Pre-Warm up before they actually did them. Hajame was always a person that adored little kids, All his students where very special to him, They where so cute and loving.
Hajame sighed softly and nodded his head and he clapped and tolled every one to gather around and start to do their stretches, Watching them as he did these with his students as well, Always having a smile on his face*
  Hajame Koharu / RetardLlama / 10y 45d 10h 17m 30s
Gen gasped and ran over to the fallen dancer. "I never met to scare you." He stated simply and toke his hand, helping him up to his feet. "No no this is my fault truly I am sorry." He sighed, releasing the male's hand. Rubbing the back of his neck, looking up at the ceiling. This night of mindless thinking and relaxation was now over.When the male spoke, he sounded more like a female, or little boy. Then a man. This some what confused him, but he just ignored it. A silence entered the room, the stillness of not open thoughts or movements. Gen hated when this happened, this kinda thing drove him man. But all he could to was speak up.

"I'm sorry I never should have came here." He said softly, looking at the door to the studio. He knew he was in an awkward position here. The best thing to to was to just leave right? Gen gave a half fast wave to the male, giving him two fingers and a thumb, in the air. He headed to the door, and hesitated at the last moment. "I'm Gen by the way. I really enjoyed watching. " He chuckled, before exiting the studio, leaving the boy there alone. To dance as much as he pleased.

Gen wanted to know more about the boy. He stork interest in him. His voice, his body, the way he held himself. Gen liked it all. Apart of him did want to turn back, and talk with him. But the stronger half told him to keep going.Gen just walked down the long silent hall. Exiting the building his father owned, along with many others...

Gen never stopped by anywhere, on his way. He just had his mind on that dancer. How graceful he moved. How his voice sounded feminine and cute. Gen just decided to go home and relax the night away. And he did as he decided on.
Gen was awoken by his cat Mimi, she jumped onto his chest. Meowing for her morning meal. He petted her for awhile, listening to her soft motioned purrs.As minutes floated to an hour, Gen finally got up and feed his cat. Getting a phone call, from his father. Asking him to come to his office around 2 p.m. As always he wanted to talk with him about the company. And what he plans to do before he passes it down to him. Gen really somehow wished he give it to his young brother of two years. But knew the Chinese ways. Oldest is always first, along with the male statues....
  Gen. / jhorrorboy / 10y 45d 12h 3m 7s
[WOW. Sorry. D: Sorry, Mine was short as well.]

*Hajame was just about to jump in the air and spin as he did so like and ice skater. Just as he was about to jump he heard a clap and a males voice, Hajame's eyes got big, His heart beating very fast as he fell to the ground and onto his knees, Hajame caught to himself with his hands, Sliding them across the floor which made him get a burn. He looked over at the male and grabbed his hands, Holding one to his heart to see how bad his heart was beating, And also keeping it their because they stung some. Hajame looked over at the male and bit his lower lip hard, His swallowed and looked down.* "S-Sorry... I did not see you.. Their." He said softly, His voice kind Famine like a girls, He looked back up over at the boy and winced some*
  Hajame Koharu / RetardLlama / 10y 45d 23h 50m 36s
Gen had to get away, for a moment. His father was arguing about work. And how he have to calm his life down, for the company. Gen didn't want this at all. He truly could careless weather he got the company or not. All in all it didn't matter to him. The money was good, but the life style wasn't his thing.

Gen walked slowly into the dark silent Dancing room. It felt nice to get some peace and quiet. Someplace to relax and get a piece of mind. He stayed still and very silent, when he saw someone come inside. He saw something amazing and beautiful. Gen sat up and cut on one of the studio. To see the dancer's face. It was an handsome young man dancing like an angel. "That was wonderful." He clapped gently, to prove hispoint.

-I'm sorry it's short, drunks are home >@.@<-
  Gen. / jhorrorboy / 10y 46d 26s
[Sorry. I had to go eat. X3]

Haru finished off his dance with slight irritation curving his brow. His dancing had been beautiful, even flawless to one who did not have a trained eye when it came to dancers. But, to Haru, he still had a long way to go before his dancing was great. He could feel the small flaws in his posture and form.
He pulled out of his stance, letting his arms fall to his sides. It was late, but he would practice at least two or three more times.
"I'll keep going until I get it completely right." he told himself, determined now to get his form perfect. "Here I go!" He turned towards one of the mirrors and looked straight at it so he could see how his beginning form was, He sighed softly and shook his head. "I'm never going to be the best of the best..." He said softly looking down and the shook his head again. "I can do this... I know I can." He said softly again and then started, Twisting and twirling in the big mirror room, Keeping his balance.*
  Hajame Koharu / RetardLlama / 10y 46d 2h 50m 35s
Here hows this?

Can you post first?
  Gen. / Jhorrorboy / 10y 46d 3h 12m 54s
[OK. I'll be waiting.]
  Hajame Koharu / RetardLlama / 10y 46d 3h 28m 6s
cool Dinner and let me find a pic. Then I'll come back promise.
  Moe. / Jhorrorboy / 10y 46d 3h 28m 41s
[About 20, Since he is going to inherit his dads company. :]..]
  Hajame Koharu / RetardLlama / 10y 46d 3h 30m 35s
Good How old does the other boy have to be..?
  Moe. / Jhorrorboy / 10y 46d 3h 32m 4s
I'll join I'm very lit. Just depend if I am interested in the roleplay.. Real pic or anime?
  Moe. / Jhorrorboy / 10y 46d 3h 38m 49s

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