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Welcome to Hell on earth.

The world has been set under attack by many demons that have freed themselves from the clutches of Hell. The Militia have been sent after these demons, to kill them and free the commoners of their reign. One of the Militia, Isaac, is of the strongest, and has killed a level four of the demons. There other levels higher, but so far, no human has token out a fourth level but himself and one other person from the Holy Order, and he was a Ancient . There are a total of six levels of demons;
Level 1: Small demons almost any level of Militia can kill.
Level 2: A bit larger in size, and a lot more of a nuisance. They have a way of blowing people

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Again. I was waiting for you to tell me how to post -_-
  ||Isaac Nightingale|| / Beniryuu / 10y 36d 5h 25m 10s

Awesome, well if you want me to join, i'll be glad to do so, just say the word and i'll be ready.

oh yeah, hello kitty sucks
  Arcuied tsunade / Arcuied / 10y 38d 45m 52s
I may be forced to reopen it, because he hasn't even saved it to his list. >.>;
If you still want to join, you can I guess.
  ``||Lollette||`` / IchiBichiBerry / 10y 38d 14h 7m 19s

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