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Sasuke Uchiha is 16 years old who had recently transferred to Konoha High. In the short time he's been there, he's acquired many fangirls, though it's slightly more than obvious that he plays for the other team.

He's fallen utterly in love with a male by the name of Naruto Uzumaki. The 17 year old blond Adonis is the hottest guy to walk the school next to Sasuke, and it's know by both males and females that he's attractive. Being the local 'bad-boy', Naruto is a partier, he plays sports, and he's in a band that Sasuke had recently become the lead singer of. Everything Sasuke had ever dreamed of, all rolled into one person that's right in his reach, though so far away at the exact same time. See, Sasuke has no idea if Naruto is completely straight, gay, or bisexual. And to make matters worse, seeing Sasuke as competition, Naruto has declared the two rivals and friends at the same time.


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[ Awh, okay. It was fun roleplaying with you while it lasted, and I hope to see you around again some time. I'm sorry you feel you have to drop though, but I totally understand why you are. ^_^ ]
  Sasuke Uchiha / serahfarron / 10y 69d 15h 3m 2s
[I'm sorry but I have to drop although I feel bad by doing so. It's because I don't want to keep you waiting for my replies and I can take a while, like all these days I was gone. I'm so so sorry. You're a very good roleplayer though :D much better than I am so keep it up.]
  Naruto Uzumaki / KiroKakishi / 10y 69d 15h 31m 57s
[ Thats fine. (: I hope you're feeling better now! I have to go after this post for school and whatnot, but I may be able to reply there a some point ^_^ ]

Sasuke's eyes widened slightly when Naruto jumped out the door, not havin expected him to do it. Seeing the blond grinning at him instead of watching where he was going, Sasuke had a bad feeling flash in his stomach, knowing that nothing good would probably come out of it. "Naruto, watch where you're.." he began to say, but was cut off by the thump sound as Naruto fell. With a soft sigh, Sasuke reached out and took Naruto's hand to help him up. "You have to start being more careful or you're gonna get really hurt someday," he scolded slightly with a frown on his face. "Are you alright though?" he asked, sort of already knowing what the answer would be.
  Sasuke Uchiha / SerahFarron / 10y 81d 14h 4m 58s
[xD haha i love Naruto, oh yeah and sorry i haven't replied before today but i've been ill xP but here i am ^_^]

Naruto smirked and turned around as well following beside Sasuke to the exit. The halls were starting to empty from students, since the bell was going to go soon. He almost jumped out of the door as they reached it and so he laughed. There was nothing better than leaving school. He started moon walking away from the door looking at Sasuke with a grin. Though not looking in front of you while walking down stairs isn
  Naruto Uzumaki / KiroKakishi / 10y 81d 14h 14m 1s
Sasuke laughed once more. That was one thing the blond seemed to have over everyone else since he'd moved. Naruto was the only one who ever got him to really loosen up, even if it was just by him standing near Sasuke. Nodding his head to Naruto's suggestion after stopping next to him, he agreed that Naruto's idea was a good one. "Yeah, it might be a good idea to just get out of here first and not get caught by anyone before we figure out what to do," he spoke just after nodding his head. "C'mon then," he said as he turned back in the direction that they'd come, knowing that there was an exit that way.
  Sasuke Uchiha / SerahFarron / 10y 81d 14h 32m 6s
Naruto put a finger in front of his own lips
  Naruto Uzumaki / KiroKakishi / 10y 81d 14h 45m 46s
Sasuke laughed at Naruto, shaking his head slightly in an amused way. It seemed like Naruto was confusing himself with his words, which wouldn't really surprise him, but he thought it was cute. 'No, Sasuke. You guys are friends, strictly just friends. Don't have any of those ideas,' he scolded himself. "I don't mind being alone with you, Naruto. We can skip together and find something to do while we wait for the others," he told the blond with a small, barely there smile. "But what would we do? Since we can't really leave and have band practice now with two band members," he said, frowning a little as he tried to think of something they could do.
  Sasuke Uchiha / SerahFarron / 10y 81d 15h 18s
Naruto's eyes glanced at everything they passed by. He smirked. The corridor was alreadyfull with students, like always. It always made him wonder how many students there were in the school, although he didn't actually care that much. He looked to the side at Sasuke and turned the smirk into a grin "why don't we skip now then, i don't see a problem" he said with a light chuckle. His eyes turned back at the students walking infront "if we can't find the others before next class, we can just skip and find something to do while we wait for the others to skip" he said confusing himself. He tilted his head, still grinning. His eyes turned to Sasuke "although it is nearly two hours till the others are going to skip classes so if you don't want to be alone with me we'll have to wait and skip at the time we said we would" he said and chuckled again. Wow talking and thinking so much really confused him.
  Naruto Uzumaki / KiroKakishi / 10y 81d 17h 2m 18s
[It's fine. ^^ No worries at all. I understand that you can't get online all the time, and that sometimes something comes up where you just stop posting. So don't worry about it.]

Sasuke's eyes widened slightly when Naruto shot out of his seat so fast. Getting up slower than his hyperactive blond friend, he slung his bag over his shoulder and walked out of the room, shaking his head ever so slightly. "I don't want to go to next class," he whined slightly when he caught up with his friend, falling in step beside him. "Now that I know we're skipping the afternoon, it's all the more tempting just to skip now," he continued, crossing his arms over his chest.
  Sasuke Uchiha / serahfarron / 10y 86d 11h 41m 47s
[(i Hey I
  Naruto Uzumaki / KiroKakishi / 10y 86d 13h 32m 3s
Sasuke nodded as he looked at Naruto. "Yeah, weird is good, I suppose. If you weren't weird, you wouldn't be Naruto," he said honestly, flinching a little when he felt a piece of broken pencil hit him unexpectedly. Turning back to his work, he focused on copying down notes, knowing that he'd end up making a second set for Naruto so the blond at least had something to look over when exams came. To say he was relieved when the bell rang probably would be an understatement. The first class in the morning was always the most rough for Sasuke, since he definitely wasn't a morning person at all.
  Sasuke Uchiha / serahfarron / 10y 87d 10h 58m 28s
There we go, class had started and most people were doing work or at least listening to the teacher. Naruto grinned as he was poked with a pencil
  Naruto Uzumaki / KiroKakishi / 10y 87d 11h 10m 57s
Hearing Naruto yell out a greeting to their teacher as she walked in, Sasuke rolled his eyes and tried to hided his smirk. His point on how Naruto was loud had been proven, though he wouldn't have had it any other way. Even though he'd never really admit it to anyone, the way Naruto was always so hyper, loud, and happy made him more attracted to the blond. "You're so weird," Sasuke teased as he reached over and poked Naruto with his pencil. Taking out the rest of his things for class, he organized them on his desk, not caring that he probably looked like a perfectionist to some people. Waiting for class to begin, he propped his elbow on the top of the table while resting his chin in his hand, getting slightly lost in his thoughts while staying somewhat aware to what was happening around him.
  Sasuke Uchiha / serahfarron / 10y 87d 11h 25m 8s
Naruto noticed the teacher walk in after the rest of the class had sat down.
  Naruto Uzumaki / KiroKakishi / 10y 87d 11h 43m 24s
Sasuke frowned a little as he looked at Naruto. "I wouldn't have to talk about how much I hated them if they just.. didn't exist or something," he mumbled as he followed Naruto into the classroom. "I'll try my best not to talk about it anymore though," he added as he sat in his seat next to Naruto's. Kiba, the drummer in their band, turned and looked at the two with a dog-like grin on his face revealing his sharp teeth. "Hey," Sasuke greeted, hoping Kiba didn't start yapping on about nothing. While Kiba was one of the people he considered a friend, the boy was loud, sometimes rivaling even Naruto in Sasuke's opinion.
  Sasuke Uchiha / serahfarron / 10y 87d 11h 58m 44s

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