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Rae has been an outsider her entire left but she finally finds comfort at highschool. But she finally finds a weakness within herself, the otrher class reject,. the rest of the plot is up to you guys

Name: Rae Jergardo
Age: 15
sex : female
backround: paragraph above

Name:Damien Black
bio: he had a very long and coolant path his family left him. And he has even had to kill before. He is good with gun and swords he had trained in martial arts. He is also psychic and can control time.

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"Lets just say it was from the heart." *Rae Heard the bell ring.* "Second period, Physics. Ugh"
  trickynicky97 / 9y 340d 1h 1m 41s
"Yea I did... Yours was interesting." he said with a grin. His hair falling infront of his face. His silver eyes shining again.
  Damien Black / Neku / 9y 340d 1h 32m 27s
"Cool poem, come up with it all on your own?" *Rae wasn't really paying attention to anyone elses stuff, and she didn't care what the teacher said really.*
  rae jergardo / trickynicky97 / 9y 340d 1h 37m 18s
He walked to his seat not before hearing. Everyone elses negitive thoughts about it. He sat down next to rea. He had changed seats.
  Damien Black / Neku / 9y 340d 1h 39m 51s
*Rae tried to hold back a laugh. It was beautiful in her eyes, but she didn't want anyone to know. She relized something Damn, Damien is making me soft. I finally found someone to relate with, and I'm softening. I really need to get a hold of myself. She smiled at him, just to let him know she liked it.*
  rae jergardo / trickynicky97 / 9y 340d 1h 45m 22s
He decided to make a poem for it. He to was suppose to read it.

"Don't get close to me,
Please dont start to care,
My illness is infectious,
An incurable disease.

I'll make you sick,
And I'll make you cry,
It'll hurt so bad,
You'll just want to die.

Dont get close to me,
I dont want to be held,
To feel your breath on my neck,
Is my idea of hell.

Dont misunderstand,
My hearts not stone cold,
Actually, it burns,
But It'll hurt you to know."

Made by me.

He looked over at Rea. And he grined a bit.
  Damien Black / Neku / 9y 340d 1h 51m 4s
*Rae noticed Damien as he walked in. She didn't speak with him so she aske the kid next to her what his deal was* Oh, Damien Black? No one really knows about him. He's basically the school outcast. *Rae found this information interesting. For their first assignment, the teacher told them to do a quick, creative writing asssignment. Rae did hers on one of her assasinations, and was told to read it to the class. She didn't mind being an outsider. Thats what she was expecting*
  rae jergardo / trickynicky97 / 9y 340d 1h 56m 25s
Damien walked into the room and sat near the back. He past rea and sat back there. He didn't want people hating her.
  Damien Black / Neku / 9y 340d 2h 5m 11s
*The bell finally rang and Rae head off to English. She Sat somewhere in the middle of the room, even though it shewould be a huge distraction, wearing all black and having red hair and all.*
  rae jergardo / trickynicky97 / 9y 340d 2h 7m 18s
He spaced out in the first class hearing nothing but music. He played guitar really well but he doughted one that there'd let him play and two they would like his kind of music.
  Damien Black / Neku / 9y 340d 2h 14m 1s
*Rae looked at her locker for a sec, staring at the list of names she kept with her from her succesful missions. She then headed to homeroom. the time passed slowly. All talk about electives, and student council. The only two electives she was interested in were art, and music.*
  rae jergardo / trickynicky97 / 9y 340d 2h 16m 40s
He held out his thumb. It was pointing up. He went to his locker. Filled his backpack. With the needed stuff. He heads to class.
  Damien Black / Neku / 9y 340d 2h 22m 51s
"Ok, well I'll see you in English then, my lockers this way." *She pointed left*
  rae jergardo / trickynicky97 / 9y 340d 2h 29m 3s
He kept walking hoping she wouldn't follow him for more her sake than his. She would be hated by everyone in school even on the first year. No one deserves that... He would know. Ties shoe lace that was loose.
  Damien Black / Neku / 9y 340d 2h 32m 29s
*looks at both schedules.* "Guess so." *Rae was quiet. She had never really talked to anyone her own age before, but it seemeed so natural.*
  rae jergardo / trickynicky97 / 9y 340d 2h 39m 34s

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