Need semi-lit 1x1 partner.

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I have a few idea's i'm just trying to find someone who will join this rp, stay in it and POST REULARLY. I'm sick of haveing a bunch of rps and only being able to rp like, once a day because no one ever see's fit to reply.

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Possibly, I know how you feel with partners that suck, but what kind of plot were you thinking?
  Ledah / Priera / 10y 63d 3h 4m 13s
Oh come on i know someone out there wants to rp somthing wit me!
  Ariana Areington / torinchan / 10y 63d 3h 9m 39s
<Anyone? Comeone i'm so bored. >< >
  Ariana Areington / Torinchan / 10y 74d 10h 25m 54s

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