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neku is a young delinquent who goes to a academy he is mostly uncared for he is a loner but thats when stuff start happening like strange creatures called noise appear to try and kill neku not just him though it seems other special kids have seen them too what is the meaning of these strange creatures appearance to the odd group called reapers saysin that thee after the souls in the academy

skeleton :

bio:neku is a lone wolf hates havein to be with a group but gets use to his new friends after a while of seeing that they were just like him


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- Yay :) Was my skeleton ok? Well apart from the grade thing, I really have no idea what to put there DX -
  Elaina / Harleymoon / 9y 157d 5h 54m 52s
im here dont worry
  Neku / zerato / 9y 157d 6h 1m 56s
- Hehe, well it did, it's a good idea :) I will vannish if you don't want your rp to have attention! -
  Elaina / Harleymoon / 9y 157d 6h 5m 4s
wow didnt think this would get attention
  Neku / zerato / 9y 157d 11h 15m 0s
-Aww wow such a good idea for a rp! May I join? -
name: Elaina
age: 16
ability: Is able to heal most injuries
bio: Elaina is kind and has lots of extra energy, when she uses her gift she uses up that energy, she lives in denail abot her gift as she doesn't want people to think that she is different.
  Elaina / Harleymoon / 9y 158d 59m 57s
ability:can turn into a rabbit
grade: 10
bio: extremely short for her age, very shy. she was abandoned when she was little. she turns into a rabbit when frightened, and stays that way for as little as 2 mins, to an hr.
  Rini~ / ShirraGirl / 9y 158d 1h 8m 12s

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