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Mitsuki and Akira had been friends since forever.But there's a secret between them two..OMG YAOI!!<3<3 but what happens when two others want to get between them. BTW AKI AND MITSU ARE NOT DATING EACH OTHER.


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Akira shuddered a bit, maybe it was because he was nervous, or because the wind was picking up... but he definately got a chill all of a sudden. After the few people infront of them got in he took the chair to the right and got everything settled. '... i wonder how fast this will go... Looking at it... it kinda has a lot of loops...' he thought to himself while Bran settled next to him and he gave a small look to Mitsuki '...who would've thought this was gonna end up like this '
  Akira / chigire / 9y 323d 7h 30m 37s
The ride finally stopped, it was their turn now and the people before them started getting in.
  Mitsuki / NekoArashi / 9y 327d 8h 12m 44s
Bran glanced over at Akira, and gave a sure-filled nod. "Yeah it's fine with, I don't care who I go with." he said. Letting a grin go over his face as he tried to look ahead, seeing as there weren't that many people left, they would probably be on soon.
  Bran O'Sullivan / SillySocks / 9y 330d 1h 22m 35s
"Umh... Ok if..." he looked at Bran nervously "'s ok with you?" 'Great.. sure... be meek infront of HIM instead of that big rid were almost about to go on to' he thought to himself.
  Akira / chigire / 9y 333d 8h 58m 29s
He looks down looking at the ground he see peoples feet he sigh softly.He then looks at the sky .....
  Shitaru / NightMare / 9y 334d 9h 30m 58s
"You two go first..."
He said to Akira and Bran.he looked back at the boy behind him.
"I've already spend too much time with Aki.."
He smiled.
"I'll just go with this guy.."
He pointed.
  Mitsuki / NekoArashi / 9y 334d 9h 35m 44s
"Ok, looks like you can only sit in pairs...umh..." Akira looked at both of them nervously "Who rides with who?...". '... that sounded weird... hahaha' he thought to himself and couldn't help but smile a bit, but looked down so that neither Bran nor Mitsuki would notice it.
  Akira / chigire / 9y 334d 15h 53m 12s
He sigh what a line he thinks....he looked at the sky an be gang to day dream...
  Shitaru / NightMare / 9y 336d 11h 12m 18s
They waited in line as people began boarding the roller coaster.They were 20 people or so before them..
  Mitsuki / NekoArashi / 9y 336d 11h 14m 14s
He walk to the amusement park he see a roller coaster and smiles "look like fun" he walks over to it....Hmmm as he walk i hope the line not to long...
  Shitaru / NightMare / 9y 336d 11h 22m 10s
Mitsuki shuddered a bit he saw one of the cars of the roller coaster rush quickly through the track people screaming their hearths out.He looked back at them.
"Lets go then.."
He said walking toward the ride.
  Mitsuki / NekoArashi / 9y 337d 13h 2m 38s
Akira stared at the ride for a long while. "Well...better than standing around waiting for the line right?" he said with a smile. '...Dear God, don't let what happened to those group of kids in that movie happen to me!'. "Shall we go then?"
  Akira / chigire / 9y 338d 15h 58m 0s
Bran looked over to the rollercoaster, "Yeah, why not, that one looks fun." he said with a grin. "The line should faster too," he added. But looked bewtween Akira and Mitsuki. "So are any of you scared of those kinds of rides though?' he asked. Not exactly sure to go on the ride if either of them was frightened by it.
  Bran O'Sullivan / SillySocks / 9y 339d 12h 43m 4s
He whined sticking out his tongue at him.Mitsuki looked over at the other ride.
"I guess we could get on that one first.."
He said to them as he noticed there weren't much people on the line.
  Mitsuki / NekoArashi / 9y 340d 11h 12m 38s
At first Akira was a bit suprised by what Mitsuki said, but then ended up laughing at it. really was kinda funny, no need to get mad at him. "And you're too short" he said winking at him and stiking his tongue out.
He then looked at Bran after what he said "Ya know... you're right. This is a slow right yet it is always full. He then looked at a pretty big roller coaster in the distance that had a pretty big line compared to the Ferris Wheel "Well... That one also seems full. And totally not slow"he said pointing and smilling.
  Akira / chigire / 9y 342d 11h 29m 23s

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