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:D The noob there is Cj, he's mai friend xD
No letting of mai real name on ES no telling people mai real name T:< It's Miki on Es! MIKI!
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 9y 348d 22h 3m 15s
Is glomped
^^' Hai Miki, Lub chu twuuu!
  Key to demise / AyameKimiguya / 9y 348d 22h 4m 43s
KIMI! -glomps- I lovded chu~
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 9y 348d 22h 6m 6s
Oh well, I've already been.
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 9y 348d 22h 8m 42s
jeez your nice arnt you hahahahahaa i wont be here 17th aug til 31 aug b coz i m goin to goondowindi and the theme parks in queensland suckers :)
  Phoenix Allurla / cj44 / 9y 348d 22h 10m 16s
xD Blahaha
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 9y 348d 22h 14m 38s

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