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hehehehe ya think i will build a sound proof wall around my house now mwhahahahahahahahahaah although it may not work because they most likey are loud enough to shake down a moutain although robach is a firgit so i might not hear anything for a while or will i i don't know well better to be safe then sorry the wall will be built today mwhahahahaha
  desmend / 10y 11d 17h 22m 44s
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i dont wanna come over anymore ..... might hear some screaming , yelling and a bit of some sounds you dont want to hear
  Phoenix Allurla / cj44 / 10y 11d 17h 26m 11s
very akward i can hear kim when she laughs from my room imagine what else i could hear if trish went over
  desmend / 10y 11d 17h 28m 50s
hahahaha i feel so sorry for you now ...... how awkward would it be
  Phoenix Allurla / cj44 / 10y 11d 17h 30m 42s
fuck you, that is so mean you may now have night mares but i live across the street form robach so cin here them fucking no!!!!!!!
  desmend / 10y 11d 17h 37m 21s
how weird / fucked up is trish and robach

i AM going to have nightmares now ......
  Phoenix Allurla / cj44 / 10y 11d 18h 13m 28s
i would rip out her voice cord but people would see me maybe i should do iy know mwhahahahah or maybe if i stalk her home and do it there yeah i like that plan :)
  desmend / 10y 11d 18h 27m 21s
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 11d 18h 31m 38s
i dunno she always says that and when she sings she sounds like a tone def male horse trish taht is
  desmend / 10y 11d 18h 37m 21s
xD waht the hell?
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 11d 18h 41m 18s
thats true she is going on with "your mum" in front of fucking eveythig fucking hell
  desmend / 10y 11d 18h 48m 11s
xD You love it. You getting turned on?
I think she might want to go lez, since he's the est option to help with that xD
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 11d 18h 50m 8s
i already readed it and mog it is so horny and yeah shdders about them i can't belive it she says likes his personality ewwwwww that is so gross and i am right next to her lol and she doesnt know thayt i am talking about this mwhahahaha
  desmend / 10y 11d 19h 1m 15s
Lies xD She told me you told her about it!
Eww... Trish and Robach... -shudders-
:D Never mind about the role play.
  Eru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 11d 19h 4m 26s
i didn't tell trish
  desmend / 10y 11d 19h 6m 4s

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