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Dx I needed a chat that all the people I knew could come on to, because they have the answeres to the math problems dammit!
D:< Now, My Kimi and I may be holding fan service seesions, just because it's hilarious to see their reactions in the middle of class!
Request to join, because noobs other than my noob friends aren't welcome.


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Gee this place is old!
  cj44 / 9y 75d 16h 41m 55s
  ~Mikeru Hayaine~ Therapy / Mikeru / 9y 313d 18h 50m 50s
  desmend / 9y 313d 18h 54m 4s
  ~Mikeru Hayaine~ Therapy / Mikeru / 9y 313d 19h 35m 15s
well i am the only one who had posted on this everybody has left
  desmend / 9y 313d 19h 37m 42s
hello testing 123 123 is anyone there mwhahahahahaha
  desmend / 9y 324d 19h 8m 46s
  Kikyo / AyameKimiguya / 9y 327d 15h 19m 38s
  ~Mikeru Hayaine~ Therapy / Mikeru / 9y 327d 21h 52m 21s
  Kikyo / AyameKimiguya / 9y 328d 17h 6m 42s
  ~Mikeru Hayaine~ Therapy / Mikeru / 9y 328d 20h 57m 20s
  Kikyo / AyameKimiguya / 9y 329d 3h 56m 21s
  ~Mikeru Hayaine~ Therapy / Mikeru / 9y 329d 12h 23m 4s
*Hugs* I won't feel better for a while.
  Shalow Kross / AcEOfSpAdES / 9y 329d 12h 30m 6s
Naww D:
feel better
  ~Mikeru Hayaine~ Therapy / Mikeru / 9y 329d 12h 30m 36s
I would never do that. I already failed that, even if I tried. Fuck my horrible decisions.
  Shalow Kross / AcEOfSpAdES / 9y 329d 12h 31m 4s

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