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This is not comprehensive. If you have any questions not listed within, message Omio.

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To be implemented: "I just joined today. HOW 2 DO EVERYTHING?"

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How do I put up a youtube thing?
How do I make links in text?
How do I use colours?
How do I centre/right-align text?
How do I show code?

Miscellaneous: [Link]

How do I delete my profile?
What are Shiny Objects?
How do I recover my account?
How do I change my username?
How do I make a character?
What is 'LVL'?

Images: [Link]

How do I get a picture from my computer on here?
How do I resize pictures?
How do I put a picture on a thread?

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How do I make a table? [Basic]

How do I make a table? [Advanced]

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That's good :)
Hopefully it fixes the problem. If the problem continues, come back and we'll check the code as well and see if that's the problem or if it's just some other issue that we don't know yet.
  Head ES Help Desk / Yue / 5y 84d 1h 15m 15s
I actually started messing around with my browser settings last night and my adobe FP, and ended up fixing the problem before I went to bed. It must have been my outdated browser. Thanks for the tips though, I'll try those if it starts messing up again.
  Atlas- / 5y 84d 2h 2m 53s
EDIT: Follow Yue's advice and show us the code, please. We still need to confirm the issue.

Yes, thank you, Yue, that was the other thing I missed; Youtube sometimes forces "secure browsing" mode. A lot of people don't even notice it when it happens, but it makes an impact on ES loading the video.

If you see 'https://...' at the start, that means your connection is secured, and copying the link is not-so-good for sharing on ES. However, remove that 's' from the 'https://', and it works just like normal [just a less-secure connection].
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 84d 3h 28m 51s
Something that I've noticed with some youtube videos is that the link has to be a certain way for it to work on ES.
If you will try and post up a youtube video here, put "-c" in front of it, so we can see the code.

We'll let you know if you're doing it right of if the link is wrong to what ES needs.
  Head ES Help Desk / Yue / 5y 84d 4h 10m 57s
Might you be using an outdated browser? Do you have Adobe Flash Player kicking around?

The issue may be with ES, or with YouTube. If it persists after making sure you can see YouTube videos normally, then lemme know and I'll file the bug report.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 84d 5h 41m 6s
I've always wanted to link youtube videos, but it doesn't work for me, even when I use the correct formatting code. Don't really understand why it's not working.
  Atlas- / 5y 84d 12h 21m 4s
I understand it wasn't permanent. Was just trying to get some answers, that's all. Thanks.
  Malachi / 5y 268d 6h 49m 11s
Temporary thing, was asked in the Community Help Thread, and has been answered thoroughly. Question is not permanent, and so will not be entered in the FAQ. Sorry.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 5y 268d 7h 36m 13s
So I have a question. I am trying to access old posts in a couple of my long-running rp's. However, every time I do, this message pops up:

Pages over 55 temporarily disabled to prevent 504 errors.

This has been going on for awhile now. Does anyone have any idea when we will be able to access them? Any help with this would be great.

  Malachi / 5y 269d 5h 12m 55s
Alright, thanks. ^^
  RyxIam / 6y 12d 17h 30m 40s
Here, I had asked Jimmy about it a couple days ago when it first showed and that is what he said.

It's a temporary fix, we'll be switching servers soon I believe so there won't be anymore 504 Gateway Timeout errors and the LVLs will go back to normal.
  Head ES Help Desk / Yue / 6y 13d 27m 58s
Oh. Whatever works, I guess.
  RyxIam / 6y 13d 33m 37s
It's a temporary fix for the 504 Gateway Timeout.
The LVL was slowing down the site, and giving everyone the 504 Gateway Timeout so Jimmy had made everyone's lvl 3333 as a temporary fix for the time being.
  Head ES Help Desk / Yue / 6y 13d 1h 12m 44s
Hey Omio? Do you know why every roleplay being advertised is suddenly level 3333?
  RyxIam / 6y 13d 5h 5m 52s
okies thanks^^
  hextheblackcat / 6y 33d 18h 31m 27s

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