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Having trouble figuring out how the character thing works:(
  kalliekat08 / 7y 126d 9h 52m 44s
Trying to figure this whole thing out by myself.. =\ not working very well
  rin_anbu / 7y 186d 22m 15s
lol XD
  FEM!RUSSIA! / mizuchan / 7y 186d 4h 49m 56s
.jumps on a rock takes a deep breath and sing cupid shuffle and dances.
  rini / 7y 186d 4h 50m 43s
  FEM!RUSSIA! / Mizuchan / 7y 190d 8h 23m 5s
  England / Turn_Coat / 7y 190d 11h 55m 30s
Canada :D
  FEM!RUSSIA! / kcuchiha / 7y 195d 14h 7m 43s
  .:ღStockingღ:. / Stocking / 7y 222d 22h 3m 3s
,> have i interrupted somthing...?
  Matthew aka Canada / GrellSutcliff / 7y 281d 12h 3m 45s
  big bully *pouts* / neckoangle / 7y 281d 12h 4m 57s
  anime / neckoangle / 7y 281d 12h 5m 33s
  Matthew aka Canada / GrellSutcliff / 7y 281d 12h 12m 44s
Hello everyone.
  Squall Leonhart {L E O N} / Sada / 7y 301d 7h 49m 18s
Shiny things are what they are in real life, simple as that.
  RyuuArashi / 7y 303d 8h 50m 23s

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