What's the "Related:" Feature in Member Pages?

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This makes me feel unsafe...
  Katey (Me) / Katey1801 / 6y 57d 11h 17m 4s
Hello hello um um did. She d he s non sous dud she s did Mughm
  Chasity / 6y 61d 12h 11m 33s
if you see that SEKKA is what my sister was using,and just tell me if the picture is too big.
  Miku-WIM / 6y 136d 1h 52m 38s
TomeSlaves is my dorm-mate e.e Stop saying were the same peeps e.e
  Cross Alexander / Crosswings / 6y 142d 11h 40m 27s
Oh, people are saying im the same person as the others at my school i think its bull.
  go-team-rainbow / 6y 156d 10h 8m 14s
  Zyvin Aleathem / Ladykiller32 / 6y 215d 7h 11m 54s
Isn't this just the perfect way to log in at school or local library or whatever and find out who else I might know is on ES?
  SickRose / 6y 227d 6h 54m 58s
Any body up for a doc.Jekyll and mr. Hyde roleplay?
  lucky wind ( jhonnyboyxo) / broken_roads / 6y 311d 7h 53m 11s
So someone at school is on eliteskills too?
  Essence / shichikatana / 6y 340d 15h 30m 37s
Same IP address? So someone is on my wifi. . .hmm... creepy I guess
  BloodlessKnight / 6y 348d 12h 11m 32s
  Sai Hatiri / OmenGeraud / 7y 4d 7h 43m 31s
So, if it shows I'm related to people I don't even know that is only because we have the same IP address? That's a little spooky...

I think the shiny objects thing are page views. But I'm not quite sure. ^^
What is the shiny objects?
  Max(At mother's funeral) / RebelAngel / 7y 7d 13h 42m 38s
What does the "Shiny Objects" thing mean?
  OmenGeraud / 7y 9d 6h 39m 29s
Hello peoplesssssss
  Garglong / ChemicalDeath / 7y 42d 14h 54m 18s

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