What's the "Related:" Feature in Member Pages?

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 "Related:" shows people who used the site with the same IP in the last 7 days, where that IP is the latest IP the other people listed used. This does not mean they are the same person. They can be siblings, friends or people from the same school, library, dorms, apartments, starbucks or otherwise wireless network connection. They can even be neighbors who don't know each other but share the same cable company which uses the same IP for multiple households in the same neighborhood.

Why add the feature?

 This is mostly to prevent people from making sock puppet accounts for trolling or manipulation. People would make new accounts for anonymous PM abuse or cyber attempts thinking it was a way to avoid their main account from being banned. Since creating new accounts on eliteskills is so easy and doesn't require email there needed to be a way to mitigate the problem. If you have abandoned accounts they won't show if they weren't accessed in the last 7 days. If you have other accounts that you didn't want anyone to know about I apologize.

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Roleplay Responses

Mine will not let me log onto pepper bell and IM PUTTING IN THE RIGHT PASSWORD!!!!!~~~~T^T
  bellpepper / 205d 22h 28m 43s
I somehow lost the password to my email, and I can't get into my old account, and it hurts. I have lots of friends there and I want my old acc back
  Darkqueensans / 227d 7h 14m 47s
I've been away for over three years. I came back, but forgot my password and none of my emails are working for this site. I would love to have my old account back. o.o
  makionyx_20 / 1y 70d 6h 9m 15s
How do you remove someone from the related list like a name of nightmare-moon
  winter snow / Winter-Snow / 5y 323d 12h 26s
So this means there are people in my apartment complex who use this site? Because my WiFi is locked. Unless it's my parents o.o
I have nothing to hide but still creepy.
  Run as fast as you can / EunAh_Choi / 6y 102d 8h 36m 14s
that's a good question, I think you just log off and log on somewhere way further?
  Rose / ravenqueen / 6y 112d 19h 39m 33s
How can one remove someone from their 'related' list?
  Reil / AKanda / 6y 114d 9h 21m 8s
I had to remake a new account cause I couldn't remember my password to PokemomTrainerN1 and the recover thing wasn't working.
  Girlanimekitteh1 / 6y 128d 3h 12m 32s
My friend
I raised her on anime
and homestuck
she's...just like me
And she used my Internet

  aRiAandYuno / 6y 297d 1h 16m 18s
It says in the last seven days, so after seven days of them not logging in do they disappear from your related bar?
  [:RP Stats:] / -Wonderland- / 6y 323d 50m 29s
  Little JOE / -LittleOgre- / 6y 357d 20h 59m 39s
ummm okay then
  mr.fox (fox form) / Deathfox / 7y 133d 18h 5m 31s
my computer is slow so i expendly logged in with the sign up thing TWICE and now it's on my profile -.-
  MawarMelati / 7y 182d 3h 13m 16s
Lol it gets on my nevers big time.
  kana / Kaname / 7y 186d 5h 58s
you don't think this annoys me too !
  Fira / naominightmare / 7y 186d 5h 3m 11s

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