bleach meets naruto(the third generation)

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two generations after naruto becomes hokagethe soul sociaty finds a portal to the demention and now the village and them are fighting and arnt sure why. will they kill eachother off? will there be love?who will be enemies?

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yes to es rules, violence, cussing just dont overdo it, romance, and excitement.

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gin sighed and stood up. "well you just enjoy your day and i will keep your rules in mind." he said with a smile then bowed and turned and walked away. he saw a little girl crying over her dolls head missing. as he looked around he noticed it was at his feet and he picked it up then walked over to the girl and sewed it back on. "there you are little miss." he siad then pulled a sucker out of his sleeve and handed it to her then walked off looking at the sky.
  Gintaruntes / lintris / 10y 106d 15h 3m 7s
What WERE!?" she yelled geting her dagger out of her pocket.Waiting for naruto to show her way.
  Atsuko / icefang / 10y 109d 13h 46m 49s
seeing the man wave him over he went over and sat down next to him. "ok rule one with atsuko. dont touch her and dont even think about kissing her." he said then ordered the spicy ramen. 'i dont plan to its purly just me buying her lunch to make up for killing her friends.' gin said looking over at zen while smiling. zen paid for his ramen and started to eat it. "look im suppose to be the strongest member of the village and if they figure out i care for someone then they can use that against me." he siad looking at his bowl while moving the ramen around.
  Zen Kirri / lintris / 10y 109d 14h 35m 2s
he sighed cause no one did like him he then looked at a trap that was set and looked around and ran back to her "thers somthing in the village" he said with a kuni in hand
  naruto / dante1104 / 10y 109d 14h 38m 56s
"ok naruto" she said looking at the pathinfront of her.
  Atsuko / icefang / 10y 109d 14h 44m 29s
"you keep thanking that it dosent bother me no one likes me anyways see ya atsuko" he said and walked off
  naruto / dante1104 / 10y 109d 14h 49m 5s
he nodded and continued to head for the ramen shop then sat in a seat and looked at the menu. as he looked around he noticed zen and waved him over with a smile.
  Gintaruntes / lintris / 10y 109d 14h 51m 28s
"Thats not true naruto he does other wise he would not have saved me from thos sound ninja back then." she left part of the story out blushing softly.
  Atsuko / icefang / 10y 109d 14h 54m 20s
"you know zen dose not have feelings at all " he said looking at her and looked at her "well im going on a walk" he said and floted down and walked past zen
  naruto / dante1104 / 10y 109d 14h 56m 45s
*She threw a rock at her head* (r "get this straight im trying to make zen jealous im still pretty mad at you for killing my friends in anbu black ops and you get food down there at the ramen shop.After that go around the village and help out anyway you can.
  Atsuko / icefang / 10y 109d 14h 58m 51s
gin looked at her and sat on the floor. he watched zen and sighed shaking his head. "well where do i go to get a meal?" he asked feeling hungry as he watched her and the other. he nodded and stood up then walked out the window and stepped out into the air but didnt fall and wlked out further. he continued to walk as he watched everyone under him. "for someone who wants me to take her out to eat she sure does know how to make it seem like its community service." he muttered to himself and noticed a ramen shop.
  Gintaruntes / lintris / 10y 109d 15h 5m 3s
"well its hard for him he never knew his dad nether did i " he said and looked at her and wiped the tear of her face
  naruto / dante1104 / 10y 109d 15h 6m 23s
"His such a jerk some times i just want to punch his light's out" She whipped her tear's a small smile creeped up apone her face. "thanks for asking tho"
  Atsuko / icefang / 10y 109d 15h 8m 15s
he looked at her "you okay?" he asked and looked at her and sat next to her
  naruto / dante1104 / 10y 109d 15h 14m 9s
"heartless jerk........" she whispered under her breath looking at the ground kicking a rock infront of her.She sighed lightly and looked away into the distance and turned back to gin. "just go help out around the village would yea" she stated she never let anyone besides her father sasuke aand narutos son see her cry.Why naruto she had no idea but she felt at peace alittle more while she was around him.Jumping from her charge she sat outside on the window ledge.
  Atsuko / icefang / 10y 109d 15h 19m 25s

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