Different as Sun and Moon

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'And so it shall be written that the child of Moon, and the child of Sun, marked for the powers they lack, will either stand or fall.'

This was the bedtime story her mother told her every night when she was little. A story to make her feel better about the burn on her right wrist. A burn that looked, if one looked hard, almost like a Sun. A burn that nobody could explain.

Savannah Darcy has been alone since her mother was burnt at the stake for practicing the craft which came more naturally to her than breathing. Savannah shared the same gifts as her mother, and they meant she had to flee her hometown. Now, Savannah is like a skittish kitten.

Moving from village to village, being sure to not arouse any suspicion. But in this new village, something is different.

_____________ is whats different. Savannah is surprised by her attraction to him, but she knows he could be dangerous. She would be leaving soon enough, and opening herself up to somebody would only put her in danger.

What she doesnt know is that _______________ is the leader of a Sun magic coven nearby. Savannah is a Moon witch.

Would Savannah risk everything, even her life, to get to know __________ better? And what will happen when they discover one anothers secrets?



- Please be at least literate. I really would like to do this plot so please try not to let the board die.

- Anime pics only please!

- Romance is allowed, and this plot is designed to be mature and any mature scenes will be taken to C Loveless. So, if you cant handle that, dont join.

- Remember to ask to join. Please also let me know WHO you wish to join as when you do. Also, post 'I know you know I know' so I know you have read everything.

- No godmoding, powerplaying etc.

- Please be polite to others

- These rules are subject to change and I may end up adding more. If I do, I will make sure to let you know

- And please try to make your characters interesting and unique.

- Here is what to post to ask to join:
Character Name:
Roleplay Intro/Sample:


Characters Needed:

- The Male Craft User / Leader of the Sun Coven


The main differences between the Sun and Moon craft users are:

- The Moon covens are led by women and women have the most potent power. A woman is usually the leader of these covens.

- The Sun covens are led men and men have the most potent power. A male is usually the leader of these covens.

- The Day of the New Moon, Sun users are at their strongest and the Night of the New Moon, Moon users are at their strongest. Both sides are strengthened during an eclipse.

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