big trouble begins for Neku

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<<Doesn't matter to me xD>>
  Mikeru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 164d 23h 48m 13s
ok number 1 right?
  Neku / zerato / 10y 164d 23h 49m 17s
<<I'll be a popular kid~>>
  Mikeru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 164d 23h 50m 28s
Neku was walking to the academy dorms were his room was. so what to do today he smirks at his room he had a sign on it it read dont enter that means everyone!!!!. he opens and goes in after changing into his normal gear he heads out he always sticked out like a sore thumb let me see my first class is science well so i dont get in trouble for the start of today ill get there fast
  Neku / zerato / 10y 165d 36m 28s

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