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I love Shane Dawson's conspiracy theory videos
Welp. I’m bored. I watch Shane Dawson sometimes.
  Ashgryffin / 64d 14h 58m 29s
Nope, not really

I'm watching Shane Dawson videos on scary stuff
I’m bored af does anyone have anything fun to talk about?
  Ashgryffin / 64d 17h 53m 20s
Oys cold af here and I'm watching Markiplier play Subnautica: Below Zero
What? Should i not be polite?
  LittleHermit / 65d 12h 20m 25s
*Yawns, flicking tail a bit*
  ::Dragon Girls:: / Dragoncita / 65d 12h 25m 5s
Good evening everyone, how are you all? ^-^ i'm pretty good myself.
  LittleHermit / 65d 12h 31m 59s
I just been laying in bed due to cramps and body pain
Mainly RP as dragons
Though the creatures vary. There are some of the ones you hear of, have a few demon characters, couple fallen angels, shadow wraith, etc.
Then there's the creatures I came up with on my own
  ::Pestilence:: / Dragoncita / 88d 9h 11m 29s
That sounds like fun honestly what beasts do you rp as?
  Aiko Tsukumiko / aikotsukumiko / 88d 9h 25m 44s
I need to pack up my extra bottles and stuff

how about a dragon-fox lab rat which is the actually is what he looks like most of the time if you want a full detailed look of him I can give you it
  Alfa279escaped / 89d 13h 7m 12s
I tend to only RP as some kind of creature or beast, dragons being my main thing
Though most of my creatures have a human form
  To be Determined... / Dragoncita / 89d 13h 21m 33s
any if you have a preference that would be helpful but sadly I don't have any. if you have some you can throw it out but I'm not sure if anyone wants a monster .
  Alfa279escaped / 89d 15h 28m 52s

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