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I only go on FB to see what my moms crazy friends post
Even social media can get quite annoying though , so avoid it and just binge the hell outa Netflix.
  RAW / HealingMaiden / 61d 16h 4m 26s
I just woke up and I'm getting some Calypso lemonade
Same. They create so much drama. It’s annoying.

  Ashgryffin / 63d 17h 45m 16s
I hate people in the real world, I just want to move tl.the fucking moon, Antarctica or ocean
  ::Dragon Girls:: / Dragoncita / 64d 9h 8m 52s
I'm watching random videos and I just ate some pasta
Nothing much

How about you?

Just gunna fill the proper word limit.
  Ashgryffin / 64d 9h 21m 45s
Your horror fanic, I'm assuming ?

what's everyone up too?
  RAW / HealingMaiden / 64d 9h 23m 42s
Damn cannula is pissing me off, arggggh

I'm good, other than that haha
That happens
  ::Dragon Girls:: / Dragoncita / 64d 9h 47m 9s
Hello, damn the length of this chat limit.
got not much to say but.
I'm bored , and came to say.

Hi, how ya'll doing?
  RAW / HealingMaiden / 64d 9h 57m 27s
I think it's just random conspiracy theories

Is it cultural appropriation if I have dreadlock and box braid wigs??
  ::Dragon Girls:: / Dragoncita / 64d 11h 28m 30s
Same! Which one are you watching?

  Ashgryffin / 64d 11h 32m 52s

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