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[i I put my plate up after having 5 pancakes]
  Arikashika / bellpepper / 32d 19h 45m 39s

There's nothing there

[b Coughs some as she looked around]
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  Arikashika / bellpepper / 32d 20h 34m 4s
[b Ate some more as she drank some her food down.]
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  Arikashika / bellpepper / 32d 20h 35m 59s
I still have the screenshot on my phone somewhere, it was fucking great
[i I started laughing and almost spit coffee]
[+white oopyjuhygfijuhyhjuygh]
  Arikashika / bellpepper / 32d 20h 46m 52s
[b They were telling stories about their childhood.] R..remember when we went to the grand canyon when we were 4 and we said we dug them, then somebody fucking edited the wikipedia's page to say 'dug by Amy and Charlie Winchester'
[i I ate to and took a few sips of my coffee]
[+white jhgvfghjkijhuygfcghyjuygfhjkl]
  Arikashika / bellpepper / 32d 20h 53m 5s
[b They said a small prayer since they were Wiccan and started to eat.]
[i they said there prayer and started eating]
  Arikashika / bellpepper / 32d 20h 57m 6s
[b They walked calmly to the table and smiled, thanking her quietly.]
[i Finish making everything and set it on the table. I sit down in a chair to eat with everyone]
  Arikashika / bellpepper / 32d 21h 19s
[b She itched her nose as she waited for the food to be done.]
[i I finished the bacon and put it on the table and then made eggs after taking the pancakes out]
  Arikashika / bellpepper / 32d 21h 14m 52s

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