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Mhm, I am aware
  ::Dragohybrids:: / Dragoncita / 157d 10h 32m 45s
Azalas had to clear the orphan RP again due to some problems with Virgo's characters
Meh, guess gonna try and find an RP
Kinda wanna write again
  ::Dragohybrids:: / Dragoncita / 157d 10h 36m 48s
Hey Cita

It's about to storm here, the tide is hella high rn
I see things have not improved unfortunate
  ::Dragohybrids:: / Dragoncita / 157d 11h 10m 19s
It's so damn windy here, I'm not even playing around

Holy shit

It actually can get more confusing, how interesting o.o
  neko-ro / nicro / 158d 2h 51m 51s
Hey hey

I may fall back asleep so if I don't answer, that's why
ummmmm im not good at explenations... i'll get back to you tomorrow... I have to go
  bellpepper / 160d 3h 36m 57s

Every little helps. maybe not really
  neko-ro / nicro / 160d 3h 42m 22s
I heard that they're remaking the movie Candyman
  bellpepper / 160d 6h 10m 12s

[b Eats some Konpeitō and seen some soot sprites.]

mnbjhjij3jehrfjrrjfhgfjrifjhtrd I in ijuhtrekr
  bellpepper / 160d 6h 12m 28s

Apparently, PPAP was fucking HUGE in Japan

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