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*yawns, curling up*

Welp, I have a game that will now take most of my time
  ::Corruption:: / Dragoncita / 46d 13h 37m 57s

Its really cold here again and it fucked up my lips
  ::Corruption:: / Dragoncita / 49d 42m 54s
Hey new person

I had pizza hut today and now I have peppermint tea
hello my name is CStar7. i am kinda new here. so what are we supposed to do here?
  CStar7 / 58d 10h 28m 35s
I have a bite on a part of my body that is covered by a bikini
Yup, text limit is still in place unfortunately
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 60d 13h 48m 57s
Welcome back

I just woke up and got my coffee
I haven't been around in a while. I guess it kinda helps. How's everyone been? I've been MIA for like ever now...
  Akai Tsunomi / Stale_Cigarettes / 61d 4h 54m 51s
Yea, it's been like that for awhile now [i Drinks her drink.]
Hihi all~ idk why but any time I post things now it asks for a character usage of like 50+? is that normal?
  Akai Tsunomi / Stale_Cigarettes / 61d 4h 57m 30s
Idk, my cousin's siblings aren't like that at all
why their are family members , like that ?
  RAW / HealingMaiden / 61d 16h 9m 38s

Only person I avoid is my backstabbing, attention whoring, hypocritical, racist and homophobic cousin
Oi, I try to avoid my mother , I had a rusty path, sense she told me to be a whore.
  RAW / HealingMaiden / 61d 16h 16m 5s

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