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i've had heart burn all day and i still have it...after a while I thought I was having a heart attack XD
  bellpepper / 31d 19h 48m 47s
I have heartburn from the Nashville hot chicken I ate
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  Minyia / bellpepper / 31d 19h 54m 47s
I'm bored

[b Eats some Ice cream and coughs some.]
coool rbgtwkrsyubru r54 yuuuebfhmgyrvbn bvbngv bnmhbjgcfv bnjhygutfcv bnmjhbgvb nmhjygv
  Minyia / bellpepper / 31d 20h 4m 40s
I found mine and my twins stuff in our basement, which is uncommon in FL

  Minyia / bellpepper / 31d 20h 6m 54s
I was a master poet in the 4th grade haha

My foot is asleep
  Minyia / bellpepper / 31d 20h 24m 1s
More to the snail poem

In the morning, they ate some plants
Then they went to the river and saw some ants
They slithered to their house and sat on a rock
But they heard a noise around the block
its going to be like this thing but probebly less popular and I just made the roleplay~
  Minyia / bellpepper / 31d 20h 29m 0s
I dont know cause I'm still waiting for people to post
i mean on a different thread [+white jnrvjrnvohebhbktjhvkerhvkjhvkhbrvkhnrjvhbrjthvbkrtjhbvkhrtbvktrv]

I'll make it
  Minyia / bellpepper / 31d 20h 30m 43s
Umm sure

[b Lm saying in her hammock and was humming slightly.]
[+white njhgvfcdxfcgvhbjknhbgvfcdxfghjkuhygtfrd]

no comment... what about my question?
  Minyia / bellpepper / 31d 20h 32m 48s

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