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I get them alot, I'll be okay

[b Eats an ice cream sandwich]
Alright. It's a relief to see that everyone is alright.
  Catlover33 / 154d 8h 23m 37s
I took something and now I'm watching YouTube videos
Well that sucks. I know how bad headaches are. They're annoying.
  Catlover33 / 154d 8h 34m 43s
I'm starting to get a damn headache, I need some ibuprofen
I still don't have a lot of roleplay partners and it's kinda sad. There are also other new users as well.
  Catlover33 / 154d 9h 3m 48s
Yea true, that shit was crazy but it died down...again
It was dead for awhile really

Then what with the most recent wave of newcomers...let us not get into that
  *Gifs* / Dragoncita / 157d 10h 16m 58s
Cita, theres always newcomers on this site but that's what keeps it interesting
*Glances over*
Hm, you must be another newcomer to the site

  *Gifs* / Dragoncita / 157d 10h 19m 6s
Hey hey

[b Lays in her hammock and drinks her Dr. Pepper.]
Hello there! I love roleplaying and i am hoping to create wonderful stories with everyone
  Catlover33 / 157d 10h 24m 46s

I'm waiting for people to post and I'm hella bored

Welp, now for the waiting game
  *Gifs* / Dragoncita / 157d 10h 32m 23s

Walmart has a CD of their employees singing choir songs

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