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*Raises an eyeridge*
Must be someone I blocked, as I assume you are talking to another

No matter
  :-Regal-: / Dragoncita / 45d 13h 14m 38s
Hello James. It's nice to meet you and welcome to ES

Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 45d 13h 21m 51s
What do you mean by "keep roleplay chat to other things"
  --NutellaBabi-- / 45d 13h 39m 42s
I'm watching a Sam as nd Colby video as nd one of the guys is wearing a hoodie that says proud queen
I know...I was keeping with what she had put. Now, are you the type of people who keep roleplay chat to other things because I’ve been told that some people don’t like that. I have to make sure to please those I speak with, as not to make any enemies.
  James-Markson / JamesMarkson / 45d 14h 14m 52s
Cita knows shes a human, she just uses mainly dragon pictures
A dragon... Sure and i'm totally unicorn... *roles my eyes* we are humans, we roleplay as other being but we are human. I hope you don't go around telling people you're a dragon.
  --NutellaBabi-- / 45d 17h 30m 47s
Well Then, It seems as if I’ve angered a dragon and seen a blond haired legend all at once. Lucky me, I guess.
  James-Markson / JamesMarkson / 45d 17h 57m 41s
Back, had to get a shower and wash my nasty ass hair even though I don't have much
*eyes narrow slightly, but shrugs it off*
A dragon is what I am, as dragons are my favorite form to take, though I do have many other forms

As for doing, depends on what you are looking for
This site is indeed mostly used for RPing, though there are the few chat groups here and there, not as many as there once were
  :-Regal-: / Dragoncita / 46d 13h 19m 21s
Well then, I hope to take your advice to heart...even if my terrible memory won’t permit it. So, your a cat of some kind, right? *Sits on the ground, careful not to dirty my suit* Hmm...So what do you all do on this site? I know about the roleplay...
  JamesMarkson / 46d 13h 22m 45s
*Raises an eyeridge, then sits up on haunches, curling tail around front paws*
Mmm, depends on the crowd you run with
I've noticed quite a few newcomers now coming around again...some of which I feel could work on their writing, but then I consider myself a semi-lit to lit writer, and my version of semi-lit and lit is different from others I'm sure

Then there are the few groups which you become apart of...or were once apart of, but they have all but dispersed

Such as myself, I have mostly taken the lone path now again. Though there are quite a few I know on this site, since I have been around for several years
  :-Regal-: / Dragoncita / 46d 13h 28m 14s
Greetings. So, is there anything I should worry of while using this site? *smirks* Not like I’ll need it, but I like small talk.
  James-Markson / JamesMarkson / 46d 13h 30m 58s
*Lifts head, glancing over*
Hm, a newcomer to the site?
Greetings stranger
  ::Corruption:: / Dragoncita / 46d 13h 32m 11s
Hello, I’m James, Nice to meet you all. I hope to get to know people on here and make friends! *smiles brightly*
  James-Markson / JamesMarkson / 46d 13h 33m 32s

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