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[b Eats some Konpeitō and seen some soot sprites.]

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  bellpepper / 31d 18h 32m 31s

Apparently, PPAP was fucking HUGE in Japan
I ate cerial mkbhvfnjk eljnck nvekjfc however you spell itjnvjnjnrckfjn
  bellpepper / 31d 18h 34m 34s
Sorry, had to take my dog out to go potty then got ice cream
,khjbgfcdxghjnkmljhbgfcdxghjnhbgfn mbhgvcfhv jvgchg jvcghvj
  bellpepper / 31d 19h 16m 8s
Watching random Dr. Phil episodes cause...I dont know
I don't know XDd jnhbgjhbgbhnjbnmjhbg nmhjgvbh njhb mhjb
  bellpepper / 31d 19h 19m 8s
What are you talking about? They arent THAT bad tasting
ew tdhgfvdsrghyjkik7tujryhtgefghyjukjryehtgfegthyujhyrgtefghygrfvdc
  bellpepper / 31d 19h 22m 48s
I have the peppermint ones but I want the smoothie ones
my dad has tums jbhgvfrdfghjkjhg

[h4 they taste gross]

  bellpepper / 31d 19h 31m 0s
I need to get a bottle if tums, all I have is the small roll of them
im good im drinking spite
[+white kjuhygtfrghjkiuhytghjkljhgfhjukjhbgfd]
  bellpepper / 31d 19h 42m 29s
Go to the doctor then

I need to find my damn damn

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