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[b She removed her jacket, showing the tattoos and scars.]
The young fox lay on his side, unmoving and relaxed. Feeling safe and sheltered within the general vacinity of this new friendly female. Finally, a place to call home.
  ZoefuraTheFox / 127d 10h 25m 1s
[b Licks the sauce from her fingers and itched her neck some.]
"Yup yup." He licked at the bone for the generous source of Marrow he was able to taste through. Then just gave up and batted it with a paw.
  ZoefuraTheFox / 127d 10h 41m 41s

[b her Cambridge mask by her chin as she ate her wings.]
"You're great." He spoke in a hurried tone and went back to his hungry and hushed state, continuing to eat what he was given joyfully.
  ZoefuraTheFox / 127d 10h 46m 58s
[b She raised her eyebrow and laughed.] And y'all wanna talk about me
"Sick! Thanks!" Zoefura moved himself down onto the ground right next to the female as he knawed away at the chicken bone, making sure to get every scrap of meat, and possibly moving on to nibble at the bone once he was finished. Truly savage.
  ZoefuraTheFox / 127d 10h 51m 29s
Umm sure? [b Hands him a buffalo.wings as she ate another one.]
"Wow, uh- some introduction. Heh." The foxes expression fell a bit as his eyes continued to dart around in slight suspicion. He then just stood to his hind paws and padded up towards the new female. One paw outstretched. "Can I have a wing?"
  ZoefuraTheFox / 127d 10h 59m 43s

[b Eats a buffalo wing as she drank her Bang energy drink.]
"Howdy Howdy, everyone!" A large male fox bound into the immediate area (Chatroom-) Tail lifted and wagging with excitement at the new characters set before him.
  ZoefuraTheFox / 127d 11h 15m 19s
Omg, that damn meme

They're making a vodka that's from the exclusion zone of Chernobyl
“He turned himself, wait for it, into a pickle. Funniest, I repeat, funniest shit I’ve ever seen”
  HydreigonMaste / 135d 13h 54m 11s
My head is hurting which sucks but I'm laying down

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