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"Some don't show through fur." He placed a paw on his muzzle, giving a thoughtful expression. "Wait- None show."
  ZoefuraTheFox / 127d 8h 43s
Some are way more noticeable than others cause of the cause
"Well if I got one of those, it wouldn't exactly show..." His expression fell a bit as he looked back at himself.
  ZoefuraTheFox / 127d 8h 13m 25s
Nah, I got some of them to cover scars and some I got because I like them
"Did the firecrackers also put the tattoo's on ya?" Zoefura muffled a laugh and quickly regained himself. Dipping his head respectfully. "Sorry, that just came out-"
  ZoefuraTheFox / 127d 8h 18m 29s
Yea, firecrackers are no joke, that's why they say to always be careful
"Sounds dope." Zoefura settled back in to continue his sleeping. "Sorry to hear that..."
  ZoefuraTheFox / 127d 8h 20m 56s
Believe it or not, the finger thing happened when I was...15 or 16 years old
"Maybe you should sleep... Or eat more... Play games. Chat with friends. Keep up your characteristic health, along with your emotional health. Since your physical health isn't looking so good."
  ZoefuraTheFox / 127d 8h 24m 54s
[b If you looked at her hands, she was missing parts of her fingers.] Bored
"Oh neato." He then narrowed his eyes further, giving a look of uncertainty to her missing thumb. Well, half of it. "Yowch..."
  ZoefuraTheFox / 127d 8h 28m 37s
[b Gives a thumbs up, half of her left thumb missing.] Yea
He was roused back to his waking state by the coughing. His ears pricked as he lifts his head and looked to the female with half lidded, dark hazel eyes. "You good?"
  ZoefuraTheFox / 127d 8h 32m 35s
[b Mumbled something quietly to herself as she coughed some.]
The fox was already fast asleep, giving no notice or attention to her battleworn body.
  ZoefuraTheFox / 127d 8h 48m 25s

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