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wow that is amazing, im going to make a new rp, ill let you know when it is done if you guys want to join
  Aria_Hashima / 3d 10h 39m 7s
In high school, I'd pay a girl 5 bucks for them and they wer like 9 or 10 st the store
yes i do understand that, thank you so much and i have a new character idea for it too
  Aria_Hashima / 3d 10h 40m 7s
No clue about it

Though you could perhaps come up with something similar to the plot of it, but put your own twist to it
  Marinus / Dragoncita / 3d 10h 41m 17s
that sounds amazing! i have some cosplay magz with them in it too
  Aria_Hashima / 3d 10h 41m 40s
I have a few Shojo Beat magazines with Vampire Knight in it
i wanna do something from vampire knight but idk if anyone knows of it
  Aria_Hashima / 3d 10h 43m 49s
Mm, that is entirely up to you
  Marinus / Dragoncita / 3d 10h 45m 6s
so ive had a plan for something important but idk if i should do it
  Aria_Hashima / 3d 10h 51m 13s

I've been chilling on our balcony cause its actually nice outaide
Eh, tired

Think I'm gonna go do evening goat chores here, work a little bit on an RP idea and characters, then play a game
  ::Pestilence:: / Dragoncita / 4d 9h 2m 56s
Hey hey

How is everybody doing today?

Looks like its gonna rain but might not
Eh, don't worry about it
Everyone has their own quirks that they find amusing
  ::Pestilence:: / Dragoncita / 4d 9h 18m 26s
sorry i had to put it because i found it funny for the moments being
  Aria_Hashima / 4d 9h 20m 35s
  ::Pestilence:: / Dragoncita / 4d 9h 21m 10s

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