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Depends on what it is

I fucking hate packing with a goddamn passion
anyone open for an RP I'm bored and needs to do something. if none are open then it's ok I would be fine
  Alfa279escaped / 90d 6h 4m 5s
Sorry, been packing, had to eat and do medical stuff
don't stress out my friend there are times it will lighten up just got to be patient it works for me but it will start up again there is no end to my RPs it never has and never will that is how hard I've RP and if you need a mate I will be open
  Alfa279escaped / 90d 12h 41m 8s
My brain is all over the place, so trying to focus on anything is proving difficult
  To be Determined... / Dragoncita / 90d 12h 50m 31s
Alfa would duck down his body was large but it would quickly change into a smaller version that made him fit into the building his face looked to be a fox with sharp teeth and horns implanted into his head was glistens in the bright light
  Alfa279escaped / 90d 13h 15m 42s
Sounds fun, been watching MindHunter. Ugh I'm obsessed. Psychology is so fascinating.
  Aiko Tsukumiko / aikotsukumiko / 90d 13h 23m 35s

Sorry I been doing a color by number on my phone
Alfa would bump his head on the door panel, "ow, I forget that is there" his long tail would swerve around him onto both sides his wings would shine for some reason
  Alfa279escaped / 90d 13h 51m 9s
*Yawns, curling tail around self*
Mm, greetings again
  Lamonor / Dragoncita / 90d 14h 11m 56s
Oh lawdy, -Fanning herself, she joked.- I am so very tired and do not want to work.
  Aiko Tsukumiko / aikotsukumiko / 90d 14h 33m 37s
Chickens, goats and cows I dont mind but if you get pig ass, get ready for some stank
Oh my, that sounds lovely. My grandmother had chickens and a goat so I feel the farm animals a lil haha.
  Aiko Tsukumiko / aikotsukumiko / 91d 8h 13m 47s
I had pigs and trust me, they smell so fuckin bad, not even joking
Plus, living on a ranch, I have plenty of other animals to work with
Goats being the animals I raise
Beef cattle belonging to my father
Then some horses and cats
  Lamonor / Dragoncita / 91d 13h 19m 13s

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