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noice [+white kjuhygtfrdghukijlhuygtfrftghjkhugfdsfghyjuytfrdfghjuygtfr]
  Arikashika / bellpepper / 160d 8h 32m 41s
There once was a snail named Jerry
Who had a girlfriend named Mary
They hung out on rocks and danced
And watched the butterflies as they pranced
Jerry and Mary kissed under the sun
And soon fell asleep from all the fun

A poem I wrote in 4th grade xD
juhytfresdfrghjkmmlnhjbugfvcdrfcgvhbjnkmnhjbugyftrgcv bnjkiu7y6trdxfcgvbhnjuygtfrgbhjnkiuhygtfv
  Arikashika / bellpepper / 160d 8h 45m 45s

Hey hey

My dreams are so fucking weird right now
*I feel the plot has no resonance with the thread but if trolls are eating the new people.... alright then* hmmm *cough*

Troll in the dungeons!
*dry laugh*
Just thought you'd like to know
*faints strategically behind amyumino*
  neko-ro / nicro / 160d 17h 51m 36s
[b Nods as she polished her fun The Samaritan coughing some.]

[+grey re~ really?]
[i I was surprised because I didn't know they actually existed]

  Arikashika / bellpepper / 161d 6h 15m 50s
Trust me, those fuckers been around for a long time
[i Tha~ thats not possible] [i I then remember who I am... I mean I'm possible, I was made with science... I don't think trolls are possible]
  Arikashika / bellpepper / 161d 6h 21m 0s
Like....actual trolls, 30 foot ugly ass trolls

[b Looks at her coughing.]
[+grey what do you mean by'' troll''?]
[i almost look straight at you]
  Arikashika / bellpepper / 161d 6h 27m 6s

I heard theres a troll problem in England right now

[i I put my plate up after having 5 pancakes]
  Arikashika / bellpepper / 161d 7h 46m 49s

There's nothing there

[b Coughs some as she looked around]
[+white vjnrgjihregyh#ffdcab#ffdcab#ffdcab#ffdcab#ffdcab#ffdcab#ffdcab#ffdcab#ffdcab#ffdcab#ffdcab#ffdcab#ffdcab#ffdcab]
  Arikashika / bellpepper / 161d 8h 35m 14s

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