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I think I have a horror movie addiction and I don't care haha
  amyumino / 6h 2m 19s
"OOooOOoooooOooohhhhh..." Queen Elizabeth's eyes rolled back as she felt gas and turds rotating around in her body. Each time she flexed her bleached royal asshole she could feel the steaming logs inching closer to the surface. "Yes... YES!! oOoooOHhhh.." The first precious brown babe poked its head out. The Queen smiled with relief and joy, beads of sweat dripping down her forehead. The turd reeked but she inhaled deeply and felt a strange erotic sensation coursing through her veins at the stench. With one last push, she gasped and pleasurable tingles erupted in her butthole as the brown babe left its tight little nest. She took a moment to catch her breath.
"Mr. Slave!!!!" the queen cried out. She glared at him as he cautiously opened the bathroom door. "Come here, Mr. Slave..... Come inside and close the door." He stepped inside and shut the door behind him. "Now, kneel before me." Queen Elizabeth watched him get on his knees with pleasure. She snatched him by the back of his head and forced his face to the toilet bowl, his cheek pressed against the seat between her legs. "SMELL IT, MR. SLAVE." She grunted and used all the strength left in her sweet royal asshole to rapidly push out another turd. Mr. Slave squirmed around trying to escape the horrid fumes of her massive shit pile, his face squishing violently against the porcelain seat as the Queen held him down with more force. Finally he stopped moving, his body totally limp. "Yes, Mr. Slave... good boy, Mr. Slave." She stroked his hair tenderly.
"Tell me you like the smell, Mr. Slave." He was quiet for a moment, but after a few seconds of silence he recited the words. "I like the smell, My Queen." She sat up from the toilet but refused to wipe. Moist chunks of poop still stuck to her butthole, but she pulled up her britches anyway and slowly knelt down beside Mr. Slave. With both her hands, she grabbed Mr. Slave by the hair and shoved his head straight into the toilet, swirling it around with her royal turds. She laughed maniacally, shaking his head relentlessly. Despite the sounds of his choking and gurgling, she kept his head to soak in the shit water until his body finally stopped jerking around and went completely lifeless.
  QueenPearl / 6h 6m 47s

It is raining here ad I'm getting sick of it
  amyumino / 4d 14h 59m 18s
Hello here too!

I just started again today. I am definitely not new but it has been a long time since I was here. I look forward to roleplaying again. :)
  ShiftingWinds / 4d 15h 1m 13s

It hot af so I'm staying inside but might go hang out with my parents, niece and nephew
  amyumino / 11d 16h 52m 34s
Hello, so I suppose I'm not really that new. I have been apart of this site before just not in a long time. I suppose we shall see how this goes. Oh yeah, so I should probably introduce myself as well. Call me Alice, I have been writing for seven years, I enjoy fantasy, realistic fiction, Sci-fi, and horror role-plays. Looking for role-plays with only 2-5 people.
  AliceRipper420 / 11d 17h 59m 42s
I thought it was gonna be the story about the mom threw her kid off the cliff then had another child only to be revealed the first child was reincarnated
  amyumino / 70d 11h 27m 35s
(BOOK-ISH) The mother pushed and pushed till it was all over. Her newborn baby.The mother looked at the brand new baby girl she gave birth to but wasn't satisfied. So she put the brand new baby up for adoption. Unfortunately the child wasn't at age limit so she raised the child but never fully..LOVED the child! So when she finally got home, she decided to name the child Charlette.
  Nicolette / 70d 11h 37m 24s
If it seems like I'm talking to myself, I have RatMurderer blocked
  amyumino / 75d 4h 58m 42s
oh boy who did u block? maybe i should block them too.. i dont want to waste time with jerks!!!
  RatMurderer / 75d 5h 27m 30s
Oh shit, I forgot I blocked this person

Whoopsca daisies
  amyumino / 75d 5h 36m 0s
Hi guys! How is everybody???! I sure would like to make some friends on here because i am just a newbie! Lets chat and get to know each other LOL!! (:
  RatMurderer / 75d 6h 26m 51s
Steve-O telling his top 10 shark encounters while filming Jackass and Wildboyz
  amyumino / 166d 9h 1m 45s
"Whatcha watching?" Zoefura tilted his head to the left curiously and crawled up beside her.
  ZoefuraTheFox / 166d 9h 4m 1s
[b Itches her neck as she watched YouTube on her laptop.]
  amyumino / 166d 10h 39m 35s

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