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EliteSkills Getting Started Guide

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Create a Character
Click the Make Person link on the left sidebar. Create as many as you want.
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Click the Make Roleplay link on the left.
Browse roleplays needing people
Checkout the open RPs list. There are both adults and teens on the site, the teens just chat a lot more. Don't think there isn't an underlying older community, ES was established in 2003!
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Click Advertise link that's at the top of your RP.
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While in the RP you just made, click on your character's name under the Characters section on the left. You are instantly logged in as that character and you can post as them. To switch between characters just click them on the left sidebar.
Edit your characters bio and picture
Click on the character's name link twice.
Learn how to add color, pictures, formatting
See the editing sandbox.
Ask questions!
Use the community help page.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Use EliteSkills

  • Create up to 150 characters. Switch between them just by clicking them.
  • Our advertise feature, lets you find a roleplayer at any skill level.
  • Custom text formatting that is easier and more powerful than bbcode.
  • A personal real-time chat for all your threads. No separate login required.
  • Quickly see who posted in your threads with the recent activity list.

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Roleplay Responses

Watching Saw II and drinking some dr. Pepper since its warming up
Ugh, just might bring one of my open RPs up for awhile and leave it open as a relax-like RP for some time before my brain decides to go elsewhere with an idea
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 3d 12h 14m 1s
I hardly use my lab idea cause my bitch f a cousin says I copied her idea...from 9 years ago
Eh, I have characters I want to use
Just not sure how to use them all

Have an idea for one, and my RP idea I advertised didn't really bring any attention, which is fine. everyone has their own interests
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 3d 12h 34m 26s
I'm finally working on my Death Games idea again
*having remained in place, watching*
Mm, I have the urge to write, but not sure
Too many ideas, hard to sort them all
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 3d 12h 39m 34s
All I did was go to the dollar store and get some tea
*yawns, returning to having head upon coils, tail tip twitching now and then, simply observing*
  :-Dragon Priestess-: / Dragoncita / 5d 11h 47m 1s
Ahh welcome back friend, did yoy have a good time away
  Aria_Hashima / 5d 11h 47m 44s
Back with my sleepytime tea and scary af videos cause its hella cold
Aria, if i'm honest your vampire rp looks like you've taken vampire knight and changed the names to make it look different
  MirrorMallow / 5d 11h 50m 2s
Tis how it usual works

I'm content to lurk in the background and work on my own ideas
  :-Dragon Priestess-: / Dragoncita / 5d 11h 54m 4s
oki dokieeeee lmaoooo dont know what to do now so imma go
  Aria_Hashima / 5d 11h 55m 38s
  :-Dragon Priestess-: / Dragoncita / 5d 12h 13m 4s
right right, i do understand what you are saying to me
  Aria_Hashima / 5d 12h 15m 15s

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