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Is it bad if I necro this thread? We'll see. Anyway, hello.
  boulder_guppy / 1d 20h 26m 43s
I have no idea what's going on right now but Ima roll with wat I'm seeing
  Kitsuniy / 53d 18h 44m 42s
The humidity here is fucking crazy

It was damn near 104 yesterday
Yup, same old same old

Humidity just saps the energy out of a person
  ::Holy Dragons:: / Dragoncita / 55d 16h 35m 33s
Same old shit

Eating hot cheetos and talking with family
Yeah, kinda sucks when it's really hot out and you don't have AC.
Making do with a fan, it's alright. More or less used to the heat but hate humidity.

Cold showers ftw.

So, anything interesting went on over the past . . three years?
  Chattin' / Aserox / 56d 16h 51m 8s
I had to get a shower and wash my nappy ass head haha
Not too bad over here.

Has been ranging wildly from hot and sunny to cold, rainy and windy here.

And you?
  Chattin' / DoctorProfessor / 56d 18h 53m 45s

How is everybody doing today?

It's hot af already outside
Every now and then, I come back to glance and see whether, somehow, against all odds, this place has once again come to life. A futile hope, I suppose.

Also, hi.
  Chattin' / Doctorprofessor / 57d 26m 23s
I'm watching videos about creepy stuff cause I'm weird interesting...
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 57d 18h 6m 9s
Eh, we are like a big, fucked up family but its whatevs
Lol well hello Amy. Funny enough that is my mothers name.
As for them, I hope they take being called such better. I have little to no filter.
  IlyannaSedai / 58d 15h 52m 18s
I'm Amy but people call me...Amy

Theres plenty of douche canoes on here

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