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EliteSkills Getting Started Guide

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Customize layout here. Hold down ctrl and then '+' to make everything bigger. Ctrl '-' to make everything smaller.
Create a Character
Click the Make Person link on the left sidebar. Create as many as you want.
Create a roleplay
Click the Make Roleplay link on the left.
Browse roleplays needing people
Checkout the open RPs list. There are both adults and teens on the site, the teens just chat a lot more. Don't think there isn't an underlying older community, ES was established in 2003!
Get people to Join it
Click Advertise link that's at the top of your RP.
Post as a certain Character
While in the RP you just made, click on your character's name under the Characters section on the left. You are instantly logged in as that character and you can post as them. To switch between characters just click them on the left sidebar.
Edit your characters bio and picture
Click on the character's name link twice.
Learn how to add color, pictures, formatting
See the editing sandbox.
Ask questions!
Use the community help page.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Use EliteSkills

  • Create up to 150 characters. Switch between them just by clicking them.
  • Our advertise feature, lets you find a roleplayer at any skill level.
  • Custom text formatting that is easier and more powerful than bbcode.
  • A personal real-time chat for all your threads. No separate login required.
  • Quickly see who posted in your threads with the recent activity list.

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I'm good

[b Eating Taco Bell and has a creepy reborn doll in her left arm.]
Hi! I'm Lotus but I guess you already know that. How are you?
  LotusMuse / 58d 5h 31m 45s
That is true

I woke up to the house shaking.... again
It's deader than ded...but then depends on your definition of 'ded'
...I'm tired
  *Gifs* / Dragoncita / 81d 22h 2m 10s
As long as people come on this site, the longer it stays alive and kicking
This site is dead as fuck im surprised people are still here
  Eden Kirijo and Al'lakesh / ES MOST BLOCKED PERSON / narutogeek02 / 81d 22h 58m 15s
I think itll pick up againe eventually hopefully? Im not sure
  Mimori / 83d 11h 53m 41s
Hi. Im a sonic fan who recently joined. I hope we can rp sometime. Its nice to meet you all.
  Mimori / 83d 11h 58m 44s
It's fine

One of my favorite movies by clive Barker was made into a comic book
ES IS DEAD?!?!?!

I'm sorry , this is me being a smartass
  *Gifs* / Dragoncita / 87d 4h 56m 11s
Seems ES has been long dead now, how many people actually remain active?
  Chattin' / Doctorprofessor / 87d 7h 29m 24s
Hey peeps

Watching some random videos of storage units
Yes, but it depends...What kind of roleplay alexandrielemon?
  KhakiPants4Life / 140d 2h 13m 32s
Anyone up for a new random RP with meh?
Respond soon if so! ^^
  AlexandrieLemon / 343d 11h 37m 46s
I got the taste of burnt banana bread in my mouth....yurk

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