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Roleplay Responses

Hello Cita

[b Wheels in drinking from her thermos of coffee.]
  ::Dragon Girls:: / Dragoncita / 5d 18h 9m 20s
The hot water is finally turned up and had a hot bath
*Yawns, laying down on stomach, curling tail against side*
  ::Dragon Girls:: / Dragoncita / 8d 30m 28s
I had a BlackBerry, which sucked balls

Now I got a Samsung S9 plus
I remember when I Big Bear around 2008 we went without internet for a while.

When I moved to Santa Clarita in the beginning of 2009 is when I joined ES...On a flip phone XD

It had the Boost Mobile.unlimited plan and there was this somewhat decent browser you could get on the phone called Opera Mini.

It was hard to RP on it but I got very used to it. People hated it because I one lined a lot lol but shit, I didn't have none of those Iphones or Android phones yet. XD
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 8d 1h 1m 25s
I found other ways to be entertained

Plus we had farm animals at the time too
I meant to say that sounds like it so sucked >.<

I think the only time I took off from here was when my mother and step-father of the time had "grounded me" and took my computer the times the did

But seriously I think have been on here since 2010
  SheDevil / 8d 1h 52m 9s
Gurl, that was years ago when I lived on all that acreage
So it sounds like you pretty much had no choice then. That soo sucks
  L.O.R.E / SheDevil / 8d 1h 55m 22s
Only reason I went on a hiatus is no internet service where I lived xD
Anime, Food, BTS, Music in general, or gaming on Xbox!
  Izu- / 8d 2h 40m 14s
Nice to meet you izumi! You can call me mythic! What do you enjoy doing?
  --NutellaBabi-- / 8d 2h 41m 13s
Hey Tiffy.

And yeah I do Nutella. unfortunately it's not as active or fun as it used to be but we never give up on it.

Also welcome to ES Izumi. :)
  Azalas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 8d 2h 42m 10s
Some are really nice. But others well I'm sure you can guess.

Hi there and welcome

Oh by the way, I'm Tiffy.
  Angel / SheDevil / 8d 2h 45m 23s

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