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Anyone up for a new random RP with meh?
Respond soon if so! ^^
  AlexandrieLemon / 155d 6h 20m 14s
I got the taste of burnt banana bread in my mouth....yurk

I'm not new to this site, but new to this profile. It's been a hot minute since I've been on here and I am hoping to find some new people to roleplay with.

Send me a pm if you have any ideas! I'm open for most things and don't mind going offsite.

I'm a literate roleplayer and can post 1000+ characters but don't mind doing shorter posts if it forwards the plot along.

Thanks for the consideration!

  Mae / KittyBoo / 203d 15m 46s
Hello person I Have never seen before in my life, how are you
  dck / 273d 11h 6m 31s
We have a new puppy, we now have 5 dogs, a toy poodle, a min pin, a bloodhound, a weimerainer and a weimerainer/bloodhound mix
No problem, my friend.

P.S. I'm a sir. [i *chuckles*]
Thank you for lending an ear, Per se, Kind sir or madame.
  SayMyName / 303d 18h 50m 32s
Hey people of ES how is everybody on this fine day/night/morning?
Ah, okay. Thanks again for the feedback, I do appreciate it.
Just to generalize, The three major genres i enjoy are Sci-Fi Horror and Drama.
  SayMyName / 303d 19h 1m 40s
Thanks for the feedback, SayMyName. It actually helps quite a lot, or at least to me it does.
Hm, interesting

Well, is there a particular theme or genre you prefer?

I myself prefer fantasy, modern fantasy, or some sci-fi
I only play as some type of creature, dragons being my main. Though nearly all of my beasts do have a human form
I tend to play male charries, but I also play females
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 303d 22h 15m 31s
I am the type of person who changes preferences quite often and depending on what type of idea i cling to at that moment. I sincerely apologize if this does not help.
  SayMyName / 303d 22h 21m 56s
*Shifts weight slightly, leaning against the wall*
Depends on what you are looking for

Course, basic is this is an RP site
You can create a character, can be anything really

You can either advertise for an RP, or look at the ones people have up on the advertise thread
There are group RPs, ones with more than one person, then just 1x1 RPs with 2 people
  Dragoncita / Dragoncita / 303d 22h 46m 18s

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