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  • Our advertise feature, lets you find a roleplayer at any skill level.
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Come to Michigan any the high today supposed to be like 70 something which from what I've heard about florida lately is comfortable in comparison
  Cactus / 7d 4h 26m 57s
Going on a joy ride Haha

The heat can suck my dragon balls
[B Hehehehehehehehehehehe he gonna get a new car soon. It ain't that baaaad.
  Hecc / Clear- / 14d 2h 14m 1s
Yeah well bite me XP I'm aloud to since I don't get to see him as much for a while...
  Lucy / Lilithe / 14d 2h 15m 36s
Yup and a new terminator movie

They're also making a Joker movie
[B Oooohhh? Really? Freakin niceee. My sister is being cheesy with her boyfriend!
  Hecc / Clear- / 14d 2h 19m 49s

Grey, did you know they're making a new Rambo movie
[B -3- get wrecked! ] happily accept the luvs and taps my thumbs together.
  Hecc / Clear- / 14d 2h 22m 54s

Damn phone, making me misspell everything dammit
*Chuckles, prruming. Gently picks up Grey, lightly petting their head*

Probably gonna poof soon
Goat kids are gonna want something to eat here
  ::Dragon Girls:: / Dragoncita / 14d 2h 24m 46s
My koms thing is when shes pissed at something, she calls it a whore xD
The toad didn't like his new home, I wonder where he went... Hope a bird didn't eat him... I call the bathroom the potty, i also say toot toot…
  Lucy / Lilithe / 14d 2h 27m 30s
I call forks ferks and the toilet the terloit, idk why
[Size10 Hehhehe, citadel gimme luvs, I demand luvs
  Hecc / Clear- / 14d 2h 29m 59s
I've always called toads as toadys
  ::Dragon Girls:: / Dragoncita / 14d 2h 31m 29s

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