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EliteSkills Getting Started Guide

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Create a Character
Click the Make Person link on the left sidebar. Create as many as you want.
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Click the Make Roleplay link on the left.
Browse roleplays needing people
Checkout the open RPs list. There are both adults and teens on the site, the teens just chat a lot more. Don't think there isn't an underlying older community, ES was established in 2003!
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While in the RP you just made, click on your character's name under the Characters section on the left. You are instantly logged in as that character and you can post as them. To switch between characters just click them on the left sidebar.
Edit your characters bio and picture
Click on the character's name link twice.
Learn how to add color, pictures, formatting
See the editing sandbox.
Ask questions!
Use the community help page.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Use EliteSkills

  • Create up to 150 characters. Switch between them just by clicking them.
  • Our advertise feature, lets you find a roleplayer at any skill level.
  • Custom text formatting that is easier and more powerful than bbcode.
  • A personal real-time chat for all your threads. No separate login required.
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Roleplay Responses

If it seems like I'm talking to myself, I have RatMurderer blocked
  amyumino / 23h 10m 20s
oh boy who did u block? maybe i should block them too.. i dont want to waste time with jerks!!!
  RatMurderer / 23h 39m 8s
Oh shit, I forgot I blocked this person

Whoopsca daisies
  amyumino / 23h 47m 38s
Hi guys! How is everybody???! I sure would like to make some friends on here because i am just a newbie! Lets chat and get to know each other LOL!! (:
  RatMurderer / 1d 38m 29s
Steve-O telling his top 10 shark encounters while filming Jackass and Wildboyz
  amyumino / 92d 3h 13m 23s
"Whatcha watching?" Zoefura tilted his head to the left curiously and crawled up beside her.
  ZoefuraTheFox / 92d 3h 15m 39s
[b Itches her neck as she watched YouTube on her laptop.]
  amyumino / 92d 4h 51m 13s
Zoefura seemed like he wanted a bite of the gummy octupus, but back down, knowing that it would be a lot less healthy for him.
  ZoefuraTheFox / 92d 4h 52m 36s
Hey hey [b She sat down and ate some gummy octopus.]
  amyumino / 92d 4h 54m 6s
Wtf dis shit I come to???
  ::Kyuubi:: / Dragoncita / 92d 4h 54m 19s
"Hello, everyone!" Zoefura returned from a long day of doing nothing.
  ZoefuraTheFox / 92d 4h 55m 7s
My arms are the only thing that got sunburned yesterday
  amyumino / 92d 12h 2m 34s
True and that's good, unless it's like a really bad wound or something
  amyumino / 93d 3h 54m 5s
"Some don't show through fur." He placed a paw on his muzzle, giving a thoughtful expression. "Wait- None show."
  ZoefuraTheFox / 93d 3h 57m 45s
Some are way more noticeable than others cause of the cause

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